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    I think the fact that they stood up for life in what I expect was extreme pressure may generate more grace for them to stand against other troubling novelties. In my experience those who stand up for life receive light in other matters.
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    The government in this country seem to be successfully undermining the important barrier that exists between the family unit and the state. The family unit is vital for social order. Experience from other regimes, such as communist ones, have shown that once this barrier is broken down then the state will come in and fill that void, which is what seems to be happening in this country right now. If you tried to explain the reality of what is happening in this country right now to most people they would think you are a conspiracy theorist.
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    The 'Children's Referendum' was the instrument that gives them the power to do more or less what they wish. A parent is now only that by permission of the state. All the latter needs to do is to provide an appropriate pretext for the separation of children from parents.
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  5. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    A message given to Christina Gallagher - July 16th 2020.

    "My daughter, write down all that I tell you. It is important for all the people of the world.

    People, I say to you listen and hear what I tell you. How foolish you were to abandon My Mother's Houses. How you have lost many graces My Mother desired to give you for protection. You continue to walk in blindness and without My grace you will fall like the many of My priest sons. You see how fast My priest sons hide and fail to give My Sacrifice to you - that of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of My Son Jesus - to nourish you in soul.

    Your world has with it the deepest darkness of hell, the antichrist. How so many bow down to his power! Yet even more will do so in a short time. You will all be called into the suppression and dictatorship of antichrist. You will be called upon to receive the vaccine that is death, and the mark of the beast will be forced upon you. Those who receive it willingly will die - unto eternal death.

    Those of My people who took part in the destruction of My Mother's House will receive my justice. How the shepherds partook in this destruction as well as those who deliberately set about to destroy it! How this House is a light and those who stayed firm in commitment to its fruits and the many graces received there, you will merit your eternal home for My mercy will be with you at the hour of death. Know that those of you who have helped and made sacrifices for this House, will receive Life in Jesus at the hour of death: My Mercy will flow upon all such souls.

    There will be sorrow that will befall all who have received but have run away and denied the truth of the fruitfulness they have received from Me. I gave the gift of life spiritually and in many I gave the gift of life in body but so many were ashamed to remain faithful. They found it easier to flow with the deception that was handed out unto you, My little one, yet some of them were even aware of the falsity done unto you. I will show up in the Light all those who have wronged you and My Mother's House.

    In the times upon you there will be many sufferings. You will all enter a time of such evil and darkness that you do not think is possible. You will have no place to run or hide. They are blessed who have received a Precious Petal, blessed by Me and My Mother. Those who obtained the Picture of My Mother with the white roses and pray the rosary in its presence will draw down great grace of protection in the times that are to come. My child, because of your endurance I will permit to those in every home you entered, a great mercy.

    There will fall upon the earth fire. The third world war is imminent. Bishop will find fault with bishop. Division will be everywhere. In the hearts of those in darkness will be a great desire to fight the children of light.

    I tell you, My child of light, there will be those in darkness who will find fault with what I tell you now. Fear not, you are in My Life. Fear no man. Live only for Me and give unto an ungrateful world the words of truth that I give you.

    My shepherds, how your behaviour has shamed Me, but you do not have the conviction of Truth. You permit the gifts I give of Myself to be suppressed and withheld from My little ones. Why do you call yourselves shepherds of Mine? How so many of you have merry-ed your time with the powers of darkness and your sins have enslaved you even more deeply now with the darkness of sin that is upon you. Wake up, plead for mercy while you still have time. Do not be foolish to assume that when this virus is over you will be free. It is a continuation of the great apostasy - the desertion of the Truth, but Truth will remain even if there were only a very small remnant to be saved.

    You will have death on every side. The third world war is close at hand - a great destruction in the world.

    I rebuke those who commit the sin of sodomy, they are in a great darkness of sin and those partaking in abortion - the killing of the unborn - make themselves the embodiment of sin, they live for bloodshed, both those who carry out such deeds and those who need them. The blood of the unborn murdered in abortion is calling out to stop this diabolical force at work.

    My child, I bless you and My dear brother Gerard for the faithfulness of your witness to Me and to My Mother's call for humanity.

    I bless you abundantly,

    Father, Son and Holy Spirit."
  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Message of Jesus to Christina Gallagher - July 25th, 2020

    "My little one, I desire you write down all that I tell you. Tell all the people of the world My truth.

    I am Jesus – He who redeemed each one of you. You have become blind through sin and because you deserted Me, but I still thirst for each one of you. So many of you are blind and you do not know what is happening all around you. I will tell you.

    The man of perdition has many in his army at work. He is Lucifer and his many minions -his legions- rage upon the earth. You walk in a world that no longer belongs to you. The powers of antichrist are upon your world. His control is at every corner as in the man-made virus and many more illnesses to strike fear into your hearts but your fear should be for what his army are doing – in the one-world government of dictatorship and control of all that you own and especially control of your person to destroy your soul.

    You My people have opened your hearts and lives to all of the world and the flesh. You disowned Me and you left yourselves available to be led into darkness that is death. I have called you many times for many years. Now your choice has led you to this. Most of you will be stripped of all that you have and own, then stripped of your life and robbed of eternal life. How foolish you have been! All that you will be told by the dictatorship of the world is intended to control you. Your governments have signed into all of this, in the one-world government.

    As for the one-world Church, you see how you have been deceived. The one-world Church that is not of Me is with you. True shepherds or true priests have little time left to choose whether they serve Me or Lucifer and his minions in the form of antichrist. Many will choose antichrist out of fear and lack of conviction of their faith. True priests will serve Me and trust Me. They will feed My lambs and speak truth. Some may lose their earthly life but gain eternal life in Me. You are all to fear not the man that can kill the body but I tell you truly you must fear the one who can kill the soul.

    Your disobedience in refusing to recognise My message and My messenger has led to this great destruction coming upon you. You will have terrible calamities all over the world; floods so great that they will tear away towns in their great force, landslides that will sweep away many parts of towns and cities on most coastal areas around the world, earthquakes that will take hundreds of lives at once. Fear will be everywhere as the stench of death will travel for miles in the wind. Hunger pangs will be all around as so many cry to heaven for help but you have abandoned My mercy to even avail of My help. Great loss of the world’s population will take place; some are prepared but many will not be prepared and will descend into Hades to await My final judgement. The third world war will come and it will take many people to their death. For many, hell is all they have chosen for their merit.

    My little one, see I cry for the souls who were foolish, like the foolish virgins.

    How My many shepherds have abandoned Me for so long. Now they lead the flock into the pit. My flock is scattered and full of fear - I will shepherd My flock Myself but there is much suffering to be endured first and the loss of much of the world’s population.

    My little one, you are troubled and afraid, too. I tell you I am with you. Be not afraid.

    I bless you,

    Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
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    'Your disobedience in refusing to recognise My message and My messenger has led to this great destruction coming upon you'

    It all seems to boil down to how nasty folks have been to Christina and how they are all going to get very much what's coming to them.

    Everything seems to come back to Christina, Christina, Christina and what a bad time people have given her, how Jesus and Our Lady are in a great fury about it all and how they're just about to get all sorted big time.

    My big brother is coming to get you. Watch out. A nasty, vengeful Jesus and an even more nasty Mary gaining horrible, total, revenge on all those who have knocked Christina's nose out of joint.

    All that fury, Christina must be a real joy to live with. I hope she's checking her blood pressure.

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    Yes, Padraig, the same line jumped out to me. It is one thing to lament over spiritual blindness and the turning away from God, another thing to state the judgment of God will be the result of rejecting a particular private revelation.

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Yes. Imagine we had long standing problems with neighbours or people at work. Jesus and Mary appear to us in a total fury and promise to wipe out in great horrible detail the people who have done us harm. How inclined should we be to believe this?

    In this case , in Christina's opinion the whole island of Ireland (myself included) are going to have mega death inflicted on them in a variety of ways simply for having doubted Christina.

    We're talking of the death of millions here.

    No, I'm afraid not. I don't buy it.
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    "Those of my people who took part in the destruction of my mothers house will receive my justice" I think Our Lord Jesus Christ is more concerned about the destruction of His Fathers House
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    I knew Fr Magennity personally when I was a young seminarian in 80s Maynooth. A kind, gentle mild-mannered and apparently holy priest. I think the disgraceful way in which the church authorities treated him made him ill,embittered or perhaps both. He wished to expose the sexual exploitation of young seminarians and was beaten down because of it.
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    Yes he had a wonderful history, especially in exposing Clerical child abuse and perversion, poor man.
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    We might deserve megadeath for several obvious reasons, but hardly for disregarding a private 'revelation' of which very few are even aware. In fairness, anger and frustration at recent events are human and understandable.
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    I haven't read these particular locutions, but I have read similar words of warning from other prophets. These phrases are never about bringing it all back to the messenger. How can we separate the message from the messenger? He or she is an instrument of God and so if we reject the messenger, we are in fact rejecting the Word of God, which is the point of the warning.

    As for God's anger in rejecting, insulting His Mother, I have heard Zacchary King, the ex-Satanist now Catholic convert say, that insults to Mary result in immediate actions of the devil, almost like God withdraws immediately upon any insult to His Mother. So if God withdraws, calamities can easily follow.

    The other day, it came to me in meditating the mysteries that the massacre in Bethlehem could have been brought about by refusing a place to the Virgin Mary and to Joseph. By rejecting Her, they rejected their Saviour.

    Just sharing as things to think about.
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    I think Andree if you were to read these messages or were familiar with them you might be disquieted yourself. As far as I see pretty well every message Jesus and Mary appear in a fury that folks are not believing in Christina. I don't think if people disbelieve in some particular purported message or messenger this makes them bad people. They are simply exercising personal judgment.We are all human , we all make mistakes. Its not a case or either/or. Private Revelation is Private Revelation we can, all of us, the Church Teaches, take it or leave it.

    I don't think not believing in Christina makes me or anyone else bad people deserving of horrible deaths. It simply means we don't believe as Holy Mother Church teaches us we are entitled to.
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    I am afraid we re only at the very start of Descending into a very,very dark road indeed. I find Our Lady instructing me more and more in prayer to turn myself to her in prayer as protection. So every time my thoughts stray from the Kingdom of Heaven to go right back home again.

    I find this the greatest source of peace and joy. I think most Catholics will find this so. The real need and necessity to make a Church of our very own in our hearts that we can dwell in. As the song says, 'They can't take that away from me'.

    I believe Pope Benedict said this himself on time as a Prophecy, that the Church of the future would be a Church of Mystics. That we would be turning more and more to the indwelling Christ in our hearts.



    The incredible ‘forgotten prophecy’ of Cardinal Ratzinger on the future of the Church!…”The Church will start from the beginning”
    May 1, 2018 stephen ryan5123 Views
    IN A BENEDICTO AT FRANCISCUM / February 11 2020 AT 11:30 /
    by Marco Bardazzi
    A resized Church, with many less followers, forced to abandon even most of the places of worship built over the centuries. A Catholic Church of minority, not very influential in political choices, socially irrelevant, humiliated and forced to “start from the beginning”.
    But also a Church that, through this “enormous upheaval”, will rediscover itself and be reborn “simplified and more spiritual”.It is the prophecy on the future of Christianity pronounced over 40 years ago by a young Bavarian theologian, Joseph Ratzinger.
    Rediscovering it today perhaps helps to offer an additional key to decipher the renunciation of Benedict XVI, because it brings back the surprising gesture of Ratzinger in the bed of his reading of history.
    The prophecy ended a cycle of radio lessons that the then professor of theology held in 1969, at a decisive moment in his life and in the life of the Church.

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  18. AED

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    Well said.
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  19. AED

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    Spot on! I think Our Lady is communicating this to all of us . I am being called to keep my mind on Jesus and Mary. If I move Way from it trmptations flood in to be cranky or bitter or impatient or self indulgent. I consider it a great grace that I am made aware of this.
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    It will be very difficult, apparently, to be a Catholic in public, at least one who actually believes and accepts what has been the moral and doctrinal teaching of the Church since the Gospel times. It places a responsibility upon those of us who wish to remain truly Catholic to continue informing ourselves via reliable sources. For the moment, blogs such as this one provide a valuable such resource, but we must prepare ourselves for a time when it will be outlawed for 'hate speech'. I advise anyone so effected to keep a Bible and as many appropriate books hidden in the thatch. Do not rule out raids of private bookshelves by groups of police increasingly uninterested in policing crime. The 'Information Age' is mutating rapidly into the 'Disinformation Age', and represents an imminent, unprecedented era of information restriction and control.

    Even if they confiscate all our books and every religious item we possess, they will not be able to eradicate our ability to pray. For that, they must kill us.
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