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    I posted a while back on a series of dreams I had about the Warning a lkittle while back, bacuse the person found them very comforting; a source of joy and comfort. So I'm going to do so. But its difficult because like all mystical experiences its so hard to put them into words; but I will try. I think all these things have to be put into context. So a series of approved apparitions like Akita in Japan. Should be seen as part of a greater story going back to places like Fatima, La Salette and right on back to scriptural times and the Words of Jesus and the Prophets them selves.

    I have come to more and more realise that what we are witnessing is all a kind of vast jig saw coming together right before our eyes. A jig saw of events prophesies in the Book of Revelations and the Prophets of old. The then Cardinal Ratizinger when he was in charge of the Holy Office had responsibilty for discernemnt of the incredible series of modern Marian Apparitions and very notably described our own days as , 'Marian Times'.[​IMG]

    In 1984 Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the head of the Roman Catholic Church's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), declared that, "one of the signs of our times is that the announcements of 'Marian Apparitions' are multiplying all over the world. For example, reports are arriving from Africa and from other continents at the section of the Congregation that is competent to deal with such reports."

    In fact I understand that as Pope some Curial Officials have been critical of the Holy Father for the intense interest he , personally takes in Marian Phenomena. THis I believe is no accident. He is doing as Jesus asked us to do and reading the Sings of the TImes and has discerned their Marian, Apocalyptic character. That of a huge final battle between godd and evil , the fact that Mary the WOman clothed with the SUn has been sent to lead us against the Old Dragon, the Devil and to the Triumph of the Church/ The Immacualte Heart of Mary.

    Song of Solomon 6:10

    English Standard Version (ESV)
    10 “Who is this who looks down like the dawn,
    beautiful as the moon, bright as the sun,
    awesome as an army with banners?”

  2. SteveD

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    I am putting this on more than one Garabandal related thread because I think that it is very important that this is widely read. St. John Vianney prophesied the Warning and the situations (specifically in France) that will give rise to it.

    I know that many who view this site believe or hope that the Warning is imminent. It is not and there is an ABUNDANCE of proof that this is so. The following prophecy was given by no less than Saint John Vianney and is just one example of very many similar prophecies. Not one part of it is yet fulfilled and it cannot occur AFTER the Warning because that event will change humanity for the better so the prophesied events must occur BEFORE it. Here is the prophecy:
    “The enemy will allow the burning of Paris and they will rejoice at it but they will be beaten. They will be driven entirely from France. Our enemies will return and destroy everything in their path…..but they will be beaten again and retire to their country but very few will reach it.
    “After this defeat, the Communists of Paris will arise and spread themselves throughout all France and will be greatly multiplied. ….These wicked people will become masters in most of the country. They will imprison and massacre many. They will attempt to kill all the priests and religious but this will not last long. People will believe that all is lost but the good God will save all. IT WILL BE LIKE A SIGN OF THE LAST JUDGEMENT and the good shall triumph. (He is clearly describing the Warning).
    This is only one of dozens of similar prophecies from saints, blesseds and venerables about wars and civil wars in Europe ending in an intervention from God and a period of peace.
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    I find myself in the rather invidious position of having to defend myself here. Something I am reluctant to do as it would seem to be self justification.

    However on the other hand if I do not post something as a direct reply the things I am going to write concerning the Warning subsequent to this will be set at naught.

    So briefly...

    I have never ever set a date for the Warning. On the contrary anytime anyone on the forum who has set a WarningI have again and again warned about setting dates or becoming too excited.

    Now concerning the visions and locutions of saints; they too are not infalible. There was the most famous case of the supposed appartion of Our Blessed Lady to St Catherine of Siena in which she was supposed to have told St Catherine in no uncertain terms that she was not the Immaculate Conception (this before the proclamation of the MArian Dogma}.

    There was also the famous case of St Bernard of Clairvaux who preached all over Europe that he had had divine revelation of the Third Crusade; which subsequently turned out to be an unmitigated disaster.

    There was the case of the excile of the Papacy to France and the subsequent schiam ; a long list of Saints backed one Pope a long list of saints backed the anti Pope.

    There was the case of the Cure of Ars himself; who at first declared the visions of La Salettet to be true. Then upon reports of misbehaviour of the visionaries he declared it to be false. Then later having met one of the visionaries he finnally decalred it to be true again.

    The literature of mysticism is replete with countless instances of saints and others getting it wrong, whether in visions, locutions or whatever.;sometimes disasterously so.

    Saints are fine , but they are not Dogma; nor are they scripture.

    My own feeling is the events of the Warning are not far off. But it wouldn't knock me off, 'If not far off', meant ten twenty or thirty years.... as is written in scripture. Anyhow if I am wrong I am in very good company.

    Psalm 90:4

    King James Version (KJV)
    4 For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.

    As to the events foretold by St John Vianney. Well remember how quick the Iron Wall and the Commie States fell, things when they get moving may move very, very quick. Look again at the Arab spring:who would have believed.

    However I am somewhat nonplussed that my dreams appear to be under attack before I have even described them? :confused:
  4. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    Quote - However I am somewhat nonplussed that my dreams appear to be under attack before I have even described them? :confused:

    No attack intended whatsoever. I thought my opening para explained, just spreading this prophecy about.
  5. padraig

    padraig New Member

    .....mmmmmmmmmm :)
  6. Carmel333

    Carmel333 Archangels

    Steve D. - You have posted your view on the Warning in several different threads now, and seem very pushy about it. Many of us here have had apparitions, are receiving locutions, etc...and we are discussing what we have seen/heard, and comparing it with each other AND the Saint's propecies throughout time. NONE of us is claiming to have a date for the Warning, or claiming to "know it all". Almost all of us have very good reasons for believing it is very soon, and by that I mean within the next year or two. I was born in the 60s, and the world has changed HUGELY in the past 40 years. If you are younger, you may not be aware of the complete shock of the turnabout of morality and social issues. The horrible prophecies we laughed at even in the 80s are now "normal" goings on! Perhaps you should start your own thread regarding NOT believing the Warning is soon, and then we can all discuss it there. ??
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    I agree with Carmel333.
  8. I think what often occupies our minds can be a reflection of where we are at on our spiritual journeys. I used to be into warning messages some 25+ years ago and was looking for signs and messages in everything. These days I just find it hard enough trying to live my faith by faith and knowing my "personal warning" could come in any moment... am I ready??
  9. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    I absolutely promise that this is so. I hate to admit it but all I was aware of was that the thread was headed 'Garabandal', I didn't actually read your stuff. If you don't believe me just say mmmmmmmmmm again and I'm gone. Promise.
  10. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    I apologise, I did not realise that you were having apparitions and receiving locutions. I thought that I was talking to ordinary folk who needed to read about this kind of thing and pass it on. I have to read books, I do not receive any kind of direct information. I am in my 60's and have been studying this subject for decades. I recall singing the Latin Mass and the whole 'pre VATII' church. I will keep my reading to myself.
  11. Carmel333

    Carmel333 Archangels

    Hi Border Collie, I actually did have a warning and was shown my sins in 1997, and since then, have been a 3rd Order Discalced Carmelite, studying the Carmel Saints and spirituality. I've also been receiving personal prayer locutions the whole while. It was not until Jan 2011 that Jesus said anything to me about the Garabandal prophecies, and He told me the Warning was "imminent". Thats when I started looking to see who else He was talking to, and eventually found this forum. Just so you know, I found about about Garabandal in 1998 on EWTN, and watched some videos and also read Faustina's diary, but was not "chasing" the prophecies by any means.
    Steve, I am not saying you don't have a right to your opinion, but you yourself admitted you were not even reading the previous posts, and kept posting your same post over and over on several threads. I am here to talk to others who are having the same spiritual experiences and perhaps we can help guide each other with what we are hearing, seeing, dreaming etc.. I do realize that there is alot of spiritual jealousy out there and hopefully we can all stay clear of that! This is the first forum I've ever told any of my experiences on and I know it is hard also to open myself up to all of you. France has had alot of things happen to her in history, and was utterly defeated by Hitler so who knows how long after those things that your prophecy meant the Warning? This is why I said that your post should be open to discussion also...
  12. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    Err... Not quite the story. I did post the same thing 3 times, which is, I suppose, 'several times' but might overstate things a little. I admit that I didn't read Padraig's post before I blurted out my bit (not a good idea at all and quite rude to him in retrospect) but I did read the other 2 where I posted - just to get things straight.
    I hope that I am not spiritually jealous of anyone. if someone hears Jesus talking to them, I am perfectly happy to accept that this may actually be happening, and I absolutely and fully accept that it certainly has happened to some people.
    I do not, in any way, deny your right to challenge the generally accepted interpretation of the prophecies of the saints who say that the minor tribulation will be introduced by civil wars in Europe. Believe me my own family (who have heard this many times) scoff at the idea and yet we 'rub along'. The thing is that from, extensive reading, I have just understood (or thought I did) that some prophecies which are very old seem to relate to the Warning given by the Garabandal visionaries and I became possibly overexcited at this 'discovery' and went a little overboard because I thought others would share my enthusiasm. I may have been wrong!
  13. jerry

    jerry Guest

    Steve: No need to do that. Offer up what you have found for the enlightenment of others in the forum. But don't expect everyone to 'read' your readings in exactly the way you think they should be read.

    So. I am grateful to you for allowing me learn that St John Vianney made this prophesy, and in the same way I am grateful to Padraig for allowing me to learn of those several cases where saints seemed to have 'messed up' with a prophesy.
  14. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    Well Jerry, because you have been kind to an old man, I give you this bit of a thought that I posted elsewhere:
    I am astonished and pleased that the Pope is to declare St. Hildegarde as a Doctor of the Church. Although she lived around a thousand years ago, she was never officially canonized until May of this year. The saint made some very dramatic prophecies and I take this event as a hint that the Pope believes in them and believes that they relate to our time. I know that some cardinals and bishops will be mystified/horrified at this 'promotion' (which is probably a good thing!).
    She prophesied that a comet would strike the earth with horrific results - is the Pope hinting at some event in the near future?
  15. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I don't mind a bit of critique Steve it is good for the forum.:)
  16. padraig

    padraig New Member

    As to the big events coming before or after the warning, I honestly am not sure. But I think they will. However they may move very,very rapidly..as modern warfare does. How long would it take the Russians and Islamists to take over Europe?( especially if there were internal civil ars and revolutions). Look how quickly Hitler moved and that was very long ago. Look at the invasion of Iraq how quick that was.

    I am not sure, but I think the Warning is close and yes the events first as St John said. I know it seems hardly possible but..
  17. LostSoul

    LostSoul New Member

    I am very much afraid of the warning. I dread it. I still think it is going to happen soon though. I cannot see things continuing the way they are for much longer.

  18. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I found it wonderful, like a million Christmas's. But then I only saw the prelude, not the Illumination of Conscience. I suppose that would be very sore.

    But I think anybody who is a normal Catholic, going to mass and doing their best, I think it, the first part would be fine.

    I did hear people screaming in fear, though. But if you didn't believe in God or did not fear Him and suddenly the sky kinda opened in front of you, you would scream.;)

    I suppose its a bit like a Divine Surgeon. He is doing a procedure to cure, but in the mean time it may sting.
  19. momof4

    momof4 New Member

    I think it will happen very soon as well. I look around and nobody is happy anymore. People are going through so much in there lives whether its money problems, family problems, divorce, etc. Never any good news or happy things. It's like who's problems are worse then the others. Even the teenages today- what's up with that. they are cutting themselves and are on all kinds of antidepressants. I'm in my fortys and i cant remember kids my age being depressed. And the parents are allowing these antidepressants to these kids. Look how many adults are taking panic meds or antidepressants. Truely the evil one is attacking all over. It's so sad. You just want to shake these people and say wake up, look whats happening here. I try to wake people up but they look at me like I'm crazy saying things like not in our lifetime. I think alot more people will be shoked than not with the warning. I'm so fearfull for these people and myself and my family. I am aware of what's happening in this world and all this end of times prophecies but I cant help being afraid of the unexpected.
  20. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Yes. Who can tell what it was really like spiritually say 100.200. 300 years ago?

    But all I know is my life time and I am 56 now. I have seen the most astonishing changes. People no longer know good from evil. The Church has suffered something very close to annihilation. The Faithful are few and get fewer every day. It is like a huge darkness. I don't mean to sound pessimistic but in another generation....

    God intervens directly because He just HAS to. His hand is forced. Better if we could have lived on fath alone. But now He has to press the big button.

    On the other hand... good turns our failures into something wonderful. Through what we are all of us about to pass through something wonderful will come. A new dawn for the Church. I will not live to see it. But many who read this will. The altrenative; that God should not show His hand is too awful to contemplate.

    The devil himself knows that his defeat is at hand; but no matter how smart he is he cannot really grasp it. His pride blinds him. Anyhow what else can he do but blindly play out the loosing hand?

    ..and it IS a loosing hand even if its seems now he is everywhere victorious. :)


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