Warning about a certain priest and request for advice/help

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Brendan Triffett, May 2, 2024.

  1. xsantiagox

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    this priest is mentally ill.?? :unsure: actively being interested in aliens so much is just unhinged
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  2. Whatever

    Whatever Powers

    We're in no position to judge his mental state. I could be wrong but I think that Jimmy Akin may believe in aliens or doesn't rule out the possibility of their existence, and nobody would suggest that Jimmy is mentally ill.
  3. xsantiagox

    xsantiagox Archangels

    ah, yes I agree :notworthy: I just thought this person was trying to contact them which is scary. merely thinking they exist is ok.
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  4. Whatever

    Whatever Powers

    Well, if someone believes they may exist, the same person is likely to try contacting them if he believes contact is possible. Let's leave diagnosing mental health issues to the professionals. It would be rather worrying if he's conducting exorcisms without the authority of the local Bishop but we have no way of knowing whether he has such authority.

    I'm not trying to shut down concerns about this priest. I'm always suspicious of anyone trying to present millenarianism as something other than what it is and has been condemned by the Church. I just think that we shouldn't stray outside the bounds of our own competence and authority, our authority being confined to ourselves and anyone such as minors in our care.
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