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    My situation is different from most, honestly. I’m living a solitary life, my family having been taken from me due to mental illness and bad reactions to medications, plus my own stupidity. So all I can do is offer up the present moment, literally, for their salvation, and in reparation for my own sins and faults.

    I have enough health trouble, and crosses from this family situation in which I find myself, that getting called home would be an extreme blessing. But in prayer and consultation with competent spiritual direction, it seems I’m supposed to just carry on indefinitely in my current circumstances and hope for a resolution only in the next life.

    If I dwelled on all this, I’d be in a funk. Or worse.

    So I refuse to dwell on it, instead keeping my mind and my hands busy with crazy projects, and my heart always with “an attitude of gratitude” as Fr. Mike Gaitley constantly reminded us during my year with his Marian Missionaries in Stockbridge Massachusetts.
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    Yes this could be the Straw.
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    I don't want to find out (please direct the lightning bolts away from me, thank you). I'm not perfect, no, but I don't want to share lightning bolts either.
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    Yeah, I had a good friend who passed away this summer with whom I shared a common recurring joke.

    “I don’t want to be in line on judgement day behind (pick your favorite Dem/ pro death politician/Hollyweird star etc.) and become collateral damage from the zots (thunderbolts) when they get judged!”​
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  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    You sound like a guy who is too blessed to be stressed; too anointed to be disappointed.

    There is a high probability if we come from families with a mix of exceptional gifts in music or artistry and even intelligence. We are dealing with those at the margins between the mundane and crazy behaviour. There seems to be a very fine line beyond which it is almost impossible to understand the thinking and logic behind some of the decisions our loved ones make in those circumstances. Love always wins. :love:

    All we can do is pray, hope and not worry. Keep Watch and Pray. All will be well in God's good time.
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    Yes, I have to remind myself that I'm not living to please my relatives or friends. I am living to please God. Being solitary has advantages! It's peaceful.

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  8. Christy Beth

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    Well, sometimes solitary also has disadvantages. I've been entirely on my own for over 25 years now. And lately I've really been fighting the loneliness of it all. I have several projects I need to get back to so I can finish them. But, like today, I just can't get myself to go back to them. Of course, I had my open heart surgery back in October, so I think some of it stems from that. I want to be around people more, and I have very few in my life. Add to that my other mental health struggles, and it gets pretty intense sometimes. I do have one email friend, David, who I've known for around 20 years, and he's really been catching a lot of this from me lately. I know he has a life too, but I'm usually touching base with him, if not outright calling him, on a daily basis. I keep telling myself I need more outlets for this bit. I'm not real sure exactly what the problem is. Other than loneliness and boredom. Tomorrow I'll be getting out on the bus again, and will be out of the house for awhile. So, maybe that will curb whatever this is that is bothering me. :eek:
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    My sentiments exactly :eek:
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  10. Byron

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    Is it possible Pope Francis holding a Mass at Ur may be a positive act? History tells us Christianity turned around many dates and places of pagan rituals. I’m hoping this is a blessing and not a tragic mistake.
  11. BrianK

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    Is he offering a mass there?
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    I just checked. There is an inter-religious meeting in Ur, and he returns to Baghdad right after that to celebrate Mass in a Chaldean church dedicated to St Joseph.
    I think this is on March 6. Coming right up.
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    Yikes...no mass?
  14. padraig

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    'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. :):)

    I suspect that heroine might have gotten hit too for dressing indecently;):D

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    Maybe the reason why God has turned into such a Pink, Fluffy, Sweet Smelling, Nice Guy Cloud for us is that we do not pray and so never truly encounter Him.

    I think another big reason is the Liturgy. Where we do indeed treat Him as Mr Nicest of all Guys living next door. We have totally lost the Supernatural Awe.
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  16. Christy Beth

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    I think you are right here. Growing up, it seemed like everyone wanted to treat God like some heavenly grandfather in the sky who was ready to grant their every wish as long as they asked the right way. no talk about our sin or what God is really like. God still hates our sins, and we need to confess them and make things right when we've wronged someone. As Protestants, they read the one verse "Peace on Earth, good will towards men." When it should read "Peace on earth to men of good will." Many don't want to hear the hard truth.
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  17. Heidi

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    I have really been feeling this the last week or two....that we are in the relative calm before the storm. I don’t know why, but I have the feeling that it won’t last much longer than Lent. I get the feeling that this Lent is our last chance to prepare. I could be wrong though......just a feeling I have.

    Brian, your words were inspirational!
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  18. BrianK

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    Thanks Heidi.

    I wrote a number of articles published in Catholic periodicals and websites when I was younger. But I realized my motives were warped. I was just excited to get published and I didn’t do it for the right motives - for the love and glory of God. So I stopped.

    For the last couple months multiple friends (who don’t know each other) have been bugging me, repeatedly, to get back into some form of writing. My children always wanted me to write a novel, as I’ve had a pro life sci fi story published.

    So I need to figure out what next step to take. The kind remarks on this thread just reinforce that.
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  19. Heidi

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    I would love to read something you wrote!
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    Brian, I think it would be a fantastic idea, we need some good Catholic novels out there. I am always after my son to develop, and write a faith based, family friendly comedy/drama series. The majority of shows out there are trashy, but I suppose this is what sells. :( Unfortunately he thinks it's just mom with another crazy idea, so there's that. ;) He doesn't have the eyes to see that there is a good story right under his nose in his own family.
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