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    I hadent completely read this article before posting it so I am uncomfortable with the anti jewish slant and its take on the holocaust. Anyway there are some intresting points made on the descent of society into the moral mess we are in today.

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    Mr. Conduit, Jr. makes some very relevant points in his arguments:

    1) Pope Leo's vision of 100 years probably did not commence immediately in 1884. I believe the 1913-1922 period is likely.

    1) the horrors of world wars, communism, nazism, and the like in the 20th century

    2) the questionable establishment of the Federal Reserve during President Wilson's Administration.

    3) The rise of Masonic activity since the Enlightenment

    4) the sad ousting of a holy king (Karl I)

    5) the confusion and turmoil following Vatican II

    However, after securing one's interest he shows his true colors deep into the article. He is a Traditionalist who rejects the Popes after Pius XII, which I believe is ludicrous. He also downplays the Holocaust and considers the creation of Israel as a work of the devil.

    Interestingly enough, I am reading a book, The Signs of the Times, by a Fr. Richard Gilsdorf, which points to an organized rebellion against the Vatican by elements within the Catholic Church in America following the Council. The accurate, reasonable, and scholarly work of Fr. Gilsdorf is refreshing and encouraging.

    Take what is good and discard the bad.

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    Thank you. I felt bad when I realised his demonisation of the jews and also his rejection of the recent popes which I agree is not acceptable. The points he makes other than that are believable. So as you say take what is good.

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    the 100 years could have started sometime in the 20's? we currently have a decade that began immersed in the chaos of the pandemic, lockdowns, Suppression of the Mass, threat of schism in Germany, a synod in Rome that seems to want to decentralize the Church, everything this seems to point to the intensification of the battle between Christ and Satan, and at the end of the decade (2029) we have the Centenary of the apparition of Our Lady to Sister Lucia in the convent of Tuy in Spain, effectively asking for the consecration of Russia.
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