videos by Antonio Yagüe on Garbandal thoughts

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    I don't know how many of you have watched his stuff, I have to confess I have probably watched about 10 videos of his.

    Personally I'm not convinced of his exegesis of scripture.
    Also he is in to picking bits of different seers and apparitions to try and slot them into a schema
    added to this is the fact that like Roland Comte Jr he keeps revising the timescale as the date pass, at least to his credit unlike Ronald he leaves the old youtube videos with the incorrect dates up.

    He is VERY in to the physical, environmental and geopolitical events that will be going on at the time of the warning... for starters he says there is going to be a huge tidal wave that covers a large part of usa and europe when or just before the warning happnes.... (wait for what the chastistement is gonna be like!)

    Of course I am new here and maybe you are all followers of his schema,

    I would be interested to hear you thoughts. It's all in Spanish btw.
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    Welcome Miles,

    Yes we have had many discussions regarding Antonio Yague's ideas of the end of the era. I will try to post a link to one of them. He was being discussed around the same time as Charley Johnston. Many of us here were vey impressed by Dr. Yague's assessment, and timelines, but his deadline came and went and nothing that he predicted was supposed to occur, according to the alignment of the planets in his study, occurred.

    You are correct in your assessment. He keeps trying to come up with a date, and has failed each time.

    However, he is interesting and does make some valid observations, specially about Garabandal. I personally do not follow him, but every so often I will look into his Vimeo channel and Youtube videos.

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