Vatican Approves New English Translation For The Mass

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    Look for the subtle resistance.


    The new English translation is an encouragement to me and demonstrates that Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Arinze have a heart for authentic liturgy. For those of us who have lived through the turmoil of the 60s, these steps might appear babyish and inadequate; however, they are incremental. We must remember that the catechetical collapse from the period of the Council to the Catechism has produced an ill-formed two generations of Catholics. Would a imposed, disciplinary approach by the Magisterium be productive right now in redirecting them? I think not.

    Here is what I believe those who love Christ and his Church should be wary of:

    1) Note the already insignificant response to the extraordinary form of the Latin Rite. How many bishops have encouraged it's implementation?

    2) How quickly will the bishops integrate the linquistic changes into the English Novus Ordo? Will the laity be truly instructed on the important rationale behind these changes? Will the changes be criticised and resisted by theologians and local liturgical authorities responsible for implementing them?

    3) Will these changes help unify members and parishes in their Catholic identity or will they prove divisive? Too often now, we see Catholics migrating to parishes that conform to their personal tastes and vision of church. It is as if a schism is underway already. How the Church as a whole embraces these incremental changes will indicate whether or not a structural apostasy is near.

    Safe in the arms of the Father!

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