Vassula receives Holy Communion for the first time

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    Peter B,

    If this is your standard of judgment:

    1 Corinthians 6:1 'When any of you has a grievance against another, do you dare to take it to court before the unrighteous, instead of taking it before the saints?' (New Revised Standard Version Anglicized Catholic Edition)

    Then Vassula fails miserably to behave as you advise:

    Vassula asked the Greek Minister of Justice to bring to trial for slander and libel both the Secretary of the Greek Orthodox Synodal Commission on Heresies, Fr. Kyriakos Tsouros, and the Church publication. The trial was scheduled for 30 June 2000; however Ryden withdrew the charge two days before the hearing." (Dialogos, issue number 25, page 32, 2001.)
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    Does a man's views on religion affect his ability to do mathematics, to add complex numbers and come up with the correct answer? Does a surgeon's beliefs on the issue of "gay rights" affect his or her ability to perform a delicate procedure? How about a plumber?

    Holding a set of beliefs neither you nor I agree with does not impair a person's ability to produce a competent analysis of written materials. Nickell has explained his methods: he looked at word repetition, grammatical errors, unique phrasing, and photographs presenting graphic evidence. He presented evidence showing an identifiable pattern. No one else seems to have done a rigorous examination of the only physical evidence we have regarding Vassula. Why not?

    If handwriting analysis shows Vassula is the sole author of her messages, that is important. This isn't about a particular theological argument. It is about common sense.

    And now I truly am off the thread. Blessings.
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    A surgeon can perform abortions.

    So yes, what one believes does affect the way that one behaves.

    I wasn't commenting on the hand writing analysis only on your point that it doesn't matter that he is a skeptic.

    In fact Nickell is not only a skeptic and unbeliever but someone who actively works for the wrong side.

    Now I am truly off this thread.
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    The recent couple of posts on the thread give me an excuse to post the following, regarding the special handwriting used for the True Life in God messages. I've always been interested in handwriting so this was one of the first things that attracted my attention to Vassula 25 years ago. The involvement of Fr Laurentin with the investigation is crucial:

    A distinguished French graphological consultant, J. A. Munier, a licenced graphologist of the highest reputation and consultant for the Court of Appeals of Paris, was invited by Fr Rene Laurentin to analyse both Vassula's own handwriting and the special larger writing. He was not given any background on the origin of the writings. His results are summarized below:

    The report was prefaced with the heading: "Graphological interpretation, with no previous information (and without taking into consideration the text itself due to lack of knowledge of the English language)"

    Interpretation of the large writing:

    - Extraordinary telluric force
    - A controlled enthusiasm with a touch of delight, i.e. seems to be the source of some kind of well-being.
    - She is filled with a force that goes beyond her normal self.
    - She is filled with invisible forces to which she reacts with a kind of primitive simplicity, whereas there is also in other areas a refined element.
    - She is convinced of this invisible power which she perceives with intensity.
    - She is an intermediary, like a center of transmission and amplification.
    - She has the faith of a mystic.
    - She experiences a kind of tranquil enthusiasm, a kind of fullness.
    - She is very redoubled, nourished by an invisible force that seems indestructible.
    - The writing in any case appears a bit strange from an ordinary point of view.
    - She is very hard-working, she is a docile pupil.
    - She is in a kind of second state, indifferent to the exterior world.
    - She can perceive invisible worlds quite well, like a medium.
    - She has a very great concentrated force; she is profound in meditation.
    - She does not belong to herself. there is a certain firmness.
    - She has great self control, probably in her demeanor as well.
    - She is dignified.

    Interpretation of the smaller writing (Vassula's own):

    - She is a person who lives in her own world.
    - She is not mentally ill.
    - She is of at least above average intelligence.
    - She follows her own logic.
    - She is capable of some integration.
    - She conducts herself with tenderness, kindness, docility.
    - She has a goal and she is dedicated to it.
    - She experiences an inspiration from a high level.
    - Her life is inspired by an ideal.
    - Nothing else really matters for her.
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