Vassula receives Holy Communion for the first time

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    That sounds good, Harper.

    Here is an appropriate quote from the messages:

    I tell you, Vassula, one day, in My courts and on the Judgement Day, all those who accused you and sneered at you will be struck with remorse for having rejected My Inexhaustible Treasure from which their spirit could have acquired Wisdom and won My friendship, this friendship that would have led them into the beauty of My Sovereignty and Splendour and the intimacy of their God; your accusers will look at you and say, as Scriptures say: "this is the one we used to laugh at once, a butt for our sarcasm, fools that we were! her life we regarded as madness ...." and you, My child, will face every one of those who have oppressed you, and they will realise how bitter they made My Cup ....
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    Thanks Andree but that was 16 years ago I had stated "current"..

    David I have to say your comments have done absolutely nothing to inspire me on believing anything to do with Vassula, It seems if you disagree,challenge or debate on this subject you either accuse the person as being aggressive or you play the "dammed to hell" approach and quote Gods wrath according to Vassula, for me that just makes me want to run and keep running, My advise would be to get a very thick skin and accept that not everyone is as eager or as quick to believe in private revelations,I am sure you would agree that you yourself would not just jump on the next bus that comes along suggesting that it is truly from God,as your own web forum page suggest..

    (quote from TLIG forum)

    Discussion of other alleged 'visionaries' or 'seers' is not normally allowed.
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  3. andree

    andree Powers

    "My divorce and civil remarriage was prior to my conversion."

    If I knew more about Vassula's private life, I wouldn't share any information that was not publicly available which is that she is divorced and re-married as in the statement above from the link I gave.

    However, if you really want more details, you can read her book Heaven is Real But So Is Hell, released in 2013 where Vassula discusses her life, including her divorce & remarriage in more detail. Cardinal Prosper Grech gave that book a good review here in Inside the Vatican.

    I think quoting the messages is appropriate and a sign of humility because we really should differ to the Lord's voice instead of our own. On that note, Vassula's divorce is also discussed in the full message from 1988 here, but here is an excerpt:


    I am;

    There is one thing bothering me. There is one who says that I'm in constant sin, since I'm divorced and married again. That is why he says that surely this revelation, it is not You who gives it, my God, because of my constant sin.

    let the man without sin announce himself to Me! let him come forward and show his face to Me;

    Yes, My God. Help me: I do not know how to answer these statements, by these people.

    do not; come quickly to Me; your Father is caring for you; we, us, child?

    Forever and ever, amen.

    Wisdom loves children;

    I didn't realize until searching for that message that the Lord says "do not" answer people's statements about her marriage. I'll have to follow that advice.
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    Andree, the Lord's words about not responding to questions about her marriage were directed to Vassula herself not to her helpers.

    Fr Renee Laurentin dealt with her marriage situation many year's ago in his book 'When God gives a sign':

    "She is divorced and remarried. That seems to be the biggest problem. In fact, her marital status today is perfectly in order. She was married in church to a Protestant (1966) at a time when she was not practicing any religion. After a civil divorce (1980) she was remarried on June 13, 1981. She thought, at the time, that it was a Protestant ceremony according to her husband's religion, but, in fact, it was a civil marriage. Only a nominal Christian, without contact with her Orthodox Church, she did not even know that her remarriage could be the source of problems. When she presented herself to her church to regularize her marriage, the first priest to whom she spoke could not even seem to feel that there was a problem since it was a mixed marriage. But she insisted, in order to be truly in accord with Orthodox legislation. It was then that she was referred to the priest in charge of marriage problems, and it was he who took care of the matter following the 'law of economy' that deals with broken marriages in her church. The marriage was celebrated on October 13,1990, in the Greek Orthodox Church of Lausanne. Thus, according to church law her situation presents no problems."
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    I have no expectation of inspiring you or Harper or similar critics to read the True Life in God messages. It is not why I respond on this forum. My replies are for the benefit of those who read the forum posts in search of the truth. They can make their own assessments on whether my responses or posts are 'good' or not. I can do no more.

    Regarding my own forum, it is a forum specifically for TLIG readers and it would serve no purpose having people talk about other missions, especially as most would not be authentic. This forum (the MoG forum) is intended (among other things) to discuss different revelations with the intention of providing a forum where they can be discerned. It succeeds very will at that task in my view.
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  6. In all fairness to Vassula, I must say that in spite of the fact that I am truly horrified by her Holy Communion episode wherein she took the Sacred Host and walked off with it, I must say that I am in no position to judge, except for the fact that I was baptized Romanian Orthodox and had to go through proper canons and procedure to convert to Catholicism. Only God knows her disposition at that time, or in subsequent Roman Catholic Communions. However, since her writings have not been approved by the Church, this will be the last time I will be on this thread. It has been my experience with prior private revelations which were not approved by the Church, that adamant followers will try every which way of dredging up this and that, and put forth possibilities that perhaps the Church has erred in withholding approval, and because of "that", it is a good thing to still read, follow, and promulgate the unapproved and or/condemned apparitions/locutions. So I must exit the thread.
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  7. "Quis ut Deus"

    "Quis ut Deus" Powers Staff Member

  8. Pray4peace

    Pray4peace Ave Maria

    "this is the one we used to laugh at once, a butt for our sarcasm, fools that we were! her life we regarded as madness ...."

    This is a scriptural quote? Where is it located in the Bible? I can't seem to find it.

  9. davidtlig

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    Allusion to:

    They will speak to one another in repentance, and in anguish of spirit they will groan, and say, "This is the man whom we once held in derision and made a byword of reproach -- we fools!
    We thought that his life was madness and that his end was without honor.

    Wis 5.
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  10. And of course what we do to others (esp. those He's sends to us for His own reasons and to help us) we do to Him!
  11. Harper

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    I didn't realize until I read this over that the "God" Vassula (TM) hears MISQUOTES HIS OWN SCRIPTURES, and changes the gender of his Eternal Word to suit the gender of a person who has dared scoff in an internet posting. The explanation of an allusion to the Book of Wisdom is risible.

  12. davidtlig

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    When Pray4peace pointed out the phrase 'as Scriptures say' from my quote I have to admit that I hadn't really noticed the phrase until then. But it was something that needed to be followed up. The quote had no footnote in the messages themselves and it was clear that the quote was not directly from Scripture so I just did some searches from the bible using some of the significant words in the quote.

    When I found the quote from Wisdom, as I have mentioned elsewhere, a shiver went down my spine as I realized the quote was saying exactly the same as the quote from True Life in God. 'Exactly' except for one thing which you are pointing out here. But I saw straight away that the one difference was the gender of the person being addressed. But the quote is not 'scoffing at the gender of the person posting on the internet' (the message from 1995 was published last century!) it is addressing Vassula herself and that was just a part of my amazement at what I had discovered with this quote from Wisdom. I have no idea whether Vassula herself is aware of the allusion.

    I can only suggest you really reflect on the significance of the quote and its link with the passage from Wisdom.
  13. Harper

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    A shiver went down your spine? That reminds me of Chris Matthews' statement that a shiver ran down his leg when he listened to Obama give a speech. May I suggest you prayerfully re-read the CDF notifications and also the negative rulings by the Greek Orthodox Church, the Church of Cyprus, the warnings from various prelates -- even from Cardinal Roger Mahoney.

    (There is no "Exactly, except for ____. It's either exact or not.)
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  14. davidtlig

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    I think you need to investigate the meaning and significance of the word, 'allusion'
  15. Harper

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    I know a wonderful Charismatic priest. He tells his people, "Don't call down fire from Heaven on the altars of Baal unless you're sure God has your back." Vassula (TM) and her followers should take that to heart.

    "...Your accusers will look at you and say, as Scriptures say: "this is the one we used to laugh at once, a butt for our sarcasm..." That's not an allusion, it's a quote, down to the quotation marks in the original citation.

    If "God" is indeed promising judgement for those who ignore Vassula (TM), "God" is going against the doctrine of the Catholic Church, which teaches that private revelation is not necessary for salvation and that one does not sin by ignoring private revelation (even the approved ones). We know God is never in opposition to His Church. Whose voice is she hearing?

    I have to say, I cannot understand how people cling to Vassula in the face of so much countervailing evidence. (I won't repeat the negative rulings she's garnered from the Roman and Orthodox Churches.) You post a video to convince people she is a holy woman with a childlike faith, a prophet; I look at that same video and see a woman with the affect of someone who sells macramé at the Renaissance Faire.
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  16. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Funny you should post that, my impression was mutton dressed as lamb.

    These messages remind me of mdm so called messages which were full of threats from so called Jesus of what would happen to those who did not believe them. It was like being cursed for not believing mdm or Vasula. That really does not feel like Heaven speaking.
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  17. davidtlig

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    Oh dear Julia, is your discernment SO poor that you feel you can make that kind of comment.

    You say the messages are so "full of threats". Try to be honest with yourself and admit you have read probably 0.15% of the messages of True Life in God.

    And you are a believer in Medjugorje. Do not the views of Fr Petar and Fr Jozo make you just a little uncertain of yourself?
  18. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I have not viewed Fr Petar or Fr Jozo making a joke of receiving Holy Communion like it is a game. And if they have fallen from grace, I am certain they will not have people trying to convince us they are in good grace and favour with the Church.

    The threats are very disturbing that are posted on the thread here. They make me want to vomit, not believe.
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  19. davidtlig

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    Well you've made your mind up so there is no point in responding other than providing another testimony, this time from the late Archbishop Frane Franic another great supporter of Medjugorje:

    Seer and mystic, one of the greatest of our times


    (Testimony of + Frane Franic, Archbishop Emeritus of Split and Makarska )

    In reading the books of the divine messages and knowing that the author, Mrs. Vassula Ryden, is a daughter of the Greek Orthodox Church, I was very impressed to find in them a fidelity, and I am firmly convinced, an absolute fidelity to all the revealed truths as taught and expounded by the Catholic Church.

    I would like to humbly point out that in 1941 I received a Ph.D. from the Gregorian University, which was at that time very faithful to Thomist theology and philosophy and that I have myself taught this theology for 38 years, from 1942 until l980, at the Interdiocesan Theological School of advanced studies in Split. I have come to know about the various objections that were formulated by certain Catholic theologians concerning the messages of the books of "True Life in God". But these objections are certainly not able to put in doubt my conviction that all these books contain authentic messages coming from Christ Himself, messages that include the truths concerning faith in the supernatural, truths in which both the ancient Byzantine Orthodox Church and the Roman Church believed, up until the painful moment of their separation. Consequently, the messages correspond well with the ancient faith of the Holy Greek Orthodox Church, which implies that Vassula does not have to formally abandon her belonging to the Orthodox Church in order to become Catholic.

    I maintain this firm conviction even today, notwithstanding the "declaration" (notification) of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, published in the Osservatore Romano dated 23-24 October 1995.

    I pray to the Lord that this "declaration" be clarified, thus removing any confusion in our Church as well as removing the difficulties that have cropped up because of this "declaration" in the ecumenical relations between the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church.

    Furthermore, I feel I must declare that in the messages of Vassula's books one finds certain truths that are today in a state of crisis in our own Church. These truths are very clearly stated in these messages and asserted in a surprisingly firm and decisive way. Truths such as the Virginity and the Holy Motherhood of the Blessed and Immaculate Virgin Mary, the real presence of the Body and of the Blood with the Soul and the Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

    According to my humble but firm conviction, there is no error and there have never been any errors, either in the first books of Vassula nor in those that followed. There is no error when Vassula speaks about Christ calling him Abba or Jahweh, neither when she says that Christ will come in the world to bring a period of His peace, because it has to do with the historical return of Christ into this world through His Church, who during that period of Peace will be renewed; and then, the presence of Christ will be even more visible to all mankind in this world, as the Holy Virgin and Queen of Prophets was saying at Fatima, and as she is still prophecying now in Medjugorje.

    Therefore, I unite myself to all those Catholic bishops and theologians that defend the authenticity and sincere veracity of Vassula Ryden, seer and mystic, one of the greatest of our times.
  20. davidtlig

    davidtlig Guest

    And for those who have not heard Fr Petar's testimony including his explanation of why Vassula is so vilified:


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