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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by BrianK, Aug 23, 2019.

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    Animals are huge gifts from God.

    My dream is to own a Maine Coon cat one day, the bigger the better. But up to now all my dogs would eat them.

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    The floor is almost ready to mount. But it’s WAY too heavy. I’m really going to have to take most of the bottom layer of plywood and fiberglass off and just leave the bare minimum to hold the internal cross pieces. E7077D26-5D6B-47ED-9DEB-4941D5E78643.jpeg 9D80BDC4-383E-457C-8ACB-95DF9D5062F3.jpeg

    The surface seams aren’t great, they’re not very tight together, but there will be some type of covering on it inside the trailer, maybe indoor / outdoor carpet.
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    I got the diy version of my Heims swivel motorcycle hitch completed today.

    This is a Heim swivel hitch for a motorcycle trailer. 8DB6FB8E-C841-413A-AF7D-57EE65814C95.jpeg It swivels between the trailer and the bike to allow the bike to lean in turns while keeping both wheels of the trailer solid in the road.

    They’re $200. Not happening.

    Mine works exactly the same way. Instead of a bearing, it swivels in the threads of the top link.

    I assembled it using a Category 1 tractor top hitch and a 3/4” bolt, angle grinder cut off wheel and hand drill. $30 for the parts at Rural King.

    Here is it assembled on my Silverwing hitch, which does have small eyelets underneath for the safety chains:
    8AC8C588-2BCD-4C1C-B0AC-224110A0D8D5.jpeg 9684A94B-7792-4350-94E3-3D8679055EF1.jpeg

    It will be bolted inside my 2x2” tongue.
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    The Sons of Orthodoxy starting out on our maiden ride this afternoon: 3207AEDF-2BD8-4FB8-8B2A-6C9E1687D4F6.jpeg
    (I’m first and foremost a member of one of the rival Catholic biker gangs, the Sons of Angioplasty.)
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    Go guys go! Enjoy and remember “Ride to live” be safe!
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    Don't know if I'd want to tango with you guys!;)

    Up, up, and away!
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    LOL, thanks!

    It was a great two hour ride today, up into the mountains of West Virginia. But it was HOT!!! I’m lucky I didn’t pass out from dehydration or heat stroke.

    I’m a big fan of “atgatt” - all the gear, all the time. Sturdy boots, Kevlar lined jeans, ballistic armored motorcycle jacket, leather gloves, full face helmet. That combination makes riding in this heat a bit difficult.
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    Laying out the cross supports for the mini camper. I lengthened the tongue several feet with 2x2 box steel and I’m using the original tongue as the forward cross support to anchor the whole structure. Once I get the cross supports bolted into place I’ll mount the floor, then start with the “foamie” camper structure. 2D87676B-6C85-42E6-9F06-D00A7A8DC877.jpeg 63F8D484-DA70-4174-A6E8-83E563FCB33F.jpeg
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    I set the floor on for size (the front curve isn’t finished) and to decide how much to take off the tongue length. I’m thinking one to two feet. 4DBDD262-18D2-43C3-B6FF-5FE3508AB151.jpeg 054BCDF1-EDE2-45D4-BA01-3269CFE34545.jpeg BC92189C-16A7-4690-B861-D33AC7FAB186.jpeg
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    Electrical storm on the horizon tonight with the huge cross overlooking US 81 on the right: 723E0C2B-5D79-4206-AB4E-9DDC6203C8A4.jpeg C0803449-6CF5-4C78-9A60-14B1AFF742C5.jpeg 574C7D02-832E-4CC9-BC05-E5ACC397E066.jpeg

    If you’re trying to capture flashes of lightning at night with a smart phone, take a video of the lightning then open the video in photos and advance the footage a fraction of a second at a time by rapidly hitting the play then stop button. When you see what you’re looking for take a screen capture.
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    A good friend and I went to Luray Caverns in Luray Virginia this afternoon. I’ve always wanted to go there since I moved here. Supposedly it’s one to the biggest caverns in America. It was really impressive (but way too much walking for me, way down into the cave then back up.)

    Here’s a video of an organ that chimes the stalactites to make music:
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    Yes, it’s very impressive. We took Tommy there when he was in school. Supposedly, the caverns were discovered by some man noticing cool air coming out of a hole in the ground. The temps stay cool down in the caverns all the time.
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    Brian, at some point in your journeys, go to Dan’s Steak House in Luray. It has awesome food. It’s just a mountain place. You might like it as much as I did.
    You can look it up on Facebook.
    I’m glad you saw the caverns. There are supposedly some caverns in Front Royal or thereabouts called Shenandoah Caverns, I think. Smaller. Closer to you.
    Happy trails.
  18. BrianK

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    That’s definitely one to put on the itinerary when I ride down Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway this fall. I’m pretty sure there’s an access point to Skyline Drive near Luray so I can get off Skyline then back on easily.
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    Yes, I’ve driven by them numerous times, including today on my way down to Luray, but I haven’t stopped to visit them yet. They are very close to the northern entrance to Skyline Drive in Front Royal.
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