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    So first of all I am truthfully untrusting of pharmaceutical companies. Mainly because the most important aspect to them is not to cure but to make money. And at this point even if someone proved me wrong I doubt I'd change my mind.
    So forgive me if I put doubt in your mind but last night as I watched the news that Moderna has now also come up with a 95% effective vaccine that doesn't have side effects, (just a week after the first one, and I expect every week another company will follow suit), something struck me and got me all rowelled up. They said that to be effective you need to get 2 shots about 3 months apart.

    So I am a nobody from nowhere, don't have any medical degree, I'm no scholar, just a mom who had to figure things out while raising her 4 children and deciding what was best when doctors told me to use medicine for issues that could be treated differently, (I followed my intuition and God's guidance instead). And with God's blessing I chose correctly and they are all well thank the Lord!
    BUT God did provide me with a brain that I use it (maybe more often than I should), so last night I used some math in learned in elementary.
    We are now in about 10 months into this pandemic, but not quite because they didn't call it that until a bit later. So you would assume that to come up with a vaccine for a virus that had never been here before, it would take time. That's what we were best 18 months they said and maybe 3 year. When most vaccines take about 10 years to be sure of their effectiveness. But that's not what happened.

    They came up with the exact and perfect ingredients, found thousands of volunteers, tested it in them, then waited to see if it worked (for how long?) Modified it because it didn't work or did they?; tried it again on new volunteers, waited again; then discovered you need to give 2 shots 3 months apart and wait again to see if that worked.......( and what else maybe because I'm nobody from nowhere without a degree) and wait....finally it worked! And no side effects to boot!!

    So let's go back to elementary and do some math. How many months did it take to come up with a vaccine for a virus that that was new to the world, to make all the changes, experiments, get thousands of volunteers, test it on them, then decide that it needed 2 doses to work not one, then wait until they could conclusively state that there are no side effects? 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, or ?? years?

    I feel they are treating us like we are all idiots. To me the release of these announcements prove they already knew about it way before the virus was released into the population and they already had the vaccine. How else could they have done this so quickly?
    Which brings me to a greater and more important point...Why?
    Why did they need to do this?
    My brain is working overtime.
    I don't trust any of the powers that be. Life has shown me my trust is in God and unless God speaks to me (interiorly) there is no way I will take this vaccine. And I expect that eventually I will be placed in a bunker and be known as a threat to society.

    When the world seems to be rejoicing, I am more fearful now wirh those vaccine announcement than merely knowing there is a pandemic in the world, for I feel we are on the brink of biblical prophecy. Its like the calm before the storm. And a second point they waited until after the election to announce it. They had this ready!!

    May God show us the way, may He always be first in our hearts, minds and souls, may He guide our children so that they do not get lost in this great confusion that's infiltrated our minds and the world. I place myself and my family under the protection of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and St. Michael.
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    Moderna was developed using aborted baby body parts. I’m urging everyone to stay away from it.
    Fede, this is an excellent post. You have really nailed it.
    I’m not taking the vaccine either and I’m praying my loved ones won’t, either.
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    Well said.
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    It took me two solid years (prior to COVID) to accept that our lives (husband, myself ... [and now everyone else apparently]) will not proceed as I'd hoped. Went through bouts of sheer disbelief to near chest-pain anxiety to resentment. I struggled to overcome those feelings, despite lots of prayer.


    Now I've realized pride and vanity (while generally not being either). Yes, it was pride and vanity which generated those emotions. Because I want it this's GOT to be the way I wanted things to be...this MUST change...

    This foolish mortal finally submitted to the Infinite Will. Finally, I came to 100% understand that it doesn't matter (-AT ALL-) what I hope, dream, desire...even as a married woman wanting to grow old gracefully (and in peace/security) with my spouse.

    I don't matter. What's going to be, Divine Will, is going to be and I'm merely along for the ride.

    Prior to all this, I'd thought myself humble. :unsure: Perceptions sure do change! :ROFLMAO:
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    Understood :coffee:
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    I did some online research regarding both the Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines. I don't know how accurate they are, but so far everything I have found on it says that these companies did not use fetal tissue in the covid vaccines. One place where I read this, was in a Catholic article that addressed this moral question. Perhaps someone has found something that says otherwise? Thanks!
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    Yes, that's what I found in my online research, and I posted links to the articles I read. I don't remember the names but I do recall mention of the Susan B Anthony list as well as a Catholic agency. I think that the vaccine being developed in Oxford (is it by a crowd called Astrazeneca?) uses tissue from aborted babies.
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    I have read conflicting reports. I might see if I can find the truth.
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    This from Children of God for Life:

    Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine – Facts – Not Fiction
    Many of you have asked about Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine and whether it uses aborted fetal cells or not. We published a great deal of information earlier this year and the following links contain all the proof anyone needs to show that the aborted fetal cell line HEK-293 was used extensively by Moderna in numerous patents in the fundamental design of mRNA technology.

    Now some have argued that the patents we are citing are not for the actual vaccine and that would be partially correct, however totally inconsequential because once their technology was established, the aborted fetal cells are not used again. This is also true of the Spike protein produced using HEK-293 cells as well. Once the protein is built, the cells are not used again. But the protein IS used – and the mRNA IS used and both were built on technology that extensively used aborted fetal cells.
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    I'll stick with my natural immunity thank you very much.

    Our bodies are designed to fight viruses. Vaccines are just immune boosters, often with side effects, sometimes very serious side effects and even death. 10 people could take a drug and get 10 different reactions yet somehow we are expected to believe vaccines are a one size fits all and are safe for all??? Impossible.

    What are the short term, medium term and potential long term side effects of these vaccines? No one knows and I for one and my family won't be finding out.

    #1 way to HUGE profits is selling drugs/vaccines to healthy people, the planned pandemic is working perfectly.
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    Excellent post!!!!
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    Clinical trials for vaccines go on for years for a reason. How could you place your trust in a vaccine that was rushed through at lighting speed. How could this possibly be safe. BAD.
    Edited to add:
    According to Dr. Fauci who was speaking at the WH press conference tonight, the vaccine was not rushed. New technology made the rapid development of the COVID vaccine possible, and it is safe. So this is the message that they would like us to believe. :(
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    Reconsidering post based on new info
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    "Pfizer was tested on aborted fetal cells. Moderna’s was researched, developed, produced and tested on aborted fetal cells"

    "Pfizer/BioNTech was morally produced and contains no aborted fetal material. They did testing of the product on the HEK-293 cells but they are not part of the product, unlike the others listed in the red column on our website."

    "There are no aborted fetal cells used in the production of the Pfizer vaccine; they tested the completed product. This is completely unlike Moderna’s vaccine that used aborted fetal cells IN the spike protein production which is part of their vaccine and they have done extensive research, development and testing using aborted fetal cells as well."

    I am not against vaccines as a general rule. Smallpox claimed 300 million lives in the 20th century before being eradicated via vaccine. I do have a problem with vaccines using fetal cells.

    DNA altering vaccines are a separate issue.
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    I hope you are right.
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    I’m going with what you have said now as your update. Thank you .
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    Me too. I have read so much conflicting information on the vaccines my head is spinning. ;)
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    You took the words right out of my mouth:)
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