US Catholic Bishops may press Biden to stop taking Communion.

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by Glenn, Apr 28, 2021.

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    Btw, the Pope has appointed a new Bishop in the Diocese of Wilmington, Biden’s home town.
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    I can't remember where I read it. Maybe I came across it by following a link on Fisheaters. As far as I know, the Bishop didn't make an official statement of the type that would be published on the Diocese's website. He wrote a letter to (I think) the College's newspaper. The reference to the primacy of conscience was in the context of non believers being entitled to an exemption on the grounds of conscientious objection because the College allowed for exceptions on the grounds of religious belief. Maybe there's some non-Christian religion which isn't on the vaccine bandwagon? Wokeness does tend to be more considerate of non-Christian religions.
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    Pelosi’s Archbishop Makes It Clear: No Communion

    May 2, 2021 by sd

    From the Catholic News Service:

    A pastoral letter issued May 1 by San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone focuses on the unborn, Communion, and Catholics in public life. [Nancy Pelosi, U.S. House majority leader, lives in San Francisco and attends Mass as a Catholic.]

    It emphasizes that “those who reject the teaching of the church on the sanctity of human life and those who do not seek to live in accordance with that teaching should not receive the Eucharist.”

    The archbishop’s pastoral letter, the first he has issued, is called: “Before I Formed You in the Womb I Knew You: A Pastoral Letter on the Human Dignity of the Unborn, Holy Communion and Catholics in Public Life.”

    He publicly announced the letter in the homily of the 8 a.m. monthly Mass for Life at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption May 1. After Mass, many members of the congregation prayed the rosary while walking to the Planned Parenthood clinic four blocks away, where they planned to continue praying.

    “Abortion is the ax laid to the roots of the tree of human rights … Without protection of the right to life, no other talk of rights makes sense,” the archbishop wrote in the teaching document to the priests and laity of the archdiocese.

    He also spoke directly to pregnant women and those who have had abortions, writing: “God loves you. We love you.”

    He emphasized that Catholic teaching on who is morally responsible for abortion is very clear.

    “Those who kill or assist in killing the child (even if personally opposed to abortion), those who pressure or encourage the mother to have an abortion, who pay for it, who provide financial assistance to organizations to provide abortions, or who support candidates or legislation for the purpose of making abortion a more readily available ‘choice’ are all cooperating with a very serious evil,” the archbishop wrote.

    Archbishop Cordileone stressed that reverence for Communion is at the heart of his concern and quoted St. Justin Martyr’s words in the second century: “No one may share the Eucharist with us unless he believes what we teach is true; unless he is washed in the regenerating waters of baptism for the remission of his sins, and unless he lives in accordance with the principles given us by Christ.”

    He then applied these same requirements to the topic of abortion, saying those who reject church teaching on the sanctity of human life and do not seek to live in accordance with church teaching in that area “should not receive the Eucharist.”

    The archbishop spoke directly to Catholics in public life on this topic, urging them to “please stop pretending that advocating for or practicing a grave moral evil — one that snuffs out an innocent human life, one that denies a fundamental human right — is somehow compatible with the Catholic faith. It is not. “

    “Please return home to the fullness of your Catholic faith. We await you with open arms to welcome you back,” he added.

    The archbishop’s letter is available online at
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    This is a brave man--in this climate to take a stand for the Blessed Sacrament and for the unborn! God bless him!!!
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    I know Monsignor William (Bill ) Koenig from his days in St. William the Abbot in Seaford, NY. He was a humble gentleman of a Priest. Let's pray for him, and hope he can help some of the misguided pro abortion supporters there.
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    Thanks for the info. Will pray for him.
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    I had put this in the "Time for a laugh" thread, but am moving it here because it is actually quite tragic what they have done with/to Biden.

    How much longer before he is removed from office and replaced with president Harris, as he called her once in a briefing before the election?

    It seems like he needs the sacrament of the sick at the moment. We should be praying for him too.
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    He does need our prayers.
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  9. Julia

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    This all makes me totally sick to the back teeth. The American Bishops kept their heads down while the democrats were put into power in America. The majority of the Bishops allowed Catholics to believe democrats were ok to vote for, and too many complied. Disgraceful.

    So now, when what we all knew would be the outcome of a democrat administration, the Bishops are pretending to show shock that the looney left don't believe or care what God thinks. Pure unadulterated hypocrisy from the Bishops. God help the Bishops who are not with the majority.

    Bishops you abused your influence and are part of this diabolical bed all Americans lie in. It is too late, anything you say when it is too late is all wind or smoke and mirrors. God forgive you, and have mercy on your souls.

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