Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena

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    Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena

    The Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena

    Is anyone else a member of this organization with headquarters in Dickinson Texas?? They send religious items overseas, Philippines, Africa, India and so on (for the record, I think Ukraine and maybe Romania too, so these places are NOT all of these "3rd world" type nations). Started by Patti Melvin. A real organization by the laity. They send out a magazine 4 times a year.



    Their Patron Saint.

    Magazines look like this and all that is asked of members is to pray a "dedicated decade" every day, they give you one, one of the mysteries of Rosary. It's close to this size or a little bigger and has plenty to read.
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    See link for more, Patti really started some organization. If one is not aware of it, I thought I'd just post this.

    A sort of co-patroness of the organization is Venerable Pauline Jaricot:


    Read about her here: Pauline Jaricot - Wikipedia

    So, Pauline founded the original Living Rosary Association:

    Living Rosary Association[edit]
    In 1826 Jaricot founded the Living Rosary Association.[7] The fifteen decades of the rosary were divided among fifteen associates, each of whom had to recite daily only one determined decade.[1] She expanded the organization's work to include the distribution of prayer leaflets, holy pictures, medals and rosaries. The Living Rosary Association grew rapidly in France and spread to other countries during her lifetime and for years thereafter. In 1832, Pope Gregory XVI gave canonical status to the Living Rosary Association.[10]

    By the mid-20th century, however, the number of members had markedly decreased, especially in the United States. The organization was revived through the efforts of Patti and Richard Melvin of Dickinson, Texas and 28 other devotees who renewed the practice of organizing 15 persons to each pray one of the 15 Decades of the Rosary.[citation needed]

    By the year 2014, the Living Rosary membership numbers nearly 16 million persons of all ages, with substantial numbers in Third World countries. The organization maintains an internet website at philomena.org, authored by Patti Dickinson, who is universal director of the Living Rosary. A Facebook page, "Universal Living Rosary Association," is authored by apostolate promoter Brian J. Costello of New Roads, Louisiana.[11]
    Home - Pauline Jaricot (opm-france.org)

    I really should have put this in the books, movies, websites category, oh well. Again, it's pretty easy to enroll in this Universal Living Rosary confraternity. They don't really push giving donations and such. I find that happening quite often.

    They have letters in their seasonal magazine, one time they published a letter of a man from Nigeria who said St. Philomena visited him. I have no idea what to make of such statements.
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    My mother and I joined when I was 10 years old. My decade is The Visitation.
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