Two Popes?

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    From She Went In Haste to the Mountain:

    That is, on July 26. There is something strange and unsolved from the previous day, July
    25, a big day in Spain because it is the celebration of the feast of its patron, St. James the
    Apostle. “On that day”—said Juan Alvarez Seco—“I had stationed a pair of guards in the
    calleja, and another pair in front of Conchita’s house. The four visionaries were playing in
    a field near by; it was a beautiful afternoon and the sky was completely clear of clouds. Suddenly,
    toward 6:30, a very black cloud gathered on top of Peña Sagra, and from it a striking
    ray of lightening shot out from on high to below. The girls fell on their knees extremely
    frightened. The thunder which followed shook us all. But they remained then with a look
    of ecstasy, gazing toward above . . . I remember that I had to calm down the shouting of
    Mari Cruz’s mother. All remained several minutes in silence. Then there was someone who
    told me later, very seriously, although without giving it more importance, that he had seen
    on top of the cloud, one or two figures that looked like the Holy Father.”​

    (bold emphasis mine)

    1. Pope Benedict's resignation was sudden
    2. Lightening struck St. Peter's
    3. Appearance of two Popes... one Emeritus, still dressed in white, and one the Pope

    Foreshadowing in 1961??
  2. Luan Ribeiro

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    Is there a reference to this on any webpage about Garanbadal?
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    How many popes has the Church had through the centuries?
  4. Luan Ribeiro

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    if we consider the period of the apparitions (1961-1965) it was during two pontificates, that of John XXIII (1958-1963) and that of Paul VI (1963-1978), but it is still impressive in the current times in which we live the mention of a vision with the figure of 2 popes.
  5. HeavenlyHosts

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    Except that we have one Pope. The other has resigned.
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  6. Luan Ribeiro

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    yes, but I think it may be a reference to the fulfillment of the prophecies of Garanbadal in a unique period for the church in which we have a pope emeritus (who did not become a cardinal again) and a reigning pope.
  7. HeavenlyHosts

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    Interesting, because it was a dark storm cloud.
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  8. Glenn

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    I think you're really reaching here.
    It does not give the "eyewitness's name", and that person's testimony does NOT say he saw 2 Popes, they said " one or two figures that looked like the Holy Father.” Not exactly concrete evidence is it ?
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