Two periods of Godlessness

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    I am no expert on Catholic Prophecy but have read quite a lot and
    from what I have read there are TWO distinct periods of Godlessness
    predicted: one at the period of the lesser tribuation and one at the
    time of the Great Tribulation.

    Christ spoke clearly of the Great Tribulation and the signs that would precede
    it. Thus the lesser tribulation will also have similar characteristics of the
    Great Tribulation - earthquakes, war, famine, disease, deception, anti-christs,
    goldlessness, persecution and so on.

    First there is the period of the LESSER TRIBULATION [which I believe we
    are going through at the moment], purifications - in this period these are tied in
    with Garabandal and secrets of Medjugorje. There may well be an anti-Christ
    of sorts, and a persection of Christians in this period.
    We know of the Warning, Miracles, Permanent Signs followed by Chastisements.
    The first three secrets are warnings for the world, the last 7 are perhaps punishments, as at the
    time of the Pharaoh of Egypt. The punishments will bring mankind to its knees [the last
    one perhaps being the 3 days of darkness followed by cleansing of the world].
    These events will usher in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and a period of peace
    will be granted to to the World [Fatima prophecy] and Christ will rule in mens hearts [thus no need for
    Marian apparitions]. This I believe will be the
    Eucharistic Reign of Christ the King when a unified Church will see great
    Eucharistic Miracles, a great Evangelisation, outpouring of the Spirit
    and conversionof the World.

    Later comes the Great Tribulation as predicted by our Lord - but the chastisements
    of this period will be greater because the sins of the World will be greater. This
    period will also see The Anti-Christ reign, the abolition of the Mass and a great
    massacre of Christians before the actual intervention of Christ [perhaps the sign
    mentioned by St Faustina of the Cross illuminating the sky is for this period]. Christ
    will reign, & God's Kingdom will come [as we pray for in the our Father] and God's will
    will be done on earth as in heaven.

    Both are periods of Godlessness as in the days of Noah and in both periods God
    will intervene. I really don't believe the actual Anti-Christ is here or will be
    here in my lifetime [that is why I am suspicious of private revelation which mention
    The Anti-Christ in the world today].

    However, the period of tribulation is upon us and the world will know that there is
    a God, a father God of Mercy and Justice who will correct his erring children. Just
    as I have lived through a period of disobedience I hope to live to see a period of
    obedience to the divine will and if I survive the lesser tribulation maybe I will see
    the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I don't know timescales but the secrets
    will be in my lifetime [if God spares me] as I am only a couple of years older than
    the oldest seers.
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    The Catholic writer, Mark Mallet, believes the AntiChrist will make his appearance soon. Much of what he writes concerning the signs of the times is clear and persausive. But I'm not sure his view regarding the AntiChrist is correct. The suppression of Holy Mass would be the obvious indicator of that scenario.

    Like you, I hope to live and experience the beginning of the Era of Peace. God's Will be done!

    Safe in the Father's Arms!
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    I have studied up on these things as much as you have or in such detail, though I always love to read up on it. I also do not think we are trucking towards the immediate end of the world. In case those times are a secret, as Jesus said not even know by the angels.

    I also think what is to come before the immediate end will be far ,far different from what we are going through now. I think for instance that there will be a greater division between good and evil. The good will be very holy and the bad will be evil incarnate. But I think as we go through the Tribulation it will seem very much like the End of the World.

    Terry mentioned about Mark Mallet saying he thought that the antiChrist was here/ I didn't know this. I have a lot of respect for Mark and would listen to all he says. Another thing that makes me thoughtful are the words of Our Lady at Kibeho in Rwanda which point very firmly towards the Second Coming of Christ. Also yesterday when I was reading St Faustina she also seems to point to the Second Coming. The apparition at Knock was of course taken right out of the Book of the Apocalypse.

    So I suspect we are in the End Times. The 'End Times' can last quite a few centuries I suppose. But I suspect from round about 1860 we moved into the final confrontation when , 'Satan has come down to Earth in great wrath for he knows he has but a short time left'

    I am giving them the last hope of salvation; that is, the Feast of My Mercy. If they will not adore My mercy, they will perish for all eternity… tell souls about this great mercy of Mine, because the awful day, the day of My justice, is near. —Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary of St. Faustina, n. 965

    ...and at Kibeho in Rhwanda:

    Our Lord

    'Too many people treat their neighbours dishonestly. The world is full of hatred. You will know my Second Coming is at hand when you see the outbreak of religious wars. Then, know that I am on the way'

    Our Blessed Mother

    'I have come to prepare the way for my Son for your good and you do not want to understand. The time remaining is short and you are absent-minded. You are distracted by the goods of this world which are passing. I have seen many of my children becoming lost and I have come to show them the true way'

    I don't say I understand these things. I don't. But I take them away in my heart to pray over.
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    The idea of a lesser and greater tribulation was endorsed by
    Yves Dupont in his book on Catholic prophecy.

    Catholic Prophecy 'The Coming Chastisement' by Yves Dupont, 1973

    Page 90
    There are 2 different stages within the Latter-Days period: the first
    heralding the final stage, being of lesser intensity; the final stage
    bringing about the consumation of the world. To each of these 2
    stages will the proximate signs of the End apply. Thus, we are now
    about to enter the first stage, the Great Disaster which is imminent
    and which will be followed by a period of peace'.

    Page 91
    'I regard it as certain that there will be 2 different stages. The 1st stage will
    only be the beginning of sorrows, and it will be shortened for the sake of the
    elect, and the Gospel will then be preached throughout the World. This will be
    the period of peace under the Great Monarch, the period of conversions and
    general prosperity which we and our children may enjoy - in short, the period
    of peace promised by our Lady of Fatima'

    I take the idea of general prosperity to be spiritual and not material.
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    Yes, thats probably true
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    This can't happen soon enough in my opinion.


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