Trying to get hold of Fr. Pat Collins from Dublin

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Jmccoy99, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Jmccoy99

    Jmccoy99 New Member

    Hi there, I need to get hold of Fr. Pat Collins from Dublin the exorcist but everywhere i look on the web, there are no contact details for him. Anyone know please PM me or respond to this message,it would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards
  2. border collie

    border collie Archangels

    He has a web page.
  3. Jmccoy99

    Jmccoy99 New Member

    okay tnx very much. it was weird because my tablet couldn't load the page but then my pc does pick it up and get onto it... so strange. again, tnx.

    Kind Regards
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  4. Jmccoy99

    Jmccoy99 New Member

    erm spoke too soon. that is no longer his email address. just tried to send him an email. the search continues.

    Kind Regards
  5. BrigidK

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