Trump Selects Amy Coney Barrett to Fill Ginsburg’s Seat on the Supreme Court

Discussion in 'The Spirit of the USA' started by non sum dignus, Sep 25, 2020.

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    New York Times, etc confirm.

  2. Yes, just announced on "Evening Edit" by Elizabeth McDonald....although Trump still dodged it for certain when asked before getting on plane for last gathering today, but still seemed to hint it would be Amy CB.

    Prayers for this new Justice....evil will try to destroy her and those close to her.
  3. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    Pray pray pray.

    Not only for her but the pro-life justices already on the court.

    Evil will work overtime.

    Abortion is the evil one's "sacrament".
  4. With the news now coming out each day that the organized coup to get Trump out of the Presidency went all the way to the top, leading to Obama getting arrested for treason (fulfilling that part of the "Trump prophecies" of 2011) it is conjectured that Obama's picks for SCOTUS would then be nullified, clearing the way for Trump to pick more Justices. Also in those "prophecies" is the prediction of a scandal which would remove other justices (Roberts?)!
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    Fr Heilman is asking for yet more prayer and fasting. Tomorrow evangelicals have organized a day of atonement and prayer. Sounds like a great idea. The chaplet to St Michael daily would be good --feast coming up. And October is full of heavy hitter saints. St Therese and St Teresa of Avila. St Frsncis of Assissi and Sts Isaac Jogue an d Jean de Brebeuf. And let's not forget our Guardian Angels AND the feast of the Holy Rosary. Powerful.
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    The question isn't "If BHO is CHARGED With Treason, ...", the question is if he is found GUILTY of treason. However, it may be enough that if he gets charged, that causes his SCOTUS picks to resign, albeit unwillingly. If they DON'T resign and BHO is then found guilty of treason (or at the very least, malfeasance), then that opens the door to every SCOTUS decision they were on to be automatically invalidated, necessitating a retrial, which would include every single lower court decision that was decided on the basis of the Supreme Court's defective opinions, etc. By resigning, those problems may be avoided. (No point in beating a dead horse, etc.) The affected issues could come up again in different cases that could result in the original decisions being overturned, or possibly upheld.
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  7. non sum dignus

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    None of Obama's actions as President could be invalidated by actions he completed afterwards.

    The actions of a President are not simply the actions of a man but of the man who holds the office.

    Since there is no question Obama was a legally elected President at the time of the appointments, even if his later actions lead to his conviction on treason, his actions as a valid President would stand.
  8. non sum dignus

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    Mark Taylor is a false prophet.

    He said something will happen that will spell the end of Catholicism.

    He calls the Catholic Church the ancient beast.

    Don't listen to him if you do not want be deceived.
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  9. There is a question about his citizenship still. The only evidence he presented when challenged by Trump was a digital certificate of birth (had no paper one/original) which was so rushed that the three forms used to falsify it were not flattened and so it was easily taken apart. The forensic expert used by O's own law firm said that it was an easily detected fraud. There is also the question of his Selective Service application.....only one with a different date form. The fake news covered for him and attacked the investigators who had gathered 4 years worth of facts. When this comes down it could be that O will then claim a/his Kenyan citizenship to get out of Dodge and that would demonstrate he was a fraud pResident.

    You just have to look at the history of how the pathway was forged for this guy....likely he was admitted to the schools; who paid for his higher elitist education....all the connections of those around him to Iran. Goes on and on. We weren't "invaded" but "infiltrated"!

    And now, finally, apparently it's "coming down":

    BREAKING: The Clinton Foundation Is Now Morphed into a Criminal Investigation by US Attorney John Durham – KA-BOOM!

    BREAKING: High Level Italian Official Who Introduced Papadopoulos to Joseph Mifsud Is Under Indictment in Italy

    George Papadopoulos shared tonight that a high level Italian official who introduced him to Joseph Mifsud is under indictment. Italy was the epicenter of Obamagate.

    CIA assets were involved in the extended cabal to bring down Trump.

    LEAKED Inside Documents show BLUE PRINT of Radical Left’s Rapid Response Plan to Disrupt SCOTUS Nomination and Vote
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  10. non sum dignus

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    But none of it including a posible treason conviction invalidates the swearing in of Obama's Supreme Court Justices.
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  11. Depends on what your "it" involves. That's why there is a question mark.....since it wouldn't be only a question of treason but of an illegitimate President from the beginning. That could be considered as a foreign infiltration into the government. Many would be involved in that plan and coverup. Not enough info to know the Constitutional actions to be taken. But also a greater scandal within SCOTUS itself possibly involving O appointed justices could do the same all by itself.
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    Amy Barrett had her catholic faith viciously attacked by senator diane feinstein when she was nominated for her current circuit court position. Feinstein stated, "reading your writings shows that your catholic dogma rings loudly in you." what if feinstein's beliefs were the ones causing concerns???? she would have been censored by the Senate. the last bigotry in the usa that is permissible with impunity is anti-catholic bigotry, in my opinion, having served the usa fed govt for more than 30 years as a lawyer. If you're catholic, you are essentially "persona non grata" with most entrenched bureaucrats. Unless you are lapsed and only mention catholicism to malign/criticize it.
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    William Safire (I think) said antiCatholicism is the antisemitism of the intellectual. I've lived this. I know exactly what you are talking about.
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  14. The first thing that came to my mind this morning.
    Trying to take away the right to abort from those who support it is like trying to take captured prey away from a ravenous lion.
    Watch the fury of hell be unleashed by all the liberal democrats.
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    Already panicked comments to the effect of her poised to become Absolute Dictator Of The United States (instead of one of nine SCJs). :rolleyes:
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    On an end-times FB page where I'm the only Catholic member, one of the people flagged me in a post with this link (BTW, he really doesn't like that her faith is being made an issue):
    Here is my reply to him:

    And this is news because ... ?

    Honestly, I want to get one of those tee shirts that ways, "The dogma lives loudly within you."

    I do hope that the Democrats and the Left demonize her. I hope that they break out every single anti-Catholic trope that's been a talking point since the Know-Nothings had anti-Irish riots in Philadelphia in 1844 and Baltimore in 1856 . I pray that they make sure everyone knows that she, as a pro-life woman, is a traitor to her gender and is hell-bent (literally) on chaining women to the stove and turning the US into a theocracy like "The Handmaid's Tale", complete with a hot line to the Pope to get his direction and approval on judicial decisions.

    (Honestly, that last point might not be such a big problem with the current Pope, but then you can't guarantee that the next Pope will follow the right side of history, so you'd better keep that point in just in case.)

    I say this because if they do as I expect they will (and we all know who THEY are, because "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean THEY aren't out to GET you") , then Trump will be able to say that everything he's talked about for the past 4 years is true: the Democrats want to make every religious belief illegal, except for State-approved religions, that the feminists are all for equal rights, but only for women with beliefs that meet with their approval (said beliefs able to change with the direction of the wind at a moment's notice); and the Constitution be damned we NEED religious tests for public office in order to preserve the Constitution!

    So here's a prayer that the Holy Spirit strengthen her during the upcoming sh*tstorm of venom and calumny that passes for a Senate confirmation hearing nowadays. (Even the Notorious RGB - may G_D forgive her and receive her into His Kingdom - said last year that SHE would not be able to make it through a confirmation hearing if hers had been like Kavenaugh's.) And let's hope that none of her high school friends kept a daily appointment diary.
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    I see your point, Muzhik.
  19. Think maybe the left is aware of something possibly illegal within the Chief Justice's adoptions and bringing up the question on the conservative nominee to cover for him?

    VIDEO: Sen. Tom Cotton Sets up War Room to Fight Back Against Toxic Left During SCOTUS Nomination Process

    They are already smearing Amy Coney Barrett’s Christianity and motherhood!


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