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    I hope that the following information might be of interest to you. Most of it comes from an extremely well researched book called 'Trial, Tribulation and Triumph' which was published in the 90's using hundreds of Church approved and scriptural sources. The references to Our Lady of Good Success and Garabandal are my own.

    A period of peace will come following a period of faithlessness and corruption. This will occur, either by the return of people to God (unlikely) or by tribulation and God’s miraculous intervention to end it and usher in the ‘era of peace’.( This tribulation is the ‘Minor Chastisement’ that precedes the era of peace promised by Our Lady and is not the Tribulation of the Anti-Christ which comes much later.)
    The signs are – heresy and schism in the Catholic Church, general sinfulness followed by serious civil unrest in Europe especially France and Italy coupled with natural disasters and climatic disturbances.

    During times of great trouble in Europe, the Pope visits Moscow and, immediately on his return, European unrest turns into civil wars in France and Italy. This is followed by a similar and even more serious conflict in England. Other countries are affected to a greater or lesser degree. At the same time there are very serious natural disasters, famines and resultant disease.
    Russia unexpectedly takes the opportunity of disorder to invade Western Europe and later other parts of the world, so that much of the world comes under her power and possibly that of China. This is coupled with Moslem invasions of various countries.

    The celebration of the Mass will be banned in all/many invaded countries, many priests go into hiding.

    The Pope flees Rome and goes into hiding together with some of the Cardinals. He is discovered and murdered. At some point when ‘things are at their worst’ a Great Sign will appear in the sky causing mass conversions to Catholicism (Christ on the Cross according to St. Faustina).

    The French civil war opponents have fought to a standstill with many deaths. A new Pope proposes that the French accept rule by a member of their former Royal Family (The ‘Great King’ foretold by many saints), this man will eventually become a great and saintly emperor in Europe and will rule very wisely.

    The ‘Great King’ wages war on the invaders and defeats them in spite of his forces being greatly outnumbered. The King will be about 40 years of age at the end of the war.

    Towards the end of the ‘Chastisement’/war period of three and a half years, there occurs the ‘Three Days of Darkness’/Fire from the sky – and the deaths of the greater part of humanity. After this a very holy Pope is elected.

    An era of peace and prosperity follows under the rule of the ‘Great King’. This period is put at about 25 years* until his death, by then people will have begun to take peace and prosperity for granted and to act, once again, as though God does not exist ushering in the Great Tribulation, the coming of the Anti-Christ and the end.

    NOTE - Much of the above is a very brief summary of the contents of ‘Trial, Tribulation and Triumph’ by Desmond Birch but other sources have also been used.


    *On Easter Sunday, April 13th of 2029 the asteroid Apophis (“Apophis” is the Egyptian God of destruction) will pass through an orbital “keyhole” which will determine whether or not it will impact earth 7 years later on Easter Sunday, April 13th 2036. It should be noted that Easter Sunday 2029 is a good candidate for the 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection.

    The “keyhole” of 2029 will determine the trajectory of Apophis and thus the fate of many people, and will probably be a significantly fearful warning for all. It is possible that this moment of warning will turn many away from sins, but will also cause many to “double down” so to speak. “There will no longer be pardon for them” is possibly a reference to the reality after the “keyhole” moment when the Earth has 7 years to contemplate the obliteration of many and STILL people are unrepentant, though God has given every opportunity. Revelation 8:8 “The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood”
    The impact of Apophis is estimated at 800 megatons. The largest tactical nuclear weapon in the world is about 50 megatons. Hiroshima was 50 kilotons.

    Much of the above is based on ‘Trial, Tribulation and Triumph’ by Desmond Birch but note the other sources and notes below:

    The ‘Warning’ foretold at Garabandal occurs, when things are at their worst (Conchita has said that the ‘Warning’ will “be like two suns colliding” – a very serious ‘solar flare’ is expected in 2012/13 which is expected to cause serious disruption to electricity supplies and communications).

    Within 12 months of the ‘Warning’, the ‘Sign’ appears. Many people convert to Catholicism or begin to practice their own religions.

    (St. Faustina predicted that, at some point, before Jesus returns, a vision of Christ on the cross will appear in the night sky with the bright lights coming from his wounds being the only source of light over the earth.)

    St. Methodius says that, following the death of the ‘Great King’, a cardinal who is a convert from Islam, will kill a newly elected Pope before his coronation and declare himself Pope though another will be elected. He will be followed by two thirds of the Catholics and will be the messenger of the Anti-Christ. This man is of Jewish blood of the tribe of Dan.

    Then comes the Anti-Christ.

    Ida Perleman (who claimed apparitions of Our Lady under the title Our Lady of All Nations in the 1940’s and 1950’s and were approved by the local bishop) made some prophetic statements including:

    An event which is to occur in Cairo. Following this event, there will be serious trouble involving Arab nations and Persia (now Iran) and then throughout Europe and beyond.

    Sister Lucy of Fatima, in a written statement to Bishop Antonio Garcia of Tuy-Vigo dated February 23 1943 said, “If the bishops of Spain listen to the desires already manifested by Our Lord, and begin a true reform of the people and clergy, then it will go well. But if not she (Russia) will AGAIN be the enemy by which God will punish her (Spain) once more”.

    Conchita of Garabandal – “Communism will return to Spain”. But she went on to say that it will suffer less than other parts of Europe. (www.ourlady.ca)

    "The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe." [ Mr. Weber said "Conchita said this in a long conversation at her house on 14 November,1965."]

    Mari Loli of Garabandal – The warning will occur - "When Russia will unexpectedly and suddenly overrun and overwhelm a great part of the free world. God does not want this to happen so quickly. In any case the Warning will come when you will see that Holy Mass cannot be celebrated freely anymore; then it will be that the world will most need the intervention of God."

    Blessed Pius IX : "There will come a great sign that will fill the world with awe. But this will occur only after the triumph of a revolution during which the Church will undergo ordeals which are beyond description."

    *The twenty five years of peace comes from the book ‘ The Secrets, Chastisement and Triumph’ by Kelly Bowring

    Note – Conchita of Garabandal says that she will announce the date of the Miracle (not the Warning) eight days before it occurs.

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    You might wonder where the ref to Our Lady of Good Success is in the above. Well the original entry was too long to be posted. I did think of posting Part 2 but perhaps you have enough to be going on with for the moment! I will post the other part at a later time.
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    Welcome from sunny Central New York! Thanks so much for the summary. I find it interesting that none of the modern apparitions mention the Great Monarch. Also, maryrose and myself love Our Lady of Good Success. If you search for her on the forum you will see she has been spoken of on a number of occasions!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    Hello Mario - from very rainy England - Yes, it curious that there is no mention in recent apparitions of the 'Great Monarch' when he is so central to the prophecies of so many mystics and saints over so many centuries. I am glad to hear that there is an awareness of Our Lady of Good Success on the forum, I will check past posts. What I find most interesting is the prophecy (from the 16th Century) in which Our Lady is quoted as saying:
    ... depraved priests, who will scandalise the Christian people, will make the hatred of bad Catholics and the enemies of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church fall upon priests.
    This apparent triumph of Satan will bring enormous suffering to the good Pastors of the Church, the many good priests, and the Supreme pastor and Vicar of Christ on earth...
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    I appreciate the summary of the Desmond Birch book, Steve. Similar to Mario's observation, I also felt prompted to ask about the 25 years listed. Is that from the La Salette prophecies only, or are there others?
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    thanks for showing :)
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    Hi Jon, I can't find the relevant reference (the book is about 600 pages long!). Will look when I have some time and report back. (PS. I see that Hope has given an answer on the 2017 thread)
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    This thread deserves to be revisited at this point in time.
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    If anyone who is following Mr Birch's FB feed could link to it here or even post screen shots of his posts regarding this topic it would be great since it seems he is posting very relevant information to the chastisement and passion of the Church. I shut down my FB page a few years back and can not access it to follow it. Is he also on twitter possibly?
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    Thanks Brian! I have been listening as well to the series Mr Birch did with Colin Donovan that padraig posted titled
    The Last Things in Time and Eternity- What Is Eschatology?
    and it is really excellent. I found each show in a playlist. Hopefully it embeds here correctly.

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    Speaking of regions that have not been properly evangelized. When the minor chastisement and the sign happens I would think it will speed this process up dramatically given just how small the world has become in the last 50 years.
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    On the other hand, the minor chastisement itself could set us back technologically such that traditional evangelization is once again necessary.
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    Very pertinent point Brian. Also we could very well see the Church in our local areas become incredibly small or even access to priests and Sacraments non existent for a time. So anyone who has not been through Confirmation I would implore you to please make the time to do this. The Grace received from the Anointing in Confirmation is incredibly powerful.

    In the video series I posted above Mr Birch speaks about the power of the Sacraments. In the times of the early Church when believers were baptized it had become tradition that they were then immediately anointed because the lifespan of the average Christian was short. This changed to the age of reason later when the persecution of the Church had subsided.
    His point was that this anointing had a significant role in how so many Christians were able to face death in an arena in Grace and not die in horror being mocked but instead showing courage and love for their fellows to the last. This manner in which so many died was seen and marveled at by all there.
    I often thought about this very subject and I am glad to finally understand.
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    ‘Yellow Vests’ Movement: A Catholic Look at the Ongoing French Crisis
    Posted by Sol�ne Tadi� on Thursday Jan 31st, 2019 at 9:58 AM
    NEWS ANALYSIS: What are the factors motivating the continuing anti-government protests in France?

    PARIS — Two months ago, as the 2019 increase in fuel taxes was soon to come into force, a spontaneous and widespread civilian protest movement erupted in a very cleaved France.

    As the Yellow Vests “Act X” took place across the country on Jan. 19 — once again with substantial participation — the Register sought the views of three French religious figures who support the protest movement.

    On Nov. 17, the first mass demonstration took place across the whole country, attracting more than 300,000 protesters who blocked roads and traffic circles. They chose the yellow vest as the symbol of their movement, as the French are legally required to have a yellow jacket in their vehicles and to wear it during breakdowns or to walk on the road by night.

    The protests then continued every Saturday with broad public support, especially in rural areas and in “peri-urban” areas between suburbs and the countryside, where the demonstrations often degenerated into riots, causing considerable property damage and numerous arrests among the protesters.

    Since the beginning of the movement, 10 civilians have lost their lives, and hundreds have been injured.

    The government’s subsequent decision to cancel the fuel-tax increase didn’t stem the crisis, and the movement’s demands quickly expanded to a more general call for a global political and economic reform: The Yellow Vests’ “Act X” on Jan. 19 still attracted tens of thousands of people across France, despite a series of measures in favor of enhancing purchasing power and the launch of a “national debate” for drawing lessons from the crisis.

    The social divide seems now too deep to be bridged, as the initial fiscal protest has turned into a wider movement against the French president that spans the political spectrum. Yet the current situation is the result of decades of increasing fiscal pressure and the progressive erosion of the relationship between elite groups and the citizens.

    A Mismanaged Globalization

    “The vast majority of these people are sincere and not violent; they are in desperate need of a job or they work already but are weighed down with taxes. They have the impression that all of what they earn is taken away from them by the state,” Bishop Bernard Ginoux of Montauban (Occitanie) told the Register.

    He is the only member of the French episcopate to have officially expressed his support for the movement in a press release on Dec. 7 and then decided to join the protesters on Saturday, Dec. 8, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, to be in close contact with the people’s issues.

    “Some of them told me they have come to belong to the category of the ‘useless men,’ and I was there to remind them Jesus loves them,” he said.

    According to Bishop Ginoux , the portion of the population that is mostly represented in the movement is the category of those who have felt excluded from the rest of the society in the past few years but did not hold that view in the past.

    Indeed, the vast majority of the protesters are part of the middle-class, the main victims of a mismanaged globalization, as Angus Deaton, who won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Economic Science, points out in The Great Escape (2013) — a globalization that has often benefited the wealthiest and some of the poorest classes over the past decades, to the detriment of the middle classes. In the specific case of France, people who need their cars for work every day reject being accused of polluting and being required to pay more taxes for this reason: In fact, on a global scale, France’s pollution rate is very low, especially compared to some bigger countries, whose citizens don’t have to pay such taxes.

    Father Julien Dumont, a priest of the Diocese of Orléans (Centre-Val de Loire), who celebrated a Mass for the Yellow Vests on a traffic circle for Christmas, confirms such analysis. “We are facing a massive social crisis with many different claims among the citizens. Those who express such claims in a more visible way are those who have been forgotten for too long by public policies, that is the rural or peri-urban citizens expelled from the city centers because of the rising living costs and from the suburbs because of rampant Islamization,” he said, specifying that women are extremely numerous in the demonstrations, which is quite new in such social movements.

    These people who are more and more struggling to make ends meet are all the more exasperated as they suffer an increasing isolation from decision-making positions. Such feeling is also experienced within the Church in these areas — as subsidiarity is slowly vanishing in the whole territory, the parishes are growing larger geographically and pastors are less and less visible.

    The Crisis of Intermediary Bodies

    What makes the desperation so hard to overcome for many French people is the complete disappearance of the so-called intermediary bodies that stand between the state and the citizens, such as political institutions, companies, family, associations and churches.

    “Our social intermediary bodies are damaged; they no longer have anything to say, they are all alike, and they are often slaves to political correctness. When people who suffer don’t have any valid leader, and when they don’t have any other interlocutor, they lose their minds or rebel,” said Father Stéphane Drillon, a priest of the Diocese of Nice (French Riviera) known in France for his YouTube channel called Le Curé Enragé (“The Enraged Priest”) in which he regularly offers comments on the news.

    “The movement is a reaction to the loss of a valid interlocutor who would care for citizens’ well-being and destiny,” he added, pointing out that the national budget is totally unknown to most citizens, and even to most deputies, making them unaware of how the taxpayers’ money is being spent.

    In Father Drillon’s opinion, the Catholic Church would have a key role to play as an intermediary between the state and the people, as it did very significantly in the 14th and 20th centuries, except it has lost too much ground and doesn’t play its former role any more in France.

    A similar point of view was expressed by Bishop Ginoux, who called for a return of the social doctrine of the Church in his interview with the Register, as well as a greater commitment from the Catholic clergy and religious in the public life of the community. “We must enlighten the faithful, even at the expense of being accused of getting involved in politics,” he said.

    The Need of a Sense of Belonging

    In his 1882 lecture “What Is a Nation?” historian Ernest Renan defined the nation as “a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things, which are really one, constitute this soul and spiritual principle. One is in the past, the other the present. One is the possession in common of a rich trove of memories; the other is actual consent, the desire to live together, the will to continue to value the undivided, shared heritage ...”

    Precisely, one of the causes of the current crisis seems to lie on the loss of a consensus over what is making French people a nation, the loss of a desire to live together on the basis of a shared tradition. This is why the very notion of democracy is at stake in the movement that is also calling for the implementation of citizens’ initiative referendums.

    A notable element in the priests’ witnesses is a certain revival of popular religion in a very secular France. Father Dumont, while celebrating Christmas Mass with the protesters, heard them sing Il est né le Divin Enfant, a traditional French Christmas carol that many of them hadn’t heard since their childhood. “I felt I could bring them the great Christian hope,” he said.

    Bishop Ginoux, for his part, was asked to bless a Nativity that the Yellow Vests placed next to the Christmas tree in a cabin they built on a traffic circle (the exhibition of a Nativity in public spaces is in many cases forbidden in France). “Some of them asked me to pray. I also met a tall and sturdy protester wearing a medal of Padre Pio around his neck,” he said, suggesting that it could be a sign that the French Catholic Church might have neglected popular religion too much, while it has traditionally played a strong unifying role in a society.

    “People tell me: ‘We are family now, and we are not going to get separated.’ This surge of fraternity could also be an opportunity for the Church to revert to one of its traditional roles, a role it left to the trade unions a long time ago.”

    Register correspondent Solène Tadié writes from Rome.
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    Reaping the whirlwind many many years after the Enlightenment. Hope and pray
    for a true and holy Catholic rebirth, even though only at the remnant level.
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    I think the year 2023 could be the catalyst for the great events of the great tribulation, considering that it will mark the closing of the synod on synodality in Rome and the heretical synod of Germany (a possible schism would spread in some dioceses around the world) however still we have the specter of a nuclear war between Russia and NATO as early as 2022, which makes me think that the great punishment could precede the great apostasy in the Church, or perhaps prevent it.
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    *On Easter Sunday, April 13th of 2029 the asteroid Apophis (“Apophis” is the Egyptian God of destruction) will pass through an orbital “keyhole” which will determine whether or not it will impact earth 7 years later on Easter Sunday, April 13th 2036. It should be noted that Easter Sunday 2029 is a good candidate for the 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection.


    I was mildly surprised to find out today that he also represents the god of darkness in Egyptian mythology, which brings up a certain reminder of the prophecy about the 3 days of darkness.
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