Toward end, Solzhenitsyn embraced Putin's Russia and predicted America's overthrow by Communists

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    I sympathize with those hard-pressed by Putin, who disagree with his government or the government in Russia but....

    I understand the skepticism against those against him.

    The Czech president spoke up, he's probably a good guy.

    But Gary Kasparov, former chess champion says almost nothing agreeable for me. Russia also doesn't need to just become like another "Western" nation.

    Khodokorvsky is a very wealthy Russian dissident against Putin.

    I'm just saying I'm not so sure of the alternative.

    Back to Gary, I understand he fled from Aizerbaijan, it got pretty bad there after the fall of the Soviet Union.

    At tubitv is this excellent movie in my opinion, it's about fleeing Aizerbaijan and all of those problems between that country and Armenia. It's not a war's not to violent either overall. Maybe the main actress is a bit like an Anne Frank figure.


    From Two Worlds as a Keepsake (Yerku Ashkharic I Hishatak)
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    An Armenian movie. A lot of us in the West have heard overtime, how there have been "pogroms" in parts of Europe, I'm not sure if this is really about a pogrom but it's something like that.

    This movie doesn't really have good guys or bad guys.

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