To Jesus through Mary

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  1. Mario

    Mario Powers

    This clip as a whole is very good and holds promise in a number of ways. Because it involves Bishop Barron, it might be tempting to stop one's ears and move on. But...what is most beautiful is that Jordan Peterson's wife has gone through a health crisis, too. What has been a consolation for her in the midst of it all?

    Our Lady and the Rosary! Setting aside the rest for a moment, begin at the 38 minute mark:

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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  2. Ananchal

    Ananchal Vigilans

    Would love to know how Bishop Barron voted concerning the Eucharist
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  3. FatimaPilgrim

    FatimaPilgrim Powers

    Thanks for sharing that, it definitely just softened my heart towards Bishop Barron (I love him, just haven't like him because of how much damage he's done with the reasonable to believe hell is empty stuff--and of course no coincidences, today's Gospel is exactly about the wide road to hell and the narrow road to heaven). Anyway, Barron said he, like Jordan's wife, feels the physical aspect of the Rosary is important, just holding the beads is special to me as well and I appreciate the ritual of it as my mind so often wanders away from what I should be focused on at any moment. And that Barron taught that Mary will always lead you to Christ, yes she will :)
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