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    The big picture...you have a spiritual problem. You want to go to a priest. You go to your parish and you must speak to the secretary to get a appointment. The secretary is the screener. She gets back to you in a few days and sets up appointment a few days or a week later. Lack of compassion to the spiritually sick. By the time you get appointment you are spiritually dead.

    Some may be doing there job...but that might be the problem. Secretaries are keepers of the door and they don't understand the spiritual ramifications. Or the pride of being the keeper of the door is the problem.

    Priest and Sisters should be the keeper of the door not the parish secretary.

    My parish secretary is nice but something is lost when you have a problem and you are screened by a secretary.

    b a

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    I did not realize that it was Bayside at first as I did not follow it as it was condemned I believe. I did read this message and I believe that it is about the 3 days darkness, etc. And I have read AA1025... chilling as well.
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    What a great mission ,Carol. I have heard of peole being converted just form being given a rosary.
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  4. Joe Crozier

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    The time was 1.20am. The day, Thursday, August 6, The Feast of the Transfiguration, The eighth anniversary of Hiroshima, The year 1953. The place St Francis Maternity home Govan. The event, the birth of Joseph Gregory Crozier.

    They say that "Thursday's child has far to go." Well that was certainly true for Joe. His grandfather, also Joe Crozier, was the first Catholic ever to be made a foreman on the nearby docks.

    As was common in those days he would go to confession and communion once a year but the preparation for this was formidable. How far the Church has gone since then. Some say for the worse, others for the better and nowhere is this difference of opinion more obvious than on this forum.

    Old Joe's brother Jimmy was a shipwright on the New Zealand Shipping Line. After his trips to New Zealand/Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, he would visit his grand nephew and tell long tales and tall stories about the exotic destinations he had reached.

    I wonder if uncle Jimmy ever thought that I would follow his path to New Zealand and settle here. Far to go indeed.

    A veritable treasure trove of a parcel arrived yeaterday from America just in time for my birthday. The sender was a lady who has become a great friend, a consecrated widow who takes care of an 87 year old Chinese priest, Fr Wang, her Papita, and drives him around to service three parishes.

    The stories of these two, how far they have gone and what they have done, would fill many volumes. They would make my journey in life seem miniscule. Last week this Venerable and learned priest blessed me on Skype, me sitting at my clinic desk in Morrinsville, he at his office desk in Missoula. What a blessing indeed. How far we have come.

    I wonder at the heart and mind of The Creator who still leads that child from Transfiguration to Akita and I wonder at the remarkable times of transformation that lie ahead. This will be a short but hard labour, a difficult re-birth of the race.

    As St Paul says, the whole universe is groaning in one gigantic act of giving birth. But the Joy of Heaven will triumph in the end and will be seen on the face of God just as the joy is seen on the face of a mother when she receives her new born child in her arms for the first time.

    And yet how far we have to go! A time for action indeed.

    As I write I open my parcel. The first thing I do is read my letter. A hand wriiten letter is a rare thing these days. This one is five pages long. It explains the gifts and how they have been touched to first class relics of the True Cross and St Faustina. The letter speaks of intercession made for me to St Thomas Aquinas, St Margaret Mary, St John the Evsngelist, St Francis de Sales and St Anthony of Padua all with specific intentions for me. And then my beautiful birthday card with more beautiful and holy words and prayers for me.

    I see a booklet entitled Real Mercy by Jacques Philippe one of my friend's favourite spiritual mentors. On the fly cover is written a beautiful dedication to me. On top of the book is a miniature folding tryptic of the Doors of Mercy.

    Three more folding cards on which my friend has written the words of
    Matthew 11:28
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

    A prayer card and Novena booklet to The Holy Spirit with a written blessing and another booklet 31 Day Novena to St Joseph. This contains a Diamond Jubilee card showing Fr Wang being greeted by St John Paul II. A novena to Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament (Feast day May 13)

    Three blessed prayer cloths infused with holy oil. A prayer card and a second class relic of St Andre Bessette. A very special wooden St Benedicts rosary that I will use today as I do my first Saturday devotions. And finally three little bottles of blessed oil

    Oil of St Peregrine for cancer sufferers who visit my clinic.
    Oil of St Pio to "ward off Our Mothers adversary and his minions."
    Oil of St Joseph for all my aches and pains.

    What a great start to my birthday. Now I will phone my old mum in Scotland so she can wish me a Happy Birthday. I am going back to see her at Christmas.

    I hope everyone at MOG has a great day and that the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ finds reflection in our lives this weekend.

    Be kind to Pope Francis
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  5. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Happy Birthday Joe, I think your part of the world has spun round to the next day by now. Ah well. Better late than never old boy. Hope you had a super duper day. :D
  6. Joe Crozier

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    Thanks Julia and everyone for your good wishes. You're not late - I am early. XO
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    Happy birthday Joe
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  8. Joe Crozier

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    Thanks Marie-Lou
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  9. josephite

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    Thank you Joe for the above.

    I lived your excitment with you as you spoke of such beautiful birthday gifts.

    Happy Birthday!!!!
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    Happy birthday Joe :)
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    Cheers Josephite
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  12. Joe Crozier

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    thanks Praetorian
  13. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

  14. Joe Crozier

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    Live forever!
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    Blessings and many happy returns on your birthday, Joe.
  16. Joe Crozier

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    Thanks Brooklady
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    Happy Birthday. The short bio is lovely, as well.
    Enjoy your special day!
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    Happy Birthday Joe.
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    Thanks Elly. Its been cruisy
  20. Joe Crozier

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    I have had so many lovely wishes. Thanks for adding yours D
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