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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Border collie, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. We tend to do a lot of talking on here about how bad things are, and no doubt they are indeed. But how about we take some action as a group in reparation?
    There a quite a few members on here from Ireland and I'm sure there is something we can do.
    Climbing Croagh Patrick comes to mind but may not be feasible at this time of year. I attempted it one year in Nov but had to abandon the venture with high winds.
    Lough Derg is not open until next June.

    Any other ideas welcome.... we need to do something, the faith our ancestors died for is too much to lose!!
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    Try get a group to visit Eddie Stones. He still gets inner locutions and might have some advice.
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    What type of preparation do you advise, Crew Dog? And, vigilance - are you referring to the political mess, religion related or something else? I'm still trying to grasp all of this so please excuse my questions if they seem rather elementary. I am in the States so as much as I would like, I couldn't participate in a group endeavor in my beautiful Ireland.
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    I'm talking about survival preparation! If Ya live in/near a Big City, especially one with lots of racial strife and/or Religion of Peace types, I'm talking about a "Bug Out Plan" to Family/Friends elsewhere. I'm talking about Food, WATER and defending Kith-n-Kin! Like minded neighbors, friends and parishioners to survive with .... and stupid, dangerous and faithless people to avoid! Be aware what's going on around you and don't ignore "nudges" from your Guardian Angel when "things" really "Head South"!! ...... Trust GOD!!
    The below are current items of interest:
    “Billy Graham’s Warning to American Churches: ‘Prepare for Persecution”
    “Ted Koppel points to LDS Church’s preparedness in book ‘Lights Out”
    .... and Ted is an old liberal USA News Guy that seems to have seen the light!

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    hope to be there. I was there last year and it was excellent.
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    Was very sorry not to be there. I am unable to afford too much in the way of hotels etc and I'm way up in the north. Would be very good to hear a report from any who were there!

    Also Border Collie, hugely GLAD you started this thread! I want to comment more soon. Alas, the pressure of time … But will find time soon.
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    As I said, I'm hugely grateful for this thread and been meaning to say more.

    Now, over on the Catholic Voice Limerick conference thread, Garabandal said something that seems most relevant here ...

    I pray the time has come for it come out in the open, be NON-hidden. I lived in France for awhile and even though the Church is virtually dead there compared to Ireland, the few remaining Catholics in the country are very visible.

    Major marches with thousands against gay 'marriage' etc. With banners saying things like 'France is a Christian country and must remain so'.

    That seems far less likely in Ireland, even though far, far more Irish are practicing.

    I think it is time to do something - otherwise Ireland in a generation or so will be like France.

    So thanks Border Collie for starting this!

    What do others think?
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    Yes we must be "Out-There" and not be silent ... but without being a nuisance ... I don't like Door-to-Door or handing out Pamphlets ... do small things ... work in God and your belief in Him in every day conversation with neighbors, friends and the guy in Wal-Mart.
    I think St Francis was the one who said something like .. "Preach always and if you have to say something". My "Keep Christ in Christmas" magnet thingy has been stuck on the back of my old truck since last Christmas. I buy enough Madonna Christmas stamps to use all year. When someone wishes me "Happy Holidays" I reply, a little too loudly "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! Small things add up to BIG THINGS ..... I'll bet that Saint Somebody or Other said that!?:LOL:


    PS: Time to get to the Post Office for those Stamps!!
    "Mysterious Signs Appear — and They Have a Pointed Message About Saying ‘Merry Christmas"
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    Speaking of practicing Catholics, I surmise that the present generation that is dying out and we, their children that practice are like the last generation who will, as many of our own children are not keeping the faith. Soon the balance will fall of those who offer enough prayers and sacrifices, and with the Year of Mercy from now to almost 2017, our Bishops urging us to Confession even!, then the 100th Anniversary of Fatima, the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, and likely then we'll have the Warning and within a year, the Miracle and the Rescue. I find it difficult to come right out and tell people whats going on but I hedge the subject and try and get them to ask me questions. Or I post things on facebook or forward a Mark Mallet email. And pray!
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    We are out of time Sparrow.


    This guy is tracking the "Ball of Redemption" (Our Lady of the Roses)

    The Vatican told her in a matter of words to seek professional help and proceeded to design, create and launch the IRAS satellite a 4 Billion Dollar venture. The IRAS satellite is designed to look for solar changes or comets, anything that is hot. Our sun (Sol) has a collapsed twin binary star or brown dwarf star that is on the other side of our sun, it is a failed star but still very hot and difficult to track.
    Taken in isolation it means nothing of import be taken in light of everything else that's going on, it's worth noticing.
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  13. sparrow

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    Looking into it...
  14. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Pat, what is this 'Our Lady of the Roses.' And who is the 'her' you refer to "seeking professional help." Sorry, the post is confusing to little old Julia. :)
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  15. sparrow

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    Julia, I'm just reading this about 'Veronica' and this ball of redemption. Don't read it if you're easily alarmed! I haven't finished it yet but wanted to post the page - http://www.roses.org/messages/domcomet.htm
    I don't know yet if Veronica and her messages are in good standing with the Church. pat kane, do you know if she is an 'approved' apparitionist?
  16. a wee one

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    "Veronica" sounds like Veronica Leuken with Our Lady of the Roses with alleged apparitions declared false by the Catholic Church. You can find the original official statement from the Bishop of Brooklyn, NY, USA dated November 4, 1986 here:
    http://miraclehunter.com/marian_apparitions/statements/index.html There is also an updated confirmation made the current bishop in 1914.
  17. Mac

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    Its BAYSIDE. Full of heresy and failed prophecy. The ball of redemption was meant to arrive last century.
  18. pat kane

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    Sorry for the delay in replying, I didn't expect anyone to comment to be honest. No I don't think she is approved by the church, but considering the agents of satan have entered the church, I would expect anything genuine to be hampered or subdued if it genuinely comes from heaven. Read AA-1025: Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration into the Church by Marie Carre. Also called Memoirs of an anti apostle.
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    Sorry Sparrow, her is Veronica Leuken and she was indeed at Bayside. I'm not attempting to verify her claims as Church approved but her description of interstellar planets, comets entering our solar system is surprisingly accurate. For the doubting Thomas's check this guy. He is a christian though not catholic, he seems level headed, calm and trusting in Our Lord Jesus.

    God bless you all...

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