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    Ridiculous.Disney is also hard at work eliminating 'offensive' scenes, and making major changes to storylines on some of their major park attractions. These are iconic rides that have been around for decades.
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    Bombs are falling on Syria again, the kids are still in the cages, the $2,000 checks are AWOL. But hey, at least Orange Man Bad no longer being offensive on Twitter!

    To which came this reply:

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  4. upload_2021-3-4_15-18-39.jpeg
    I just couldn’t resist.
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    Goats, and ducks, and one horse ponies...oh my.
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    Here is a stand-up comedy routine by a guy in his 50's, where he is flat-out calling 20-year-olds the stupidest people on earth. It's about half an hour, and it is a hoot!

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