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    Company of Jesus:

    One cold winter's day in Bethlehem, just after he had been born, Jesus is lying asleep in the manger. Awaking from his nap, he opens his eyes, sees the ox and the ass standing beside him, and thinks to himself, "So this is the Company of Jesus!"


    When their ship sank a Benedictine, a Dominican, a Franciscan, and a Jesuit were crowded into a small lifeboat. It had a small leak and was in ever greater danger of sinking. Unfortunately, the boat was also surrounded by sharks.

    So the Dominican, confident in the preaching prowess of his order, stood on the prow and begin to preach to the sharks about Christian charity and the virtues of vegetarianism; but his sermon was cut short by a leaping shark who consumed him in one gulp.

    Then the Benedictine stood on the prow and began to charm the sharks with a stupendous rendition of the Exsultet, but just when he got to the part about the mother bee (mater apis) another shark dispatched him with a single gulp.

    Shortly thereafter the Franciscan, climbing onto the prow, began to pray, "Blessed are you, Lord my God, for brother shark,..." when one of the sister sharks cut him off in mid-benediction.

    Soon the lifeboat sank, leaving the Jesuit in the water with the sharks. But instead of eating him, several sharks towed him to shore and cast him up on the dry land. Stunned, he turned to ask them why they had not devoured him. They replied, "Professional courtesy!"

    The Ultimate Blog of Jesuit Humor: The Jesuit Sense of Humor
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    The Mosquitoes will be performing at Biden's "inauguration" -- this song.

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    I wonder what Harris will think of that song.
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    When "president elect" Biden becomes inaugurated, we should call him president inaugurate Biden.
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    Nice to see cats and dogs living together in the midst of this mass hysteria. ;)
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    Fun Songs for boys.

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    Somehow I missed this. Only just saw it. Great!!!!
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    The Lord meets the criteria to be Irish. He lived at home til He was 30. He hang around with the same bunch of guys. He believed His mother was a virgin and she believed He was God
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    Mask up everybody. :ROFLMAO:

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