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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by Border collie, Jul 7, 2016.

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    Today is the Feast of St. Isadore the Farmer.

    True story:

    Our homeschooling families held an All Saints party every fall, and all the children dressed as saints.

    One year my teenage youngest son took the door off a closet and carried it into the party.

    As they asked each child who they were dressed as, he had a Cheshire grin.

    When it came to his turn, of course, he exclaimed,

    “St. IsaDoor!”
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    Drive by Blessing, many parished.

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    I thought this was just a joke, until I saw evidence of other priests using water guns. :(
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    I've again reconnected via social media with BFF (deleted my original FB in 2018 for never liking FB, and also its scandals).

    Decided to get back on FB only for her.

    Bobbi has two grown sons and five grandbabies by 1st husband, and a cat with 2nd (childless) husband.

    I have a cat.

    Guess what we're mostly talking about? Cats ... and food. :ROFLMAO: It's like 1979 again!

    Full circle. ;)
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    You need to join the FB page, "Cat enthusiasts group (because we are not CRAZY cat people)
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    Wow. Good one.
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    Okay, maybe not funny but I've been telling my family I'm just going to start wearing a burqa to Costco. Anonymity is sounding better all the time.

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    Went into local Catholic gift & supply store today.

    It's called "The Marian Shop," and for years on passing by (as a Protestant), I thought "Marian" was the owner's name. So I felt rather foolish (in 2018, after 26 years!) of discovering Marian refers to MARY.

    Anyway: The lady owner speaks just enough English and I just enough Spanish, that we manage rather smooth transactions.

    Today I asked to buy Holy Water.

    She looked a bit confused and said, "I don't sell Holy Water."

    I replied, "Water from Lourdes" (while thinking isn't that holy water?).

    But on reconsidering, I get why it confused her. :LOL:

    It's for my elderly cat.
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