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  1. There are a lot of serious topics on the site recently so perhaps a laugh could do us all good.

    Have any of you ever been in a situation which was very solemn and or serious to another person but all you could do was giggle uncontrollably and the more you tried to stop, the worst you were!

    On one of my trips to Lough Derg, there was a well rounded and very well wrapped up man doing the rounds on the bed beside me, it had rained heavily a short time previously and he was walking on a (known to me) particularly slippy spot. All of a sudden his two legs shot up in the air and he came down with a thump and a groan on the grass, he wasn't hurt only his ego seemed bruised. Of course the 40 approx people around or near him rushed to his aid... and then there was me... bent low in case anyone would see me.. laughing my socks off! (ok I wasn't wearing any!) I genuinely felt sorry for him but having seen the scenario unfold and played over numerous times in my mind, I thought I would have to leave my spot to compose myself.. the thoughts of it came to mind at mass later and there I was again, grinning up at the priest talking about our salvation.. he probably thought I was possessed....
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  2. sterph

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    I do that all the time. No one can hurt their toes or fall around me without me laughing hysterically. Oh even if I hit my toes or fall I laugh just the same. It is so bad in church when the kneeler lands on someone's feet. I am laughing now just thinking about it. Lord help me.
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  3. little me

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    Last time my husband hurt himself falling out of bed I wet my pants laughing!! Ahhhh....that was great.
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  4. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    So true Border collie. Just reading your post made me laugh. :D Believing it is wrong to laugh makes it even worse, :LOL: and the giggles get worse. :ROFLMAO:
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  5. Yes Julia, and very often you will catch another's eye who has the same "problem" as yourself, and then the fun continues!
  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Even your doggie on your posts seems to be laughing, since you mention it. :ROFLMAO:
  7. josephite

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    I remember my Nan as a very holy and devout lady, she was a daily communicant and it was at Nans were I learnt to say the rosary. I was very close to nan all through my childhood and into my twenties [until her death may she Rip] and she would tell me of wonderful things of her past or of the faith or ancesters and this was interesting and informative and so great.

    However, I noticed that when she spoke to me about her grave concerns regarding someone or thing and she would get very serious, I found that at times I would start laughing and would be desperately trying to stifle the laugh, I thought there was something wrong with me and hoped Nana never saw me doing this.

    One day, I think I was in my late teens, nan started telling me something that was very serious in her eyes and a grave concern and I could feel the laughter coming as she spoke of this poor person/event/or thing she was worried about, when the laughter started I remember nan looking at me and I was saying... 'I'm so sorry nan, I don't know why I'm laughing'......, then as she was looking at me she started laughing too, and we had a good old belly laugh together!

    I was so relieved when nan laughed with me and realised that there probably wasn't anything wrong with me [hopefully], because of this laughing affliction that occasionally occured when hearing something serious.

    I was never laughing at the serious problem, I think I was laughing at how grave nan became.
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  9. Sorrowful Heart

    Sorrowful Heart Principalities

    thought it was funny till it was inappropriate
  10. Sorrowful Heart

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    here is a clean one

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  12. djmoforegon

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    Love it!
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  13. padraig

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    The 98 year old Mother Superior from Ireland was dying. The nuns gathered around her bed trying to make her last journey comfortable. They gave her some warm milk to drink but she refused. Then one of the nuns took the glass back to the kitchen. Remembering a bottle of Irish whiskey received as a gift the previous Christmas, she opened and poured a generous amount into the warm milk. Back at Mother Superior's bed, she held the glass to her lips. Mother drank a little, then a little more and before they knew it, she had drunk the whole glass down to the last drop. "Mother," the nuns asked with earnest, "please give us some wisdom before you die."

    She raised herself up in bed and with a pious look on her face said, "Don't sell that cow.

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  14. BrianK

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    Our local Presbyterian church once had a billboard that read,

    "For God so loved the world that He didn't send a committee."
  15. Sorrowful Heart

    Sorrowful Heart Principalities

    I laugh every time I see this
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    not that I believe in the rapture, but I think its kinda funny...
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