Thoughts about the coming Cyber Plandemic

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by RosaryWielder, Jan 12, 2021.

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    I thought we should talk about the possibility of a coming Cyber Plandemic that has been hinted at by Klaus Schwab and other members of the WEF in the videos above and below:

    Another possible new crisis that may be coming, is something Steve Cunningham said about the possibility of an EMP attack:

    At 14:55 in this video.

    And 17:57 in this video.

    As Steve Cunningham pointed out, there are many advantages for the elites for using an EMP attack. One advantage that I can think of, is that people in the resistance movement have talked about using old technology to evade the Great Reset, such as dumb phones and amateur radios; (I myself plan on buying both of those) an EMP attack would destroy most of that old technology, and then the powers-that-should-not-be would swoop and hand out all the new technology complete with retina scan and the like.

    Of course only God, and the powers-that-should-not-be know for sure what's coming next. One possible scenario that I have though of, is that maybe the powers-that-should-not-be would allow us to have Novovax, Medicago, (assuming, Lord willing, they don't test it on aborted fetal cell lines) and other non-mRNA and non-abortion-tainted vaccines, and slowly end the plandemic, maintaining the damaged that they've managed to do; they'll make it look as though all of us have cried wolf and they were right all along, and that vaccines have saved humanity. Then, just as the narrative of what's happened has sunk into the collective memory of the populous, bam! Cyber-Covid, or an EMP attack hits!

    But we cannot know for sure.
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    Just so you know: any transistorized amateur radio will not survive an EMP unless it is stored inside a Faraday shield.
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    Yes, I am looking into purchasing protective material. I have a long list of things to purchase for whatever is coming next.
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    Things are happening at break neck speed!
    Lord have Mercy!

    I believe we are called to listen to the Holy Spirits inspirations and by doing this I find I am lead to St Joseph! how fitting is this, the Heavenly spouse of the Most Blessed Virgin is empowering the earthly spouse of the Blessed Virgin!

    I believe a great outpouring of Gods strength and counsel will be given through St Joseph!

    We must place our trust in the sorrows and the sufferings of Our Lord Jesus and in Our Lady's sorrows and sufferings and St Joseph leads us in this supreme surrender!

    At this moment in time, Jesus has been lost by the Church and the world: the third sorrow of Mary and the seventh sorrow of St Joseph.

    St Joseph's time has arrived, he is the Holy Spirits secret weapon and his mighty power with God will be revealed in silent strength, available to all, who call on him, as He leads us to where Jesus is.

    St Joseph Pray for us.
    Please say an extra pray each day to St Joseph; who is God's powerful saint, chosen to assist the Immaculate One in these last days.

    These are my thoughts
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    Great thoughts, Josephite. Thank you. I have begun my favorite St Joseph prayer again recently.
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