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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by BrianK, Oct 15, 2016.

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    alternatively you can click the button upload a file (next to post reply) and follow the on screen instructions ;)
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    Just watched this. I loved it! Thanks for posting. I watched a few more of his videos. Remarkable young man.
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    I bought a package of small cotton wicks.
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    He is remarkable, although he might benefit from a course in plastering. I was most impressed by the hydroelectric set-up. It takes such a small amount of water to generate electricity, I'm wondering whether it would be possible to have a similar set-up if there were no running water on the land. Maybe have a water tank to collect rain water and find some way of recycling it to maintain pressure.

    Maybe it's the videos I watch but I notice that none of the people going the off grid route are poor. Despite what the young man said about having no money, nobody living from payday to payday could afford to do what he did.

    His house is modest. Some of the American off grid houses are like palaces in comparison. There's a video of a community living in New Mexico. Their houses are made of beer cans and tyres. Nothing modest about those houses. The residents seem to be fairly wealthy people from big cities. They're called earth ship houses. The houses are very fancy but if there were a housefire, there would be a terrible stench and fumes from the burning tyres. (To be honest, I think flying saucers would be a more suitable name because some of the residents seem to be wired to the moon).
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    Wired to the moon! I like that. Yes we have our share of strange :rolleyes: folks. But this young man seems pretty grounded. I got the sense he worked hard to save some money and the bought his land. His "cob house" is mostly sourced from the wood on his property. I think he said the house cost 5000 pounds. He must have an engineering background to know how to set up hydroelectric and solar power. I was impressed. Their gardens and chickens and sheep are wonderful. Good for him and his wife/friend? Dot.
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    Yes, he must have some kind of engineering background. He had been living in London. He got some help from volunteers who had been following him on YouTube. He said that he's hoping to set up some kind of business using the experience he has gained. I think that some youtubers make a tidy sum from their videos. I think that Dr. John Campbell makes in the region of £200k p.a. from his videos about covid. Brian should try his hand at some DIY videos.

    The earth ship people were strange. But there are plenty of normal Americans choosing off grid options, and they are very generous sharing their knowledge and experience. One retired Canadian couple had a beautiful house. They brought in professionals to build the house and had lots of solar panels with back up generators. It cost them about $10,000 for a well.
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    A good site for many essential bulk food purchases:

    I just placed an order and now I feel much better about my own level of long term food storage.
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