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    Catholic priest who blasted Democrats, lockdowns asked to resign: 'They want my head on a platter'
    'I apparently have created enemies in the hierarchy'

    Father James Altman, a Catholic priest who has rejected various lockdown measures since the COVID-19 pandemic exploded in 2020, has been asked to resign as pastor of St. James Catholic Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin. (Image: YouTube, Alph News, “You ... more >
    By Douglas Ernst - The Washington Times - Monday, May 24, 2021
    Father James Altman of St. James Catholic Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin, has been asked to resign as pastor due to his anti-lockdown rhetoric and criticism of the Democratic Party.

    The priest whose popularity exploded in 2020 with a viral YouTube video titled “You cannot be Catholic & a Democrat. Period” says powerful people want him out of the picture.

    “I regret to inform you, they want my head on a platter,” the priest said during a Sunday homily. “They want my head now for speaking the truth. I, apparently, have created enemies in the hierarchy, but to paraphrase the great, great Cardinal Burke: ‘When I die, I will stand in judgment before the Lord. Not any Bishop of the Church.”

    The news, first reported by the La Crosse Tribune, resulted in a legal defense fund for Father Altman as he prepares to challenge Bishop William Callahan’s request.

    “Fr. Altman has been subject to diabolical persecution just for doing his job as a shepherd to his flock,” the fund’s creators wrote Sunday. “We, his flock, must rise to the occasion to support him as he has supported us all these months. Father Altman has shown courage and strength in his commitment to giving us the Truth. In a culture that celebrates deception and sin, Father Altman has been a shining light to tens of thousands of faithful Catholics worldwide.”

    Nearly $100,000 has already been raised for the allegedly “ineffective” priest.

    “Our parish at St. James is flourishing,” the priest said in response to the “ineffective” claim. “We’ve had 42 families and 103 people join our parish in the last 16 months, and our average baptisms in each of the last four years has been double the average of what they were over the three years previous to my arrival. … Thank you La Crosse Tribune, because your negative press actually made all of this possible. … What really is at play here, dear family, is that other shepherds are offended because I simply state the fact that they abandoned their sheep in a time of need. … They put your eternal souls at risk [by denying the Sacraments with lockdown measures].”

    La Crosse Tribune did not receive a response from the Diocese when asked for a comment about its story.

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  2. padraig

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    Obedience is always the great test of the saints.

    I am not convinced that the good Father was not straying too far and becoming too political myself...his Bishop may well have been right.

    In either case he is the Bishop, the saints would simply and quietly obey.
    As Padre Pio did. Right or wrong

    Is the Father doing this? Is he quietly being obedient, right or wrong?
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  3. Beth B

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    Feed my sheep!
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  4. Mary Crowder

    Mary Crowder Archangels

    Padraig, Father Is a good and holy priest in my opinion. When is the church going to speak up for the millions of slaughtered babies? He did! Yes, it was at times in reference to Joe Biden, a so called Catholic who holds extreme positions on abortion and transsexual rights. If priests are not allowed to speak on these issues, when are they? It is confusing because Biden claims to be a good Catholic. The faithful would, and are confused about the fact you can still receive communion even though you make laws killing the unborn and indoctrinating young children in our schools with transsexual and homosexual special rights. But still be thought as a good Catholic like Biden. God knows our hearts, and I would speak as he did. And stand for the truth in regards to our Catholic faith and receiving the Blessed Sacrament with an obvious unclean heart. It is a scandal to faithful. Many saints went to their death to protect the Blessed Sacrament, I would hope if called I would too.
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  5. padraig

    padraig New Member

    It's possible to be right and still be wrong.

    I also feel there can be grave dangers in sudden great fame. It's always better to be hidden and unknown.

    Padre Pio was always right because in first place he himself was right and in the second he was always obedient even when those in authority were wrong.

    Also since he was always nailed to the Cross , humility was never a problem.

    I am not sure all this things fit this present case.

    Like I say, you can be right and still be wrong.

    Obedience is the big clincher. Martin Luther was right in a lot of things he said too.
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  6. Mary Crowder

    Mary Crowder Archangels

    Padraig, I agree with that statement however, When listening to Father Altman, His bishop told him he can’t talk about abortion because is was offensive to some parishioners. Are we no longer allowed to talk about God’s truth? What about what the Blessed Mother said in prophecy, bishops and priests won’t talk when they should. If my pastor told me never to talk about abortion and the truth about baby murder, or he would throw me out. I would speak if a person was contemplating abortion and telling me about it, I would speak up, if it meant someone would not kill their child because I spoke. I believe no bishop or priest cannot make us not defend the faith or morals of the church. This is the very foundation of our faith. I know many Catholics people that now believe the church accepts homosexuality and abortion. It’s very heartbreaking.
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  7. Mary Crowder

    Mary Crowder Archangels

    Padraig, I agree wholeheartedly with what you say. Obedient is key for priests. I guess we have to accept, which is very hard, the church is siding with the communist and baby killers. This is very hard for me at this time because my daughter is expecting twins any day. I have seen so many sonograms of them in the womb. And I will have to be a peace with what the church is doing.
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  8. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I don't know the in's and outs of it all.

    But if my Bishop was to tell me to close down this site tomorrow I would do it in a heart beat. I would think he was wrong to do so , but as my Bishop I would do so in obedience.

    Obedience to proper hierarchical authority is always the correct Catholic spiritual response.

    ..and although I don't know the in's and out's I would doubt very,very much the Father is being closed down solely because he is opposing abortion. I doubt this very,very much indeed.

    The Father himself said and repeated on numerous occasions that his Bishop is very good. Good Bishops don't support abortion. I doubt very much if it were that simple.

    In either case it comes back to obedience.
  9. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

  10. Mary Crowder

    Mary Crowder Archangels

    Padraig, my pastor says it’s wrong to talk against what the pope is doing in our church. Because it can cause division with the faithful. I have to go to confession sometimes, because it is very hard to watch and be quiet. Are we allowed to talk about what Pope Francis is doing to our beautiful church? I am sincerely asking your opinion about this, because I see that you speak out about Pope Francis many times, And I agree with almost all that you say. I try very hard to stay quiet to obey my pastor.
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  11. Mary Crowder

    Mary Crowder Archangels

    Bishop against Bishop, Cardinal against Cardinal. That’s Akita prophecy I think.
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  12. padraig

    padraig New Member

    In the Spiritual life we are rather like a train. Obedience being the rails on which the train runs. When a train leaves the tracks it simply crashes and burns.

    Truth is part of the furnace which fires the train and Holy Obedience the tracks on which the train runs.

    I very much agree with Bishop Strickland on the need for truth telling and I do admire the Fathers desire to speak the Truth.

    But we come back to the tracks on which all Catholic hearts run. That track is obedience.

    This is the teaching of the saints.

    This is the teaching of the Fathers of the Church.

    This is the teachings of the Popes.

    This is the unerring teaching of Scripture and the Tradition of our Holy Mother the Church.

    Obedience. Always, always, always Holy obedience.

    If obedience were always easy, even Satan himself might have followed it.

    Philippians 2:8

    And being found in the fashion of a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient unto death—even the death of the cross.
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  13. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    The Bishop has asked him to resign. So it is beyond obeying the Bishop now. He is gone, smoked out, thrown out, bye - bye father find another job.

    Fr Altman should have shut his mouth when warned before by his Bishop -- and preached nice little pithy little sermons like most other priests. He should have just gone through the motions and lived a nice little quiet life of prayerful reflection. There was really no point in him rocking a boat that is already sinking. Put up and shut up is the order of the day unless you preach from the pulpit of nice. Even heresy and perversion is acceptable in the modernist shipwreck - no one dares sanction a certain homo-heretical Fr Martin for building a bridge to the perverts. Nor will they sanction the German priests and bishops who bless perverted unions.

    Yes, Fr Altman should have shut his mouth when ordered to do so by the Bishop no doubts about it. Obedience is the order of the day for a priest. But we are all human and we all make mistakes. Fr Altman's mistake has cost him his parish.
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  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Perhaps Martin Luther might have said much the same thing. I was uneasy about the Father for quite some time, his path is very similiar to that which Fr Corapi took.
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  15. Indy

    Indy Praying

    True what Strickland says, let us pray for Fr Altman.
  16. padraig

    padraig New Member

    This will be my last post on the subject.

    When a train goes off the rails, who knows where it will end up?

    The Father has just gone off the rails. Observe where his train goes from here.

    Then reflect on whether or not staying on the rails is a good thing or a bad thing.

    (I would also be very,very careful of people like Taylor Marshall who is supplying aid and support on this)

    That's me finished on this subject.
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  17. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Contrary to what you said earlier Padraig there are no redeeming features in Martin Luther.

    Fr Altman made a serious mistake but he still has my sympathy.

    Hope he learns from this.

    I will pray for him.

    I don't believe he is a wicked man. Just a human who made a mistake and paid dearly.
  18. Mary Crowder

    Mary Crowder Archangels

    Padraig, what happens when Bishop is against Bishop and Cardinal against cardinal. Where are we then? What is the foundation then. If my church teaches abortion and homosexually is ok, am I to obey? At what point do we no longer obey. I think we need to answer these questions here. Because that is what is coming, otherwise why did pope Benedict say that we would become a smaller church but more holy? If the bishops, priests, cardinals, popes are no longer teaching the truths of the faith, where do we go? I really want to understand this, because obedience to false church teachings has to be questioned. I pray to God I will never have to face this, but I no longer think this is possible. Look at all the alter boys that were told not to speak out against offending molesters in our church. At what point do we disobey? Please, I really want to know and understand.
  19. Jo M

    Jo M Powers

    It is a terrible situation. I feel bad for him, but I was taken aback when I read that he was going to challenge his bishop. You are right Padraig, obedience is a great test.
  20. sparrow

    sparrow Exitus ~ Reditus

    Are priests now to allow the Church to keep going the way of disobedience (eg: not teaching the truth of matters) just because their Bishops don't want the truth to divide the parishioners or make some uncomfortable? THAT is what is WRONG with the Church! Jesus said "Think ye, that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, no; but separation." I totally understand about obedience, but it is confusing right now as we all know the truth in what Fr Altman is saying and he has increased families supporting the parish and donations are way up but his Bishop says he has been "ineffective"?? THAT is a lie. Divisive, yes, but for all the right reasons! What a crazy state of affairs! And I do suppose it is about to get substantially worse...

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