The Witching Hour

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    The Hour of Mercy vs the Hour of Darkness

    Posted: 20 Aug 2020 07:26 PM PDT

    Jesus' Hour of Mercy versus Satan's Hour of Darkness

    An interesting discussion has just recently been sparked in the comment section of one of the articles here on this website concerning the significance of what is often referred to as the 3:00 a.m "Witching Hour" or "Devils Hour."

    Since Jesus died at 3pm, the Church celebrates 3pm as the Hour of Mercy, where for the sake of His sorrowful Passion, we call upon God during this specific Hour to have mercy upon us and upon the whole world.

    On the opposing side, for his part the devil therefore seeks to mock and "one-up" Jesus and His Hour of Mercy by doing the exact opposite "hour of evil" at 3am, which is even more suitable for the demonic in that the time beginning around 3 the darkest part of the night, since the moon is setting or has already set at that time, and its usually darkest right up until dawn. Due to his excessive pride and avarice, Lucifer often seeks to ape and mock God, and this "Hour of darkness" opposite the Hour of Mercy maliciously suits him and his minions very well unfortunately.

    The "Witching Hour"
    Since 3 a.m. is the exact opposite time of 3 p.m and the Hour of Mercy, we often hear of 3 a.m. being referred to as the "witching hour", as it is well known how Satanist's often perform their black masses at 3 a.m., and also traditionally we read of "witches" who are said to perform their witchcraft such as conjuring up spells during this 3 to 4 a.m. time-frame. Occultists of all types traditionally also celebrate their ceremonies during this period, for it is believed that the forces of darkness reach their peak activity at this time.

    For its part, Wikipedia makes the following observations concerning the "Witching Hour":
    "In folklore, the witching hour or devil's hour is a time of night associated with supernatural events. Witches, demons and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful. Black magic is thought to be most effective at this time. In the Western Christian tradition, the hour between 3 and 4 a.m. was considered a period of peak supernatural activity, due to the absence of prayers in the canonical hours during this period."

    For we see how Light and darkness is often used in the Scriptures to symbolize Good vs Evil. God Himself is often symbolized by Light, whereas the devil and his demons are symbolized by Darkness. Paradoxically, Lucifer himself while in heaven was given the title "Light Bearer"--a title which he of course completely lost when he uttered his blasphemous "Non serviam" against God (I will not serve).

    We often see in the lives of many Mystics like St Padre Pio, St John Vianney, St Gemma, and Sr. Josefa Menedez for example how the malignant spirits sought to harangue and terrorize these holy souls, most particularly in the depths of the night when everyone else was sleeping. One can surmise in all this that its likely the demonic gains an increased level of power or boldness during the increasing darkness of the night, however they never have the power to overcome souls by their own doings--they only have the power to tempt or harass.

    For example we have St Padre Pio writing to a priest confidant:

    “These devils don’t stop striking me, even making me fall down from the bed. They even tear off my night shirt to beat me! But now they do not frighten me anymore. Jesus loves me, He often lifts me and places me back on the bed.”
    or in the writings of St Gemma we read:
    That contemptible beast dragged me from my bed and threw me, hitting my head against the floor with such force that it pains me still. I became senseless and remained lying there until I came to myself a long time afterwards. Jesus be thanked!"

    Another time Gemma writes:
    "Today I thought I was to be entirely free from that nauseous animal, and instead he has knocked me about greatly. I had gone to bed with the full intention of sleeping, but it turned out otherwise. He began to beat me with such blows that I feared I would die. He was in the shape of a big black dog, and he put his "paws" on my shoulders, hurting me greatly. I felt it so much in all my bones that I thought that they were broken. Also, when I was taking holy water he wrenched my arm so violently that I fell to the floor from the pain. The bone was dislocated, but went back into place because Jesus touched it for me, and all was remedied".


    A "Time of Mercy"
    Similarly in relation to the Hour of Mercy, many Christians (including this writer) believe that the world is currently living in a Time of Mercy, which began around the year 1945 and extending to this present time. However many believe that very grave storm clouds are building due to humanities ever increasing rejection of God and His commandments, and the increasing propensity of sin and grave evils willingly and often knowingly committed by us, God's children, and because of this the period of relative peace for the world given through this Time of Mercy may very soon be coming to an end.

    For those who have eyes to see can surely see that the storm clouds are building, and darkness is slowly covering the land.

    The "Power of darkness" is nothing in comparison to the Power of God.
    And speaking of darkness, we can note how Jesus was captured at night in the darkness of the garden, then interrogated and tortured well into the early hours of the morning.
    "When I was with you day after day in the temple, you did not lay hands on me. But this is your hour, and the power of darkness.” (Luke 22:53)

    Of course darkness and evil of that Holy Thursday night did not win out over Jesus, as His Resurrection on Easter morning so wonderfully proves, nor does the devils machinations at 3am or any other time win over us, so long as we remain steadfast in faith, hope and love. In the current discussion of these matters in the comment section here on this website, one person brought forth the consoling reflection of how Holy Mass is constantly being celebrated at every moment somewhere in the world, wherein Jesus present in the Eucharist upon the altar re-presents Himself to the Father in reparation for our sins. He is the Light of the world, “And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness cannot overcome it!” (John 1:5)
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    Interesting that earlier today I watched a video on the conversion story of former satanist Zachary King (not for the faint-hearted!).

    He mentioned the witching hour being 12pm and the devil's hour as 3am --

    It is also mentioned in this video that Zachary King has become almost completely blind and needs a guide and a stick.
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    In another video on signs Zachary King explained that the Hail satan finger sign gives glory to the evil one.
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    It's very,very Ancient, you even saw it in Ancient Rome, it was called the Sign of the Horns.

    'Bram Stoker mentioned it in his novel Dracula, published in 1897. In the first chapter, protagonist Jonathan Harker notes the following in his journal while in Eastern Europe's Carpathian Mountains:

    "When we started, the crowd round the inn door, which had by this time swelled to a considerable size, all made the sign of the cross and pointed two fingers towards me. With some difficulty I got a fellow-passenger to tell me what they meant; he would not answer at first, but on learning that I was English, he explained that it was a charm or guard against the evil eye."

    This superstitious belief is especially common in Italy, but it is also shared in other countries.

    In southern Italy, it can also be directed at a man whose wife is thought to be unfaithful, so it should be exercised with great care.'
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    Then again, you could just be showing your support for the Texas Aggies sports team.
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    Fr James Martin doesn't seem like a sports type priest. More like ballet , where's my Toto?

    I wouldn't have thought of him as your typical Texan.

    More Fairyeasque

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    As Comedian Bill Engvall used to say "Here's Your Sign". I know it is a popular sign for people to use however, a priest doing this, no!
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  8. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    In the last video I saw of this poor man, along with blindness, his wife had deserted him and he was searching for a kidney donor. May God have mercy on him, and bring him to salvation.

    Whatever bad he had got into in the past, I do believe he was truly converted and God will save him. God have mercy on poor Zachary King.
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    Or U of T. "Hook 'em horns!"
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    He is working out his penance I guess. God bless him. 3 AM is the hour so many of us wake up. I usually pray a DM chaplet entrusting it to my Guardian Angel for the soul who needs it. Hmmmm.
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    I am sorry to hear of his troubles. He is in the refiners fire it would seem. St Bartolo Longo please pray for Zachary King.
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    This picture is disturbing. The look on his face is troubling with those gestures.
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    I prefer to avoid dwelling on dark/negative.

    It's my experience that dwelling on it much (even if to point out the wrong/bad/undesirable) empowers that, and it wants to start taking root.

    Frankly I'm 99% "he/they don't exist" in my everyday mind. :)
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