The Warning Second Coming

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by padraig, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Alvin Tan

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    So, peace! :)
  2. padraig

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    Of course you are free to post about such matters, Alvin. It would be a boring old world if we all agreed on everything. But on this issue of the 'Second Coming', massages you must prepare to be challenged as we on this forum after a process of long discernment have established they are in fact false and not from God. In time I believe that Church herself will rule them false too.

    All that glitters is not gold and the serpent, Satan is subtle and cunning. He can in fact appear as scripture tells us as an angel of light.

    A good tree will bring forth nothing but good fruit, a bad tree only that which is bad.
  3. Bella

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    Hello all, I joined here a short while back, to try and help me discern the WSC messages. I have followed them v closely, with an open mind and heart, because I have a number of friends who are very into them. They have even gone on a mission around European cities, dispensing the literature and leaflets about what to do after the warning.

    I have found it difficult trying to keep a level head and an open heart with all of this, as it has cost me some dear friendships ( temporararily, I hope). However, particularly with the messages of the last 2/3 weeks, I think I have come to the firm conclusion that they are false.

    My concern now is for the numbers of people who are being misled and filled with fear. We need an authoritative voice to explain to good people that they are being deceived.

  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Yes, Bella , I wish the Church would speak out. It was alright taking their time before the advent of the internet but now poison like this spreads round the world with the speed of light. The Church authorities need to be much, much quicker. The worst thing about it is that a very considerable amount of money is being invested in spreading this stuff. A little money in IT investment can go a long, long way. Here a very large amount of money has been thrown in. Scarey stuff.
  5. Bella

    Bella Guest

    Yes, Padraig, you have pin-pointed the problem here. Perhaps we could join our intentions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus this June and ask that He enlightens the minds of anyone who has been sucked into this ( I was myself, for a brief period). Perhaps also some daily prayer to St Faustina, whose name is being used in all of this, will help to bring some clarity to this situation.

    I think these messages will soon be exposed. The lack of fruitfulness, shall we say, is mounting. It may well be that higher authorities are waiting for a big clanger to drop.

  6. jonjo

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    Why has everybody gone off here since June ?
  7. grimisocks

    grimisocks Principalities

    Maybe a bit of burn out set in jonjo. The consensus here, I think, is that MDM is false and we've exhausted all discussion regarding her.
    Padraig points out, and I'm paraphrasing, that if we have nothing good to say, say nothing at all. I suppose we're taking him up on that...
  8. Jane

    Jane Angels

    I'm going to answer this on the new thread "True prophecies/False Prophecies
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  9. heyshepard

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  10. silkie

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    hi ::smile::

    maria divine mercy site says under no circumstances to leave materials in churches!!!

    the messages insist on confession

    i understand the alarm at seeing this out of context!!


    I understand you have locked the warning second coming thread, and I wanted to write you about something pertaining to that site that has me very concerned, and I think worthy of addressing on this forum.

    Once a week, I go to a local Adoration chapel for a Holy Hour. Someone who also frequents that Chapel is a follower of the warning second coming, and leaves printouts of the messages in the chapel every week.

    I was very alarmed when I saw a stack of printouts of this message:
    Jesus reveals Plenary Indulgence for total absolution ... bsolution/

    The message claims that one can get total absolution, a plenary indulgence and "the power of the Holy Spirit" simply by saying the prayer mentioned in that message for seven consecutive days.

    Personally I think this is serious enough to call attention to and warn people about here. This could be gravely dangerous to souls who think they can get absolution with a series of prayers, and not have to go to confession. I just wanted to pass this information along and let you decide what you want to do with it.

    So in this circumstance I am reopening discussions on the subject but I do ask for the greatest charity towards , Maria herself.

    I might add that my own understanding is that on her own forum anyone posting anything critical has their posts quietly deleted; which is wrong and encourages me to permit open, but charitable discussion here....[/quote]
  11. padraig

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    Yes post away:)
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  12. silkie

    silkie New Member

    approval of course is necessary

    considering the nature of the prophecy--which is somewhat Jeremiahisque in that it warns of those in 'approving offices,' one also ought to Look at the nature of the condemning authority and whether that person lines up with the Word of God

    the site asks that we pray the rosary and supplies the copy which includes--prayers for the intentions of the holy father, which i pray for the holy father whoever the real one is!!! ::smile::

    the need for confession is stated, for the sacraments--to protect them as well--and as the messages connect to saints you mentioned, then THEY GUIDED ME TO THAT, as well...

    great connection+<3--they work together, it seems

  13. silkie

    silkie New Member

    i see two responses so far that seem to be "slicer-and-dicer" language!!

    when one is determined not to--understand what another is saying then one tends to try to tell that person what THEY meant RATHER THAN LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY they said...+<3--admonishment

  14. silkie

    silkie New Member

    general comment:

    when HEARING WHAT IS PURPORTED TO BE THE WORD OF GOD as from the apostles in berea then the approach that is commended BY THEM is to see whether things are true
    rather than whether things are false...

    in looking for the truth then one will understand common language used to communicate to certain people--see Ethiopian Meqabyan "nice"--that they will understand even if the word is used in the opposite way somewhere else and possibly differently from what you expect...

    the false will come evident without the as described--'uncharitable' (you may not even realize) attitude of the ephesian church condemned by jesus christ unless they return to their first LOVE (they specialize in singling out false apostles)...

    one observation about ephesians--and charitableness:

    one with an ephesian attitude (see Revelation first church described) tends to

    lack of Love distorting the vision

  15. silkie

    silkie New Member

    ; make that at least "2"...
  16. silkie

    silkie New Member

    to hate in these terms is to put away... we are for instance to hate our mother and father, and that does not mean hate as you describe it

    we are to avoid an attitude of hate
    even while we hate the Same way--meaning disregarding as an option one might say AS THE LORD
    and perhaps i am slicing-and-dicing+<3::smile::

  17. silkie

    silkie New Member


    he answered the way he did--with sensitive spiritual discernment; he is very sensitively getting down to the dividing between bone and marrow to get right to the point with the proper focus of the word of god our father in the holy spirit ::smile::+<3

    he ah
  18. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    I am confused??? What are these new posts about?
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  19. silkie

    silkie New Member

    the kind of hatred being talked about is the kind of hatred being talked about--the message gives its own definition

    you are engaging in ephesian-like discussion, which is dangerous--attempting to contradict because you have found a way to do so

    you are however deliberately ignoring what the message is trying to say and that it is deliberately trying to define a concept for your to add to your understanding

  20. silkie

    silkie New Member

    you--also have "filled completely," the example THAT PERFECTLY EXPLAINS WHAT THE MESSAGE MEANS and yet choose to ignore the illustration in favor of the one that does not apply+<3


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