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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Carfin Grotto, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Mario

    Mario Powers


    I like your sensible approach. It reminds me of the practical wisdom from the book of Proverbs:

    22:3 A prudent man sees danger and hides himself; but the simple go on, and suffer for it.

    We finally had a normal week of winter here: 20 inches of snow with two sub-zero mornings! I wonder if it will last? :D

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
  2. jose

    jose Angels

    Yes, MomsCalling, I think it is wise to be prepared for any catastrophic event. What it is for me difficult to accept is that Jesus is telling us to do it yet as a preparation for an event that God is going to trigger. This is odd. In my opinion, thhis contradicts what He said two thousand years ago.

    New message is up and it is most disturbing.

    "They plan to replace the Holy Vicar Pope Benedict XVI with a dictator of lies. He will create a new church in league with the anti-christ and his group in order to deceive the world."

    I find again a contradiction with the scriptures: Jesus promised that he would build the church, and the gates of hell will not be able to prevail against it (Matt 16:18)

    "You insult My Son when you receive the Holy Eucharist in the hand."

    Absolute nonsense.

    Communion-in-the-hand is approved by the Holy See and there is nothing wrong with it. (SACRED CONGREGATION FOR DIVINE WORSHIP, Letter "En reponse a la demande," to presidents of those conferences of bishops petitioning the indult for communion in the hand, 29 May 1969: AAS 61 (1969) 546-547; Not 5 (1969) 351-353.)

    Regarding the interview... Did not Maria say in that interview that the warning was going to occur in 2011? I should listen the interview again to confirm that.

    Warm regards,

  3. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    I tried to find the interview to listen to it again, but apparently I didn't bookmark it.

    Yes, that new message is another very disturbing one. If Catholics turn against their pope, meaning the pope that will succeed Benedict, well there is yet another big win for Satan. If the seeds of doubt and mistrust are planted now, then when a new pope is elected he will be immediately condemned and anything he does will be taken as evil or not of God. This is so, so wrong. In others' prophecies it is mentioned that during the time of the great tribulation there will be both a pope and antipope that arises at the same who claims to be a better one than the one in the seat. This will cause a great division. What scares me is that these harsh messages of Maria's may lead people to follow a leader that is not in the seat of Peter, because they are being told now that the one who is elected next is the false one.

    How will we know which to follow if and when this time comes? Well, by following what Jesus said in the scriptures, like you point out, Jose. I bring up again when her messages claimed that Jesus has now said he will take back the keys of Peter, the seeds were planted, this thought process was beginning. This statement goes against the scriptures and opens up the door for her followers to deny the next pope no matter who he is and what he does.

    Communion by hand, like it or not, is approved. So here is another thing that goes against Jesus' promises of old. I think that recieving on our knees by tongue is a very reverent way to recieve Him, and is very respectful. However, how did the apostles receive His body at the last supper? How did they do it for many years? They received it lounging at table, by breaking the eucharist and sharing it with each other, hand to hand. So how can recieving the Eucharist by hand be an insult to Jesus? That is a very rash and harsh and blasphemous statement, in my opinion. Also, it is so NOT in the usual dialogue of Mary. It is so different from her kind and soft demeanor. Whew.
  4. Rain

    Rain Powers

    Here's one of Maria Divine Mercy's interviews:

    I couldn't not justify listening to an hour of lies. Even if I came to this interview knowing nothing about the messages I'm pretty sure I'd dismiss her as a fraud or someone conversing with demonic beings, and I'm leaning toward the latter.

    Her description of how her encounters first started is something form Bizarro World.

    She was a lapsed Catholic with no interest in religion. While visiting a friend in the hospital she to stop at the hospital chapel. She prays in front of a statue of Our Lady. So far pretty normal so far. Then Our Lady comes out on the altar. She was so powerful, so strong, a nd she was crying. "Maria" is gobsmacked and runs out of the chapel. I can understand that. Not majorly weird yet. Apparently, she returns to the chapel. Figures keep coming out of the statue of Our Lady.


    A little girl with a shawl comes out of the statue first. Then Maria sees a monk with a skull cap and a beard come out of the statue. She sees a nun with a square head piece exit the statue. Naturally, Maria wonders who these strange beings are coming out of the statue? This vision of saints coming out of the Virgin Mary continues for some time..

    At first I think she means they all come out of this same statue, but later on she mentions they come out of other statues in different places. In November, Maria goes to grotto near her home. When she looks at the statue of Our Lady at the grotto, she sees many figures emerge. She doesn't know who they are at first, but later she's told they're Sister Faustina, Saint Benedict, St. Augustine, Pope John Paul II and more.

    Some die hard Maria supporters might be tempted to say it's symbolic, because so many saints have sprung from the loving intercession of the Virgin Mary. But C'mon people, I'm sorry, saints coming out a statue of the Virgin Mary, it's simply weird and a little grotesque. If Maria really saw this, from what she describe it sounds like theatrics to me, a parade of demons putting on a show. Sure, God performs miracles, puts on big shows like the way the sun danced at Fatima, or when Ezekiel saw the wheel, but the scene as Maria Divine Mercy describes it doesn't ring as divinely inspired to me.

    Later in the interview she says she has seen God the Father. She gives him a very down-to-earth appearance. She says his skin is a lot darker than Jesus'. The Father has very curly hair. His lips are thicker. He's very angry.

    Answer me this? What saints have claimed to see the Father? Have they given a human description? I wouldn't dismiss the messages over this one item, because God the Father can take on the appearance of anything He wants, but to me it seems like accounts of Him taking on a human appearance are almost non-existent. He usually sends angels.

    Another item in the interview that got my attention is Maria's revelation that Jesus made His first appearance to her at 3 am. In fact, she said he frequently appears to her at that exact time. That precise time is very telling. Jesus died on the cross at 3 pm, making it a very holy moment, a special time of grace, mercy and reflection. There's a long tradition that the devil, in mocking opposition to Jesus's death, has chosen 3 am as his special hour, the time when he's most active.
  5. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Thanks Rain, for the link. I have the feeling that asking for people to remove the link has causeed more people to actually go to the link and listen to it! Oops there. I believe it is the one I listened to previously, though I don't have time right now to listen again.

    I wondered about that. Seems like other visionaries claim to be attacked by evil at that time of the night, not receiving their locusions then, though I imagine that God doesn't care what time it is when he comes. I didn't really think much about this at first, but I do remember thinking it was odd that she receives so many of her messages late at night. Maybe she'll say something about that someday. Paranormal investigators call the time from after 12 to 3-4 am or so "dead time". Many say that 11:30 till 12:30 is sacred time, but that the time after is quiet time, when "channels" are easy to open up. God doesn't need "channels". Only weaker entities like demonic ones (or perhaps human spirits?), would need that. I suppose I am going where I shouldn't here...probably should stop with this discussion, huh?

    Isn't the old tradition to pray Laudes at 3 am? Why that time of the night? I know these days the tradition is to pray Laudes at dawn or daybreak, but wasn't it 3 am in the old days?
  6. padraig

    padraig New Member
  7. brokenchord

    brokenchord New Member

    It is a blatant mockery to my Catholic faith if I am required to believe an anonymous internet prophet who has not been subjected to the authority of the Church.

    The litmus test of the Church is obedience. I think if private messages do not mention a single word about obedience to the Church, they are questionable, more so if a seer has no spiritual director. Jesus always requires visionaries‎ to be obedient to their directors.

    "Listen, My Daughter, and do not lightly believe and trust every spirit, for satan is angry and will try to deceive you. So do nothing without the approval of those who guide you. Being thus under the authority of obedience, his efforts against you will be in vain, for he has no power over the obedient." (Jesus to St. Margaret Mary, Autobiography 57)

    ‎"I have come to do My Father's will. I obeyed My parents, I obeyed My tormentors and now I OBEY MY PRIESTS." (Jesus to St Faustina, Diary 535)

    "The devil can imitate humility, but he cannot imitate OBEDIENCE." (Diary of St Faustina 939)
  8. Mario

    Mario Powers


    Excellent point, but are you referring to any one thing in particular?

    Safe in the Flames of the Sacred Heart!
  9. brokenchord

    brokenchord New Member

    Mario, I think true visionaries would not be afraid to come into the light and be subjected to the Church's scrutiny. Consider the seers of Medjugorje or Garabandal, they readily avail themselves to the spiritual direction of priests. I do not know wether Maria has a spiritual director and she never says. That's where it gets suspicious.
  10. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I got a confidential message from , @maria..the European seer' . I can't of course say what was in it as she asked me not too, but it made me feel sorry for her as I do for anyone who suffers. I hadn't even realised Deanna had posted a link to a tape of, 'Maria speaking.

    But anyway I am listening to it at the minute and I know my own reaction to the messages have not een very popular at all. But I have prayed about it and am going to take time between now and Easter for God to give me more direct light on the authenticity or not of these messages.

    So anyway ,'Maria' there you are. I will post here if I get any prayerful insights.

    This may take a little time.
  11. Rain

    Rain Powers

    I'll give credit where credit is due. Maria has answered the question about her spiritual direction and has been very open about it.


    Earlier in this thread, Maria wrote:

    “My spiritual director was Jesus while one priest would run away from the work and place another in his place and so it went on until finally I was sent a spritual director from jesus himself and am in excellent hands.”


    From the radio interview:

    (this excerpt is near the 35:00 minute mark)

    Interviewer: Was it difficult in finding a spiritual director that was willing to work with you and guide you?

    Maria: Yes. The first thing I did was talk to a priest. I looked for direction from day one. I met the priest. He reluctantly passed me on to another priest. Who reluctantly passed me on to another one. I had to go through five.

    Interviewer: Wow. Okay.

    Maria: Then the final priest, he broke down, cried, and told me he couldn’t do it. He hadn’t got the strength. The next priest brought it to the archbishop’s attention who agreed to investigate the message and he [??] decided someone like me couldn't receive a message from Jesus. I was not a typical visionary and dismissed the messages in a few months because he found one discrepancy in the first message. The first message Jesus mentioned the word “despair” and the priest said Jesus would never use the word despair. And so I asked Jesus and Jesus came back with the answer it’s a euphemism for the term “great distress”. But the priest said I’m not going to back the message until the warning has taken place. We will renew the investigation at that point. So I’m now thankfully I have a spiritual director. And I have access to two wonderful priests who take my calls any time, any hour.


    I am left with many questions.

    According to Maria, the archbishop has dismissed the messages. The last priest seems to doubt their authenticity. The investigation appears to have been closed in a negative light and will only be reopened if the warning happens in the way she's described. If this is all true why wasn't she asked her to stop publishing the messages? Perhaps she was asked and hasn't complied?

    She still continues to receive spiritual direction and that's good, but the problem is this...her followers seem to equate the presence of spiritual directors as a stamp of approval upon the messages. Not having a spiritual director would be a red flag, but having a spiritual director doesn't work the opposite way, it's not a green flag for the messages. Someone might have a spiritual director because he's climbing the heights. Then again he might have one because he's falling the other direction. There are many reasons. Regardless, why would her spiritual directors go against the archbishop's dismissal and encourage her to publish these messages?

    Now that she's trying to erase this interview from collective memory, will she create an excuse as to why she's not responsible for its contents? It's easy to get tripped up in a radio interview. Unlike on paper, you can't click on preview, you can't go back and edit your words. Maria has painted herself into a corner, so I think she's going to have no choice but to somehow pretend that it wasn't her standing in the corner, but some facsimile.

    Oh, and one more question, why is she still visiting this forum when Jesus Himself told her to stay away?

    I'm wondering.
  12. grimisocks

    grimisocks Principalities

    I'm concerned for the multitude of 'believers' on MDM's FB page. They gush with their prayers and comments of adulation of Jesus when a new message is published or when old messages are reposted. If MDM has been a con job all along, those people will take an unmerciful fall. Especially those who come to MDM's rescue when a discerning voice is raised.
    Now, I have to state that I'm on the fence here. My 'BS' antennae tells me something is awry......yet, I don't want to be caught out if the Lord is indeed, planning an illumination of conscience etc
    I will continue with my Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Rosary. Shur, isn't that grand?
  13. Rain

    Rain Powers

    The Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the rosary will be your sword and shield, so yes, that's quite grand. :)

    Personally, I think the Lord is planning an Illumination of Conscience. Certain saints have alluded it to it over the centuries. For instance, St. Faustina goes into some detail about it. People of been talking about The Warning and Illumination long before Maria Divine Mercy came along. It's part of Catholic prophecy and has been quite a while. The parts Maria Divine Mercy has gotten right were borrowed from the writings of the saints and genuine prophets. I don't know when it will take place, but I'm expecting to see it my lifetime, then again I won't be shocked if it doesn't. Nonetheless, it's prudent to prepare. Sounds like you are doing very well with the rosary and chaplet. As for me--I need to do more.
  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think in charity we should close this thread. We have formed our own opinions and expessed them. There is no need think to flog a dead horse and I don't want to cause needless suffering to anyone.
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