The war against Cardinal Pell

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    I had not realised that Cardinal Pell has had to endure a series of false allegations for the past 20 years! The poor man has been dragged through the mud on numerous occasions - please pray for him.

    Bill Donohue President of the Catholic League listed these in a July 2017 article "The War against Cardinal Pell"
    • [In June 2002] a Melbourne man said he was abused by Pell in 1962 at a camp when he was 12; Pell was studying for the priesthood. The case was thrown out when nothing could be substantiated. Not a single person who worked at the camp supported the charges, and all of the signed statements were favorable to Pell. The accuser had been convicted 39 times for offenses ranging from assault to drug use. Indeed, he was a violent drug addict who served four years in prison. He drove drunk, beat people, and took amphetamines.
    • [In 2013] Pell was accused of doing nothing to help an abused Australian boy who pleaded for help in 1969. But Pell’s passport showed that he lived in Rome the entire year. [As per Wikipedia "During the course of the (2013 Victorian Parliamentary) Inquiry, a victim of a paedophile Christian Brother at St Alipius Primary School claimed that in 1969 Pell heard him pleading for help a few weeks after he had been raped. Pell denied the claim, which was later discredited when Pell produced his passport to confirm that he was not living in Australia that year.]
    • At a later date, Pell was accused of chasing away a complainant who informed him of a molesting priest. The authorities dismissed the charges after discovering that Pell did not live at the presbytery in Ballarat where the encounter allegedly took place. The accuser was later imprisoned for sexually abusing children. [As per Wikipedia, Pell submitted evidence that he did not live in Ballarat or in that presbytery at the time, and the counsel-assisting noted in her final submission that "Cardinal Pell's evidence about his living arrangements and duties in 1973 and 1974 make it less likely that he was at St Patrick's presbytery late in the afternoon on a week day."]
    • In a high profile case, Pell was accused of bribing David Ridsdale to stop making accusations to the police that he was abused by his uncle, Gerald Ridsdale, a notorious molester priest. The accusation was investigated and Pell was exonerated. [As per Wikipedia, Counsel-Assisting Gail Furness conceded in her final submission to the royal commission that, given it was already known to Pell that Gerald Ridsdale was subject to police investigation, and David Ridsdale had requested a "private" rather than police process "it is not likely that Bishop Pell would then have thought it necessary to offer Mr Ridsdale an inducement to prevent him from going to the police or public with his allegations", and Ridsdale could have "misinterpreted Bishop Pell's offer of assistance".]
    • Pell was also accused of joking about Gerald Ridsdale’s sexual assaults at a funeral Mass in Ballarat. But there was no Mass that day and the priest whom Pell was allegedly joking with was living someplace else when the supposed incident took place.
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    Looks like the enemy has been trying to get rid of him for a long time. He must be a threat.
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    What an honor:)
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    I posted on another thread the video of Andrew Bolt's interview with the Cardinal. It was what Andrew Bolt said after the interview that had the most profound effect on me. I wonder how many of us could endure what the Cardinal did and have the same kind of trust in God. Here's the link to the video which I hope will begin at the part I'm referring to (at the 48:50 mark):

  5. Another report

    Australian cardinal links corruption to child abuse charges

    CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Cardinal George Pell has linked his fight against corruption in the Vatican with his prosecution in Australia for alleged child sex abuse.

    Pell was regarded as the third highest-ranking Vatican official in 2018 when he became the world’s most senior Catholic to be convicted of child sex abuse. He served 13 months in prison before Australia’s High Court last week acquitted him of molesting two choirboys in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne while he was archbishop of Australia’s second-largest city in the 1990s.

    Pope Francis’ former finance minister said in a television interview broadcast on Tuesday that some church officials believed he was prosecuted by Australian authorities because of the trouble he had caused in the Vatican in implementing financial reforms.

    “Most of the senior people in Rome who are in any way sympathetic to financial reforms believe that they are” linked to the prosecution, the 78-year-old cleric told Sky News.

    “What was surprising was even my theological opponents in Rome didn’t believe the stories” of sexual abuse, he added.

    Pell said he did not have evidence of a link. But he suspected that a man who swore he had been sexually abused by Pell as a 13-year-old choirboy more than two decades ago had been “used.”

    Francis created the Secretariat for the Economy, and named Pell its prefect, as a key part of his financial reform plans after being elected pope in 2013. Pell had tried to wrestle the Holy See’s opaque finances into order and align them with international standards, but his efforts and brusque style were rebuffed repeatedly by the Vatican’s old guard.

    Pell stood aside from the job in 2017 to return to Australia, determined to clear himself of decades-old allegations of child sex abuse.

    Francis named a 60-year-old Spanish economist, the Rev. Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves, as Pell’s successor last year, a day after Australia’s Victoria state Court of Appeal agreed to hear his case to overturn the convictions. The court upheld Pell’s convictions in a 2-1 majority decision.

    Alves came to his new job in a period of financial crisis, after Vatican prosecutors raided the Secretariat of State and the Holy See’s financial watchdog after receiving reports of a suspicious real estate transaction.

    Pell said Francis had “absolutely” supported him, even though “My theological views ... don’t line up exactly with Pope Francis.”

    “I think he values my honesty and perhaps that I would say things that some other people mightn’t say, and I think he respects me for that,” Pell added.

    Pell said that neither Francis nor Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin were corrupt, but that he did not know how high Vatican corruption rose.

    “Just how high up it goes is an interesting hypothesis,” he said.

    Pell said he’ll return to Rome after the coronavirus pandemic to pack up his apartment, but that he plans to make his home in Sydney, where he had been archbishop.

    Victoria police refused to comment on newspaper reports Tuesday that they have begun investigating another child abuse allegation against Pell dating to the 1970s.

    Pell said he “wouldn’t be entirely surprised” if police continued to pursue him. He has denied any wrongdoing.

    Pell said he was “ashamed” of his church over its child abuse crisis.

    “There are two levels. One is the crimes themselves and then the treating it so inadequately for so long,” Pell said.

    He warned in child abuse cases that “guilt by accusation” was “not a sign of a civilization.”

    “The pendulum 30 or 40 years ago was massively against anybody who said that they’d been attacked,” Pell said. “Nowadays we don’t want it to swing back so that every accusation is regarded as gospel truth. That would be quite unjust and inappropriate.”

    Pell’s accuser in his trial, a man in his 30s whose identity is concealed by law, said in a statement last week that he hoped Pell’s acquittal would not deter child abuse victims from reporting to police.

    “I would like to reassure child abuse survivors that most people recognize the truth when they hear it,” said the man, described in court as Witness J. “They know the truth when they look it in the face. I am content with that.”

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  6. Now w/ Trump.....when you come against the NWO/globalists when one thing fails they immediately try again.....

    Cardinel Pell Facing Fresh Allegation

    Cardinal George Pell in the Sky News interview (Sky News Australia)
    Cardinal George Pell is being investigated over a fresh child abuse allegation by a new accuser, just days after the High Court quashed his convictions on historical charges. Source: Herald Sun.

    Victoria Police has been conducting a secret probe into Cardinal Pell while he appealed against his convictions to the High Court.

    It is believed the new allegation has been made by a man who works in a professional role. The alleged incident is believed to date back to the 1970s.

    Cardinal Pell, 78, has always vehemently denied any sexual abuse, and news of the fresh investigation is frustrating for those close to him.

    “In any police matter there should be due process through the proper channels,” spokeswoman for Cardinal Pell, Katrina Lee, said.

    In an interview to air tonight on Sky News, Cardinal Pell describes his treatment by police in the original investigation as “extraordinary”.

    Police have not yet approached him or his lawyers.

    Details of the new claim come as Cardinal Pell awaits the public release of findings by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The new investigation, and the potential for further criminal proceedings, could significantly delay the release of those findings, which were redacted to avoid prejudicing criminal matters.

    It is not known when the most recent complaint was made, but it is believed detectives from the Sano taskforce want to question the Cardinal. Until yesterday, he was not aware of the new investigation.

    Cardinal Pell was released from Barwon Prison last week after his convictions were quashed by the High Court. He spent 405 days in jail.

    The court found the jury that found him guilty was wrong to do so, having not considered the entirety of the evidence at trial.
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    Andrew Bolt and the ABC: did the reporting on George Pell step over a line?
    Margaret Simons
    The polarising case of Cardinal Pell raises questions about media responsibility, holding power to account, and the notion of ‘trial by media’


    Wed 15 Apr 2020 00.17 BST Last modified on Wed 15 Apr 2020 05.38


    Cardinal George Pell makes his way through members of the media to the court in Melbourne on 27 February 2019. The ABC has come under scrutiny from Pell supporters for its coverage of the cardinal. Photograph: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake/AFP/Getty Images
    This week I rang the ABC investigative journalist Sarah Ferguson to ask what she thought of the attacks on Revelation, her television series about sex abuse in the Catholic church.

    “Have there been some attacks?” she replied, deadpan.

    There certainly have – particularly over the final episode, which detailed allegations against George Pell, which by happenstance screened just days before the high court unanimously found in his favour and threw out his conviction on sex abuse charges.

    That final episode is not available now. Ferguson says it is being updated and should be restored to the ABC’s on-demand viewing platform, iView, later this week.

    George Pell tells Andrew Bolt the man who testified against him may have been 'used'
    Read more
    Will there be any changes caused by fear of defamation following Pell’s successful high court appeal?

    “We went with material we had complete confidence in,” she said.

    Meanwhile, the ABC is coming in for a terrible kicking from Pell’s supporters. Ferguson is a favoured target, but so is her colleague, Louise Milligan, who has reported on allegations against Pell for 7.30, and wrote the book Cardinal: the Rise and Fall of George Pell detailing a number of allegations including the ones that caused him to be jailed.

    Andrew Bolt, a consistent Pell supporter, has alleged the ABC took “a starring role in the vilification, destruction and jailing of an innocent man” and on Tuesday night in an exclusive interview with Pell on Sky News, weighed in again with accusations of persecution by the national broadcaster.

    “Does the ABC’s role in your persecution concern you?” Bolt asked.

    “Yes it does,” Pell replied. “Because, I mean, it’s partly financed by Catholic taxes.” Some might think of that as an additional reason for scrutiny of the church, of course.

    Pell said: “I acknowledge the right of those who differ from me to state their views. But in a national broadcaster to have an overwhelming presentation of one view, and only one view, I think that’s a betrayal of the national interest.”

    Bolt continued on his theme of witch-hunts, culture wars and conspiracies. He previously asserted that book publishers, the ABC, the Victorian director of public prosecutions and Victoria police have “acted together” to bring Pell down – an inherently unlikely allegation and one that has been denied by all concerned.

    Beneath these attacks lies an important ethical question about what is generally referred to as “trial by media”. Should the media publish serious allegations against people before, after and during court processes? Did the reporting about Pell step over a line?



    Australian journalist Sarah Ferguson in a still from Revelation, an ABC documentary about sexual abuse in the Catholic church. Photograph: ABC TV
    The Pell case polarises people, as demonstrated by the wordplay around whether the high court found Pell to be innocent.

    Two important aspects of our justice system collide. First, there is the presumption of innocence, which holds that accused people are entitled to be regarded as innocent unless the allegations against them can be proven beyond reasonable doubt. In the legal system, Pell is now entitled to that presumption of innocence.

    Some commentators – including legal academics – have described this as Pell being acquitted on a technicality. At the other extreme, his supporters suggested the high court finding means he should never have been prosecuted.

    This disparity highlights part of the answer to the trial-by-media debate. It shows that the media and the courts have very different roles in bringing alleged wrongs to public attention and holding people to account.

  8. Pell gets cold shoulder from other bishops, Vatican

    Why would you appear sympathetic to the lynching crowd?

    April 12, 2020
    • [​IMG]
      Cardinal Pell announcing his leave of absence, 2017 (Photo from ABC News)
    • The ordeal of Cardinal George Pell, accused without proof of a crime impossible to commit and sentenced on two occasions in what more than a trial looked like a lynching, has finally ended. The seven (unanimous) judges of the High Court wrote in their conclusions: “There is a significant possibility in relation to the accusations that an innocent person has been sentenced.”

      I believe it can be said with confidence that never in modern times in Western democracies can we speak with greater reason of persecution motivated by religion. If George Pell had not been a Catholic cardinal, at a time when popular hysteria against the Catholic Church is at its peak in Australia; if he had not been a man of the Church judged “conservative” and consequently an easy target of all progressive lobbies and the media subservient to them (does it remind you of something? the whole world is a country …), perhaps he would not have been chosen, targeted and trapped as a scapegoat for anger against abuse. And it must be said that the aplomb and the magnanimity with which he faced all this truly do him honor.

      The low emotional participation of others arouses a little amazement. Take for example Mark Coleridge, president of the Australian bishops and archbishop of Brisbane. He said it is a sentence that “does not change the Church’s constant commitment to ensuring the safety of children and to giving a just and compassionate response to survivors and victims of child sexual abuse.” Speaking of the decision of the High Court, in a note published in comment Coleridge states that “this sentence will be welcomed with relief by many, by those who have always believed in the innocence of the cardinal throughout this process. But we also know that the High Court’s decision will be devastating for many others. Many suffered greatly in this process, which has now come to an end.”

      Hence the assurance, on behalf of all Australian bishops, that the Australian Church will not fail in its commitment to ensure justice and protection of minors, reiterating once again the invitation to anyone who is the victim of sexual abuse by staff of the Church to “go to the police.” I mean: if one takes 400 days in prison for a charge that is probably false or invented a word of affection, do you mean it? Rather than appear sympathetic to the lynching crowd, or who launched a far-fetched accusation?

      And if one expected that from the Vatican some extra dash of heat, well, he was wrong. “The Holy See, which has always placed its trust in the Australian judicial authority, welcomes the unanimous sentence pronounced by the High Court against Cardinal George Pell, which acquits him of the accusations of abuse of minors, revoking his sentence. Cardinal Pell – in referring to the judgment of the judiciary – has always reaffirmed his innocence, waiting for the truth to be ascertained. On this occasion, the Holy See reaffirms its commitment to preventing and prosecuting any abuse of minors.”

      Cold, right? Never have the terms “ex officio,” “pragmatic,” “dutiful” seemed more appropriate … well, Cardinal George Pell hated a small crowd of prelates “handling money” in the Vatican, who had sworn at him for his strange requests for transparency and clarity on certain accounts abroad.

      Comparisons are always hateful, we know that. But the same sympathy shown towards Bishop Piñeda Fasquelle, Maradiaga’s right hand in Tegucigalpa, forced to resign from a letter signed by dozens of seminarians molested, Pell perhaps could have demanded it.

      Of course, not the understanding shown towards Bishop Zanchetta, on trial in Argentina and for which the Pontiff even created an assignment that never existed before. That Pell couldn’t have expected it! Pell had the courage to beat his fists on the table during the first Synod on the family …

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    Australian media face trial over Pell abuse case reporting

    Dozens of Australian journalists and publishers are set to face trial in November over coverage of ex-Vatican treasurer George Pell's child sex abuse conviction in 2018, facing charges that they breached an Australia-wide gag order in the case.

    Prosecutors in the state of Victoria said 19 journalists and 21 publications aided and abetted contempt of court by overseas media and breached suppression orders imposed by the trial judge.

    The prosecution is seeking one trial, which would be held before a judge, but the lawyer representing the charged media organisations and reporters said there appeared to be 13 separate controversies.

    "The respondents are very anxious for these matters to be resolved, finally, that have been hanging over their heads for far too long, but we do think it's a question of proceeding with some caution," Matthew Collins, the lawyer for the media organisations, told the court.

    Those facing contempt charges include journalists from Nine Entertainment Co's newspapers The Age and the Australian Financial Review and several News Corp publications.

    Breaches of suppression orders can be punished with jail for up to five years and fines of nearly A$100,000 for individuals and nearly A$500,000 for companies.

    Ahh the poor wee journalists are distressed and anxious for getting caught telling lies!!

    If only there was true justice and they were imprisoned. But I won't hold my breath!!
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    Cardinal Pell shows such courage! It is breathtaking! How I would love to see him declared a saint someday!!
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    It would be great to see him declared a saint. He is just letting the evil roll right off his back! He is steadfastly walking through the slime of evil surrounding him. He's waiting on the deliverance of the Lord.
    Psalm 25:15
    "Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord, for He shall pluck my feet out of the net."
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    He's so very brave! Wonderful!

    He is a victim soul for the bad Cardinals swanning about in Scarlet at the moment who are openly perverts and heretics.:)

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    I totally agree. And they do “swan about.”:eek:
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    Cardinal Tobin says he is wary of 'labels.' Then he mentions 'gay people' and the LGBTABCDE brigade -- people who label themselves by their perversions!

    Didn't realise Tobin is a recovering alcoholic. He should never have been made an Archbishop or Cardinal since alchoholism is a lifelong struggle in itself.
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    At least he's recovering from the alcoholism.

    All these weirdos promoted by Pope Francis are McCarrick's men. Cardinal Tobin (and Pope Francis) blame the sexual abuse on clericalism. Strange that the Pope who abhors clericalism chose one of the most notorious "clericalists" in the Church to negotiate with Communist China. A kind of perverted version of "I know my own and my own know me".

    I wonder how Cardinal Tobin got to be friends with Pope Francis long before Pope Benedict resigned. Tobin wasn't part of the St. Gallen group. The "Catholic Spring" movement comes to mind.
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    What was so appalling about the whole affair with Cardinal Pell, was how he and his family and some true close friends were practically ruined financially in the process of keeping him defended legally against a government that used every ounce of power it could lay it's hand on, to crush the poor Cardinal and destroy his reputation. And the Gag Order, outlandish.

    His family and those friends who spent £millions on legal protection should be compensated, and the government and legal system held to account, for the disgraceful abuse of power displayed throughout the whole charade.

    The media fed the sheeple with the usual lies and caused a national hatred towards Cardinal Pell. No doubt there are still people out there who want to harm Cardinal Pell, because they have been brainwashed into believing he is guilty of something. What an evil tool the media is, to poison peoples minds with lies.

    I have NO time for the media, it is nothing but a propaganda machine for the latest brainwashing craze. Utterly boring, you can't even trust them to get the weather forecast right. If their 'professional (LOL) forecasters were prophets, they would be laughed and scoffed at by most of us.
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    Well said!
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    I'm not sure if anyone had posted or knew about these two messagesfrom Valentina Papagna concerning George Pell.

    I will powerfully intercede for this Injustice

    During the night I endured a lot of physical suffering to the point where I hardly slept. I kept tossing and turning all night. Like most nights, my room was full of Holy Souls.
    About five o’clock in the morning our Lord Jesus appeared, and He was smiling. He said, “My child, the pain that you are going through and have endured all night, will you permit Me to use it for Cardinal Pell?”

    I answered, “Yes, my Lord.”

    Then our Lord explained to me, “That will help and contribute for the injustice. I will powerfully intercede for this injustice. My Child, I know everything, their deeds, and their lies.”

    Jesus was happy and looking at me. I said, “Lord, I saw Your power that You showed me. Who can go against You? No-one!”

    Our Lord said, “I work silently and deep into the spirit of people, and I bring out that which is Just and Truth.”

    I said, “You are the only One, my Lord who can free him.”

    Thank you my Lord Jesus. I love You for Your invisible and powerful graces.

    Jesus said, “I ask that you go to Holy Mass and offer Me all that I have told you and shown you today.”

    Later that day I attended Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. After receiving Holy Communion, I said to the Lord, “Thank you Lord for coming to me in the Holy Eucharist. I offer what you asked of me for Cardinal Pell.”

    After I made this prayer to our Lord, I received a vision. In this vision, I could see many people, not from this congregation, walking towards the Altar to receive Holy Communion. Suddenly, I noticed Cardinal Pell was also amongst these people. He was fully dressed as a Cardinal and wore a beautiful Mitre on his head.”

    Our Lord showed me how He spiritually nourished Cardinal Pell with the Holy Eucharist to give him strength to go through his suffering.

    I thank you Lord, for all Your powerful graces and intercession.

    Pray for Cardinal Pell

    Last night I said to our Lord, “Lord I surrender Cardinal Pell and the whole situation into Your Almighty Holy Hands. Please be merciful.”

    This morning while I was making my offerings and saying my prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared to me as a little Infant about two to three years old. He said, “I come as an Infant because I know how much you love Me, but I will reveal the Truth as a grown-up.”

    Our Lord knows how much He consoles me when He comes to me as an Infant.

    Jesus said, “I know you are troubled about what happened to Cardinal Pell, all the accusations and the trial. I will show you in a vision what he had to go through during that trial.”

    As Jesus was showing me the vision, He was also speaking to me. Suddenly I could see Cardinal Pell in a courtroom surrounded by many people, including the media. I was shocked to see the clothes of these people smeared all over with thick layers of black grease.

    Jesus explained, “It is as if you would dip your hands into a dish of black grease and wipe it all over yourself. So many smears, so many accusations!”

    The black smears spiritually represent the evil that was present in that courtroom.

    Jesus then showed me a little block of black grease, about a square inch in size, and said, “Touch it.”

    I touched the little black block, it felt very thick and greasy.

    Jesus said, “That piece of grease was specially preserved for Cardinal Pell to really smear him.” In a vision, I could see a hand place the black block on the back of Cardinal Pell’s right shoulder.

    The evil that was in the hearts of these people landed on Cardinal Pell’s shoulder, but it did not enter his soul. There was no smear on his chest or his heart. By falling on the shoulder, this can be shaken off.

    Let us pray for Cardinal Pell that the Truth will prevail.

    Our Lord asked that we pray for him.

    A few messages later she posted that the Virgin Mary actually went to visit him in jail and that he was innocent and that we would be realised. Exactly what happened nearly a year later. Heaven knows best.
    As I'm in Sydney, I've been following it pretty closely and it was pretty much trial by media. It was like he had to bear the brunt of all the other priests which had abused and got away with it. Absolutely disgusting.
    Let's hope that's the last of it, but I doubt it. Other so-called victims have been coming out of the woodwork lately after he was released. Whether you believe in the messages or not, we should all pray for him.
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  19. Cardinal Pell's prison journal will be 'spiritual classic,' publisher says

    CNA Staff, Jun 20, 2020 / 09:30 pm MT (CNA).- The publisher of the prison diary of Cardinal George Pell said the text reveals the courage, conviction, and Christian charity of the cardinal.

    “This journal reveals the Cardinal Pell I know and that every faithful Catholic should get to know,” Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ, of Ignatius Press told CNA June 20.

    Pell “proclaimed Christ and the Church’s moral teachings without fear and with full knowledge of what the cost would be. And he paid the price with good humor and, like Christ, a love of his enemies,” Fessio added.

    The publisher expects to publish in Spring 2021 either an abridged version of Pell’s prison journal, which runs to 1,000 pages, or the first volume of the full text, Ignatius Press said Saturday. News of the text’s publication was first reported by AP.

    Speaking to Australian students earlier this month, Pell said his time in prison was “difficult and unpleasant,” but not the worst possible form of suffering. He said his time in prison reinforced the truth of Christian view of redemptive suffering.

    “I’m still teaching the same Christian message,” Pell told the Australian Catholic Students’ Association. “And I’m here simply to say that it works. Not in the sense that I was acquitted, but that this Christian teaching helped me to survive.”

    Fessio sent a letter to Ignatius Press’ mailing list earlier this week notifying them that the journal would be published, and requesting financial support to offer Pell “appropriate advances on these volumes, which he can then use to remove much of the worry he now has about his legal debts.”

    “I’ve already read the first half of the journal and it is extraordinary,” Fessio wrote.

    “I think it’s going to be a spiritual classic.”

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    I cant wait.
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