The Vatican Has Fallen

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by padraig, Dec 31, 2016.

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    I can’t wait.
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    Worth the hour to listen!:cry::cry::cry:

    But the unveiling of truth is the step forward!
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    Really great video. Thank you, Carol.
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    Yes that is the saying i could not remember. My mom used to say it. Thank u
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    re: "Vatican has fallen"? .. Fully agreed! I'm reminded of how during our Lord Jesus' time on Earth, the "leadership" of the "religion" that He Obediently followed was full of/rife with - Disobedience to Moses; ergo, to God!

    re: "Faithful Bishops"? .. There are circa 5,600 Catholic bishops.. As far as I've run across, I'd aver that we only hear/talk about less than 100 bishops who (for Faithful must!) stand up with Voice & Pen - in support of Catholicism!

    To be Frank, most of my time is devoted to (shall we say) the form of spirituality which Prayerfully connects with our Lord Jesus / God - than it is to those groups and individuals whom IMO are following Satan in his various manifestations.

    Strong Faith/Belief in God's Gospel, etc,. leads to an actual palatable Hope - which must likewise be cultivated - so as to give us the necessary Fortitude which keeps us strong sans fear - in the face of increasing adversity.

    Ergo, I look forward to the Return of our Lord Jesus (from the sky) ..
    For via His Divinity, and His Actions at Judgement, He possesses the necessary wherewithal to overcome Satan/AntiChrist/Death .. forever!

    Before ever reading this following excerpt from the CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church), already have I been in agreement with it.
    It's powerful and for me it begs rementioning along with - an admonition to both cultivate and remain in Faith with our Lord Jesus!

    CCC - The Church's ultimate trial {Abridged}

    675 Before Christ's second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers.

    677 The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection.
    The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy,
    but only by God's victory over the final unleashing of evil, ... which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven.
    God's triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgment after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world.

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    If you have a chance to read this book, it's worth the time imho. A real eye opener in regard to Vatican "politics" and sheep vs wolves from a firsthand witness....I've been thinking about it alot, especially given the "other report" that disappeared after Pope Benedict stepped down. Then, I got to thinking about Bella Dodd and Archbishop Sheen and how the info she had was, in the end, kept to herself on, from what I understand, his advice. And one wonders, why?!? Then thoughts turn to Pope Leo and the vision he allegedly had.....100 years.....Then Pope Paul VI talks about smoke... Then we have dear Ralph Martin's prophesy -- "... I will strip you of everything that you are depending on now, so you depend just on me. A time of darkness is coming on the world, but a time of glory is coming for my Church, atime of glory is coming for my people....." Add to this a picture, if you will, of St. Stephen while being stoned to death for his faith ~ he forgave them, including the future saint who approved of the stoning. All this to say time to buckle up and pray, keeping in mind we have no idea who those future St. Paul's are out there.....For example, that very long awaited consecration carried out back in March could be a certain person's saving grace...Keeping all of you in my prayers :)
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    Thank you, Lois.
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    When I was younger, I'd had several occasions whereby I stood up and said something; once even clicking my heels to knock the dust off them.. before leaving.

    Now? I can't imagine that I'd ever wind up at such a "mass" - most likely fully knowing ahead of time - what's going to go down.

    Rather, Now, I advise all to avoid churches whereby (reader understand) Satan is preaching from the altar
    - for his teachings are poison food to the soul - and if accepted - are as a block to God's Holy Spirit

    As necessary as the Liturgy of the Eucharist (Body and Blood of Jesus) is on the Table/Altar
    - SO TOO is the Liturgy of the Word (Jesus) in the form of Sacred Scriptures / especially the GOSPEL (Spiritual FOOD of Instruction).

    The Mass consists in some sense of two parts, namely the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist, these being so closely interconnected that they form but one single act of worship.
    For in the Mass is spread the table both of God’s Word and of the Body of Christ, and from it the faithful are to be instructed and refreshed.

    Reading and Explaining the Word of God

    When the Sacred Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself speaks to his people, and Christ, present in his word, proclaims the Gospel.

    Therefore, the readings from the Word of God are to be listened to reverently by everyone, for they are an element of the greatest importance in the Liturgy.

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    Holy See: Germany's synodal path cannot make doctrinal decisions
    A Vatican statement clarifies that the initiative underway in Germany "does not have the power to oblige bishops and the faithful" to "new ways of governance and new approaches to doctrine and morality." The invitation is to converge into the synodal path of the universal Church.

    By Vatican News

    The Holy See intervenes on the German "Synodal Path" in a statement issued early Thursday afternoon, on 21 July.

    "In order to protect the freedom of the People of God and the exercise of the episcopal ministry, it seems necessary to clarify that the 'Synodal Path' in Germany does not have the faculty to oblige bishops and the faithful to assume new forms of governance and new approaches to doctrine and morals. It would not be lawful to initiate in the dioceses, prior to an agreed understanding at the level of the universal Church, new official structures or doctrines, which would represent a wound to ecclesial communion and a threat to the unity of the Church."

    The statement goes on to cite the words of Pope Francis contained in his Letter to the Pilgrim People of God in Germany, "the universal Church lives in and of the particular Churches, just as the particular Churches live and flourish in and from the universal Church. If they find themselves separated from the entire ecclesial body, they weaken, rot and die. Hence the need always to ensure that communion with the whole body of the Church."

    "Therefore," the statement concludes, "it is hoped that the proposals of then path of the Particular Churches in Germany will converge into the synodal path being taken by the universal Church, for mutual enrichment and a witness to that unity by which the body of the Church manifests its fidelity to Christ the Lord.”
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    the vatican will evaluate some proposals from the german synod as long as they are submitted to the universal synod in Rome ? (n)(n)(n):unsure:
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    So much for synodality.
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    Years ago, the Vatican failed on many occasions to stand up strong against the actions of the Apostate German Bishopry
    Anything that gets said today is mere fluff.

    Many of Catholicism's alleged top theologians turned south decades ago.. As had some of the top monastic contemplatives.

    The VATICAN? Began to come under question from Pope Paul VI ('smoke of Satan")
    AND Began receiving huge concerns ever since Francis, SJ arrived on the scene.
    Rumors of Masonry and Satanism .. and evidences of Luciferianism followed.
    That Francis has been evidencing supporting Apostasy - continues.

    RECENTLY - in another Catholic Forum, the notion is being spread that ROME with be the seat of the AntiChrist
    Potentially interesting as that would of course be, it is based upon mere 'speculation' of the controversial topic of 'the Missing Third Secret period.


    IS The indisputible FACT that the planned construction of a THIRD TEMPLE (of God) in Jerusalem - and everything its planners speak of?
    Far more evidences Jerusalem as being where the AntiChrist shall arrive!
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    Lord have Mercy!
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    In spite of the Vatican playing mr. tough guy via an off-hand "nothing new" comment?
    For Years - it's been very obvious via the Vatican's LOUD Silences of German Bishop's Mortal Sin Abominations?

    - The Problematic Vatican/Holy See and the German BISHOPRY -> Are in Cahoots?
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    Pope on German synodal path: “I said everything I had to say” in a 2019 letter


    Updated: 11 hours ago
    ByNation World News Desk

    Pope Francis responded to a question about a recent Vatican statement on the controversial German synodal route, noting that he had “everything I had to say about the synodal path” in his 2019 letter to the Church in Germany Told.

    At a 30 July press conference offering a return flight from Canada to Rome, the Holy Fathers answered a question from a journalist at the German Catholic Agency who questioned the absence of the signing of the Vatican Declaration last July. 21.

    “First, that statement was made by the Secretary of State. It was a mistake to say no below. I think it said: Statement of the Secretary of State, but I’m not sure. Not signed as a statement from the Secretary of State It was a mistake to do. But it is an error of business, not malice,” Pope Francis explained.

    The Pope later said that “I wrote a letter about the Synod Road, I wrote it alone. A month of prayer, contemplation, consultation… and I said everything I had to say about the Synod Road.” I won’t say more than that.”

    “That’s the Papal Magisterium on Synodal Street, the letter I wrote two years ago. I left the Curia, because I didn’t consult, nothing”, he continued.

    Pope Francis later said that his 2019 letter was written “as a personal journey, also as a pastor of a church seeking a way as a brother, as a father, as a believer.” And this is my message. I know it’s not easy, but it’s all in that letter. Thank you”.

    Read Also: Svensson's turnaround puts Mainz in the spotlight again
    German Synod Route and the Vatican Declaration
    The Synod Path is a controversial multi-year process that began in December 2019, involving Germany’s bishops and lay people, addressing issues such as the exercise of power, sexual ethics, priesthood and the role of women in the church, here Even used to propose that they could access the priestly order.

    On these issues, various members of the Synodal tract have publicly and on various occasions expressed a position contrary to Catholic doctrine, which has warned at least 100 bishops and cardinals from around the world of the danger of schism.

    In its July 21 statement, the Vatican indicated that the synod could cause “a wound to the unity of the churches and a threat to the unity of the Church”.

    The text specifies that the synodal passage in Germany “does not have the power to compel bishops and believers to adopt new forms of government and new approaches to doctrine and morality.”

    Pope Francis’ 2019 letter
    On June 29, 2019 The Sanctity of Saints Peter and Saint Paul, Pope Francis wrote a letter to the Catholics of Germany, in which he said, among other things, “The Universal Church lives in and from particular churches, such as the particular Church of the Universal Church. live and flourish in and from, and if they separate themselves from the whole Church, they weaken, rot and die”.

    Read Also: Canada's lockdown went against 'hard lessons' learned from previous pandemics: emergency management expert
    In his letter, the Holy Fathers warned against the temptation to adapt the Church to the current or to the logic of a particular group, which would be to fall into “the greatest sin of the world and the anti-emotional spirit of the evangelicals”.

    In his letter, the Pope exhorted Catholics in Germany to return to their “first love” and make contact with the “necrosed” who is dead, so that it may be evangelized by the Lord.

    Pope Francis then highlighted the importance of evangelism, which is the essential mission of the Church and is not a triumph or reformation to fit the “spirit of the times”, but “a corollary of response and conversion into love for one.” is the way. Who previously loved us.”

    The Holy Fathers “warned about the temptation of the Fathers of lies and division, to the lord of separation, which prompts the search for an obvious good or response to a given situation, actually dismembering the bodies of the holy faithful.” is God”.

    To counter this temptation of Satan, Pope Francis then emphasized, prayer, penance and Eucharistic worship are needed.

    I think that if francis discusses some themes of the german synod, "such as diplomacy to avoid schism", it is possible that there will be an inversion of values in which traditionalists will be labeled schismatics for not agreeing with this.
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    I say bring it on. If there’s a schism, so be it.
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