The Vatican Has Fallen

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by padraig, Dec 31, 2016.

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    We all do, indeed
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    Does anyone get the sense that the Church is somehow entering its passion? The Vigano story has hit something. Everything seems different now. It is like the moment of Jesus in Getsemani with his Apostles. This isn't just about the Pope, or the corrupt prelates and priests, this is about all of us. Because of the communion of saints, we all share in this tragedy to some extent or another. We, as Church, are going to be purged...the Lord is placing the sins of his Bride (our sins!) before us and before the WHOLE world...doesn't this make you tremble? The purification is coming. There is no way we will get through without seriously amending our lives and imploring mercy from God. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us, be our refuge!

    Just a premonition, of course could be wrong. But maybe this is it guys and our hour has come.

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    Yes Jarg. I have felt this. And I do tremble inwardly.
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    I have thought this recently myself. I didn't want to guess where along the timeline of the Passion the Church was but I am pretty confident we are within the Passion.:cry:
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    I have heard that that is the correct teaching. If Adam had corrected Eve and not given in to sin himself, there would have been no original sin.
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    Yes. This is why I am going to confession this morning. As St Paul said we must serve the Lor din Fear and trembling.

    The mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceedly small.

    The consequences of Pope Francis's and the highest Cardinals will be extremely grave for us all. They employed the fiddler but it is we who will pay for the tunes.
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    This wasn't journalism, Terry its a very Itaian propagandist hatchet job. It's a wonder they didn't just buy a baseball bat and hit the guy with it.
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    Lastampa is not a go- to publication for unvarnished truth in my opinion. I stand with Archbishop Vigano. He is verified by some heavy hitters. What becomes of his brave letter remains to be seen.
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    The letter was stated...its time for the Vatican to officially respond. If its lies then they must state it. If its truth they have to fix it. If they say nothing then they are guilty and the church has entered a crossroads. Only Pope Francis can fix this problem. But also the silence of Bishop Schneider, Bishop Turkson and Bishop Arinze is loud and clear.

    Time for the Church in Africa to make a statement. It would carry a lot of weight. The lines are drawn.

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    The silence of pope emeritus is even louder.

    Some journalists (terrorists really) have tried to report the fakenews that Benedict has dismissed the report - total fakenews. An inside source close to Benedict did confirm back in july (not this week) that Benedict had placed sanctions on McCarrick, therefore the allegations against McCarrick were known to him, just as Vigano claims in his report. The NC Register reported that. But some have tried to atribute fakenews to the NC Register afirming the register stated that Benedict has confirmed the Vigano report - the NC Register has not done anything like that.

    See the clarification made by Ed Pentin:
  15. Mario

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    I do trust the good archbishop. The guys on the other side of the fence, however, are circling their wagons and will put up tough resistance. The Pope will wait it out.

    The real question remains with the bishops. 25% noisy and fervent supporters of Francis' agenda vs. 25% faithful to the Deposit of Faith of whom most are quiet, with 50% sitting on the fence. The fence-sitters must decide; if they don't, the issue will not be dealt with effectively. A good test will be the upcoming Synod on the youth. If the chipping away at the Faith continues there, then what will we have gained?

    We must pray and fast all the more for if we get caught up in the politics of the moment and lose our focus, then this opportunity will fizzle.

    Our Lady will triumph but she wants her children fully engaged in the battle. We might present any number of wonderful arguments within the camp, make a lot of noise, and pat one another on the back. But our place is on the field of battle.

    Let us join Our Lady and be sure we do spiritual warfare!

    Song of Songs 6: 9 Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array?

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    Well said. I missed your post and wasted my time in post 8777. You've have said it much better than I.:D

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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    I would love to sit down and ahve a chat with Our Lady about all this Terry...or maybe not, I'd be frightened to hear what heaven might have to say at the moment. They must be very angry at this time up there.

    I am so glad I am reading ' The Life of the Virgin Mary', at the moment; it brings me great peace and happiness. Did you hear that the Holy Father got heckled by large sections of the crod at the Apostolic Blessing in St Peter's Square today? Just imagine.

    Keeping quiet and hoping this will all go away is not an option.

    Standing as a stonewall worked for my great hero, General Stonewall Jackson, but it won't pan out now.

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  18. SgCatholic

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    In this article from Crux, it says:
    "Overall, the scorecard so far is four bishops speaking in defense of Pope Francis (Cupich of Chicago, Tobin of Newark, Wuerl of Washington and McElroy), six supportive of Viganò (Konderla of Tulsa, Olmsted of Phoenix, Strickland of Tyler, Texas, Chaput of Philadelphia, Schneider of Kazakhstan and Morino.)"

    In the supportive group, they have omitted the names of Cardinal Burke and Monsignor Jean-François Lantheaume, the former first counsellor at the apostolic nunciature in Washington D.C.
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    Finally, (with the release of Abp Vigano's testimony), here is someone tying up all the various strange stories that we heard about the Vatican going-ons in the days before Pope Benedict XVI's resignation. His analysis substantiates what we knew in our hearts, that Pope Benedict did not resign of his own accord. His Holiness was forced into it. God attested to it with that lightning strike on St Peter's that day.
    So, I pray that we will soon discover that Pope Benedict is the true pope after all.
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    We all need to take a lesson from Dr Marshall IMO.

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