The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart - Fr. Gobbi

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    Yes. I see that.

    I am very grateful for all the discussion on here about Fr Rodrigue. I have looked before and found nothing.

    Happy Feast of Our Lady of Carmel
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    We have tumbled deep into Relativism, Modernism (at root a denial that the Truth can be known), and solipsism (an inability to reason with anyone at all, for each has his own "truth").

    It's all contrary to nature itself and to Faith.

    It has always been taught and held and widely understood that if a prophecy -- and here we are talking about MANY prophecies -- is false, the prophet is false. This is NOT a matter of opinion. Opinionation is the effect of all this Relativism, which has infected the whole Church especially the hierarchy but also the whole Body of Christ.

    To attack the rules of discernment is to attack Reason itself, Truth Himself at a fundamental level. It is to make oneself god and sole arbiter which is the essence of the cult of Luciferianism.

    I say this only as observation and hopefully a warning for some.

    I am very glad to see folks on here esteem Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Revelation. They are safe. Be safe. Carmel is safe also.

    From this Rodrigue controversy, I have learned that I am very very happy with the Sacred Heart (Our Refuge esp in these times of darkness and confusion) and the Immaculate Heart. I need no more than these. The Eucharist for me is enough and to pray with Carmel.

    And as a note, I too have received great graces through numerous false devotions. It is no sign of their authenticity. God has better things for you.

    Pax Christi
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    The Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart are our safe refuge. I was listening to Father Ripperger today about spiritually preparing for these times. He speaks of the need to detach from things. He says the surest sign of an unhealthy attachment is anger when we are asked to let go of it. He warned against emotion. Just because something feels right or brings consolation does not guarantee that it is good. It must be evaluated using right reason and the traditional teaching of the Church.
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    I just saw this. Thanks. And that article is very informative esp on millenarianism. I didn't know of that reply from the CDF.

    As a note, I know many groups that began with one seemingly true and even approved mystic. Within months, everyone of these persons or groups started believing and promulgating a host of contradictory (within each other) mystics. Several (like Picarreti's) lead to schism and very grave spiritual nightmares, well documented and reported for decades. I have experienced a couple myself. This is very very dangerous stuff. Demons are involved. As one of the chief promoters of "The Precious Blood" devotion told me herself, they have problems with arch demons. But amazingly they still do not stop. Sts. Theresa of Avila and John of the Cross both note there are some spiritual gluttonies that are incurable. Scary stuff.

    They have no clue what they are getting into. And many of these are very sincere and wonderful folks. But people keep falsely stating we shouldn't judge or use discernment or attack other's opinions. They don't even know they're using the devil's own "reasoning." The devil doesn't want you to think or judge or use reason. He just wants you to experience and feel......and then he has you. And he is a lot more clever than that. The fiend has a whoke arsenal of tricks. The only cure is humility and obedience, two things he can't do and the latter he hates. But most of all humbly going to Our Lady.
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