The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart - Fr. Gobbi

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    When asked about the “Triumph”, Fr. Gobbi said, ““…Our Lady does not build this triumph of God all at once from one evening to the following morning, almost like a magical trick … Our Lady builds the triumph of her Immaculate Heart during these times, in these years in which Satan has built his own. In order to build his triumph, Satan has formed the cohort of the most powerful at every level of diabolical and masonic forces … Our Lady, being the little servant of the Lord, builds her cohort in silence, and she hides it for now in every part of the world. It is formed by the littlest ones, by the poorest – those who say ‘yes’ and who live for the glory of God …. Our Lady impresses her spirit within her little children. This is where her Immaculate Heart triumphs. For now she keeps it hidden. When the time will come – and for me it is the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 – she will lift her mantle, and a cohort formed in every part of the world will be seen: her Marian Movement of Priests formed by the bishops, the priests and the faithful. At that moment, she will say:

    ‘This is the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world.’ ” (Fr. Gobbi, August 4, 1999)

    In his letter of clarification, Fr. Gobbi acknowledges that the prophecy can also retain its first meaning – that the triumph did occur during the great Jubilee Year. He points to three very important events which took place during the Jubilee Year and which are related to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

    1) The beatification of the shepherd children, Jacinta and Francisco, by the Pope in Fatima on May 13, 2000.

    2) The publication of the third secret of Fatima in the month of June.

    3) The solemn act of entrustment to Our Lady of Fatima which the Pope made on Sunday, October 8th, with the bishops who were present for their Jubilee, in which he consecrated the Church and humanity at the beginning of the third millennium.

    In these events is seen another triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the fact that the whole Church has, in a special way, reaffirmed the importance of the message of Fatima and the consecration to Our Lady. Remember that it is at Fatima that she said, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” And those who are in her Heart will share in this triumph of hers.

    “The triumph will be realized through a new birth of Jesus in hearts and souls." (cf. #890)
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    I'm not sure how anyone can say with a straight face that Our Lady has already triumphed; seriously? Have you looked around the world today? Even for a few seconds?

    For all that the good father was, he certainly wasn't a prophet - almost (and maybe all) every single one of his predictions have failed.

    Also shows another red mark on the report card for the countdown to the kingdom's discernment.
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  3. Franciscan

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    Father Gobbi is quite the mystery to me. I remember reading the messages each year as they came out in the annual supplements from the Marian Movement of Priests. It all seemed to good, theologically sound, and had widespread support. But then the messages that were linked to timeframes all failed.

    I do not think Fr. Gobbi intentionally misled people unlike Brother/Father Gino who had the purported stigmata and then turned out to be a pedaphile.

    In any event, may he rest in peace. Our Lady's Triumph will happen one day for sure.
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    It is not the FULFILLMENT of the Triumph, but it has begun.
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    You cannot look at the messages as a timeline. God works in mysterious ways and many times we cannot see the forest through the trees, but it doesn't mean that His work has not already begun.
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  6. Frodo

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    Actually, that isn't what the message said:

    "I [Mary] confirm to you that, by the great jubilee of the year two thousand, there will take place the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, of which I foretold you at Fatima, and this will come to pass with the return of Jesus in glory, to establish his Reign in the world. Thus you will at last be able to see with your own eyes the new heavens and the new earth"

    Notice there isn't anywhere in that "message" that says begins... This is a great example of a flat out prophetic miss - and a blatant one at that.

    And it isn't the only one. Many, many more are listed here:
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  7. Jackie

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    I went to Conyers and was converted, reverted. Is someone going to trash it? Isn’t it something, I know I was in the state of mortal sin, on that day, dead in mortal sin! Our Lady and above her, God the Holy Spirit helped me.

    I am most grateful for private revelation, it is such a help to keep going, to keep believing God’s love.
  8. lynnfiat

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    I was at Conyers for Nancy’s last apparition and I could tell you an amazing story, but certain people who do not believe would only post so,etching negative, so I will remain silent. But, I do believe very much in Fr. Gobbi and Nancy Fowler - among others.
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    This is from Ronald Conte, Catholic Planet, but this was also a statement made by Fr. Roux, ex-National Director of MMP:
    When Mary said that these events 'reached their completion,' she meant that the preparations for those future events were completed, so that the events could then begin. Again, she speaks of a long series of events by indicating the starting point of that series of events. This last decade, ending with the year 1999 (or some would say 2000), was the last years of the Second Advent (from the 2000th anniversary of the Immaculate Conception in 1970, to the birth of the great monarch in 1997, to the Jubilee Year 2000 (which began with Advent of 1999).

    Notice that Mary says only that it is 'a very important decade,' not the last decade ever, not so important as to mark the Return of Christ. Notice that in speaking about this decade, she refers to the Second Advent and its completion, but not to the completion of every time period and every event.

    I have been told that Fr. Gobbi, some years before 2000, thought and openly taught that Christ would return before the year 2000 (or in the year 2000?). It is not uncommon for someone receiving a private revelation, not to understand portions of that revelation. For example, the king who received a revelation from God in the Book of Daniel could not understand its meaning and needed Daniel to interpret it for him. In another example, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich misunderstood some of her own private revelations. In yet another example, it is clear that the early Christians misunderstood the revelation in Scripture, thinking that Christ would return in their own generation.

    The triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart in the year 2000 refers to that year as the start of a long series of events, eventually culminating in the Return of Christ with Mary hundreds of years later.

    There is no need to reply to me regarding Fr. Gobbi whom I consider a true messenger of Our Blessed Mother. You could NEVER convince me otherwise! Lynne
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  10. "will come to pass"......only w/ "the return of Jesus in glory"......Thus, you "will" at last be able to heavens and the new earth. Still in the future, obviously, since the triumph of Her heart works in conjunction with the Divine Will; it alone is NOT an end in itself but is only the beginning since these current times leading to the New Era are to now be under the "Queen and Mother of the End Times". Many messages and prophecies join together, from same Source, to explain what is contained in this one message among many. Don't get stuck on a tree for the entire forest!!
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  11. Frodo

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    You guys are too much. :D If a seer claims Our Lady confirms that the Triumph will take place in the year 2000 (some 20 years ago!) and will come to pass with the return of her Son - and it doesn't happen - you know well that it wasn't out Lady to begin with. The message is literally 2 sentences that predicts the triumph twenty years ago where we will see the return of Jesus in Glory. I know you can't see it, but it is clear to anyone truly looking and praying. I fear that you are too far gone the rabbit hole.

    My postings here aren't to convince you, but to warn others. Be careful of what some here are pushing. and be especially careful of the "prophetic consensus" being trumpeted around this forum by some. Thread by thread and post by post this "prophetic consensus" is being revealed for what it is - a sham.
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  12. The ENTIRE "prophetic consensus" is....."a sham"! must then conceive of your own self as some type of oracle over all others!! Perhaps a bit too much hutzpah there!
  13. Dolours

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    Thank you, Frodo, for being a voice of reason.
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    Charlie Johnson, he also said, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart occurred. It was in 2017, with a"Rev. 12" sign in the skies. Now, the effects are around us, but we just haven't noticed them yet. (Edited) This is similar, to the argument about Fr. Gobbi's prophecy, from Daniel O'Connor.
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  15. AED

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    Sigh. Just a long sigh.(n)
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  16. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Frodo, you don't seem to understand the reality that God is not constrained to time. It is always the present moment in God.

    The future, the past and the present moment are always before God Who sees all, knows all, and only waits for us to get on board.

    Our Lady's Immaculate Heart has already Triumphed in the Eternal Now. Our hope is to be counted among those who are under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Are we not told in the Bible every word that comes from the mouth of God is already done. We just have to hope and pray we are alive to see it fulfilled.
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  17. John R

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    I have to warn those who wish to be warned about Fr. Gobbi also.

    Rick Salbato closed the case many years ago. He found that the messages and prophecies were changed in the various editions.

    Fr Gobbi was required to admit the messages did not come from Our Lady.

    Finally I used to pray the Gobbi rosary weekly with some friends at Chapel just to please them but cpuld not after several serious distortions.

    This link is pretty conclusive
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  18. Luan Ribeiro

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    could someone confirm me if he predicted the rise of the anti-pope in the Church in 1998, i remember reading about it, but i haven't found the message now.
  19. AED

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    Well...this a big pill to digest. I know about Brother Gino. In the early 80's he was all the rage among traditional Catholics so hungry for truth. I found out later the sad truth. I had NO idea Fr Gobbi was associated with him. All of this makes me incredibly sad. Sad sad sad.
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    Mother Angelica had Fr. Gobbi on her show and she certainly believed in him. Perhaps you can pull up a video of that show where you will see him kneeling in front of the statue of Our Lady and praying. Years ago I saw him at a conference in Florida, and can tell you that he is one of the most humble Priests I have ever seen. Holy Pope Saint John Paul II also believed in him. All the Priests who belong to the Marian Movement of Priests (I know many of them) are some of the most holy, humble Priests on the planet and all have great devotions to Our Blessed Mother - this I can also attest to. I can also say that there is nothing but holiness that comes from being a member of MMP, and I have attended several cenacles. If you don’t have Our Lady’s messages to this holy Priest, I suggest you read them and discern for yourself. Don’t just read one persons opinion on the internet. Judge by the fruits and not one mans opinion. Also, I do not believe he ever said that the messages were not from Our Lady and I have read everything coming from the MMP headquarters. God bless.
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