The Trevignano Romano apparitions

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    Can anyone give me insights to its validity and prophecies ? Thank you Glenn
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    Apparently at this point they are unapproved:

    This is not surprising considering that they only began in 2016.

    The strange happenings began when she returned from Medjugorje, so depending upon how one views that alleged series of apparitions will probably color how this one is perceived.

    I try to be as open as I can, but reading about them I would lean toward skepticism. The "blood words" on her arms seem particularly disturbing. I have never seen anything like that before in an approved apparition.
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    Thank you for your input.
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  6. Glenn

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    I have just started reading all of her messages, not done yet, making notes along the way. I thought this was an old term used in today world. I'll et you know when Im done.
    Trevignano Romano 11 May 2019
    Gather in prayer cenacles in your families. Hear the winds of war that are not just atomic bombs, but the war of the world has already begun. Now, I leave you with my maternal blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen ”.
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  7. indaiatubano

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    The Gisella Cardia Conflict Relating to Discernment -

  8. PurpleFlower

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    I have discerned these apparitions to be false.
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  9. Glenn

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    Any thing specific that lead you to that conclusion ?
  10. Glenn

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    The most interesting comment he made was that the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus & the statue of Mary, (which had blood coming down from the eyes), were tested, and BOTH came back as a "man's blood". Hmmm ?
  11. Glenn

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    I have found some unusual language. Many of the messages uses the phrase " pray alot ". I would think the creator of the Universe would have a more eliquent way of expressing that idea (maybe its just me).
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  12. Glenn

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    Trevignano Romano 20 February 2021
    Message from Jesus

    Why do you insist with the things of the world? Forgive, love, have charity, do not be indifferent. My Spirit is among you and will stay with you. My children, stay together more than before, help each other because soon all will be lost. The fire and water are preparing, but you will be kidnapped by my Angels and taken to a safe place until it resurrects as a paradise: in a daughter-in-law she was, in a new earth, with new heavens. Follow me and in my footsteps, I am the truth, the way and the life. This home is blessed, where my angels will dwell to protect you. My children, do not be afraid of anything, I have marked you one by one, as Satan has marked his faithful. Children, how many souls have you gathered to me, how many souls! Now I will go through one by one to bless you, kneel and bow your head, have eternal life, in the name of the Father, in My name and in the Holy Spirit, Amen.

    Your dear Jesus Um, ( Catholics don’t believe in the Rapture)
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  13. Glenn

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    Trevignano Romano 06 March 2021
    Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call in your heart. Beloved children, you ask yourself, why does my Son cry tears of blood? Know that Jesus is sad, saddened by this humanity which is called to salvation, but which does not respond to his call. By now my children, today the time of Mercy has closed, invoke the Lord so that he may have mercy on you, I offer my tears myself for you.

    Well just from a "Garabandal stand point" , the " Warning & Miracle" were going to be the last "act of Mercy " by God for a chance to repent.
  14. Glenn

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    In response to my own post, this thought came to mind . I did research on the Shroud of Turin many years ago, for a reason . It is not a coincidence that the blood on the Shroud is type AB ,the same found on the scientific examination of the first Eucharist miracle in Lanciano,Italy. Now wouldn't they test that blood type on the picture to see if its AB, as a confirmation ?
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  15. PurpleFlower

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    The blood writing on Gisella's arms, the always impending doom and gloom that keeps saying something is about to happen but then it never does, the assurances that good people will escape everything... The obsession with talking about satan... A lot of the same stuff that turned me away from Fr Rodriguez even before he was proven to be lying.
  16. SteveD

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    I have recently become interested in the many claims by Evangelicals and Pentecostalists that they receive clear communications from heaven about dilemmas and situations in their lives. Sometimes these claims are of clear verbal advice/instructions and others of strangers who are apparently aware of their need and provide clear advice. I believe some of these claims and was particularly interested in two claims that men who had become committed Christians after joining the Freemasons being clearly told that they must leave while still being convinced that the organisation is benevolent. They both did leave and one stood up and denounced the organisation as Satanic in a full lodge meeting! These people seem to be unanimous in saying that we must expect to receive guidance and not to make a decision until it comes and then (most importantly) to act upon it.

    Now, to the point. I have after saying my Rosary occasionally opened 'The Imitation of Christ' at random and asked for guidance about a matter. The last time I did this was to seek guidance about Fr Michel Rodrigue and the response seemed to be clear and negative (as reported here). When I read some of the claimed messages of Gisella Cardia, it occurred to me that they were of such potential importance that God would be unlikely to ignore a plea for guidance if sincerely sought. I had intended to apply my usual (though sparingly used) method with the Rosary and 'The Imitation'. Having made that decision, I took up a book that I have been reading which is an account of the wartime experiences of a German soldier on the eastern front and the first sentence that I read referred to a false report that the writer had been killed in action and how worried he was that his girlfriend, Gisella, might have received the news of his death before it could be corrected. I was stunned at the co-incidence of names and do regard this as an endorsement of her claims though I understand that others will not agree.
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  17. 333

    333 Our Lady of Fatima

    At times, God uses whatever He wills to communicate to us. I believe you but I would have interpreted your last communication as a negative for Gisella
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  18. PurpleFlower

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    I would be careful with "signs" like these that don't directly tell you anything and aren't found in the context of prayer and scripture. Unfortunately, the devil can use little coincidences like these too, and we can also easily misinterpret things.
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    Yes. I have done exactly that.
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  20. PurpleFlower

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    Me too
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