The Tocsin of Alarum

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    My grandfather [born 1899] was raised by his grandmother
    and an aunt. He went off to fight in the First World War and
    when he returned in late 1918 both his granny and aunt
    had died from the Spanish Flu. He also lost an uncle and
    a cousin to the flu, four immediate family members and
    we were not a bif family.

    So a flu pandemic is a terrible thing so hopefully they can
    contain this but at some time a flu pandemic will come
    as is it is inevitable
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    I was reading your post Garabandal and realised that an outbreak has occured in Mexico. This could spread like wildfire across the world.
    They seem to be taking precautions on all levels-lets hope they contain it.

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    I think this clip is of relevance also watch all the clips on flu in this section. Nothing happens by accident.


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    This is very close to home – Mexico and California both border Arizona.

    Full text of article here: ... _article=1

    a disturbing virus that combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before

    Are human hands behind this? Genetic engineering?

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