The Timing of the Tribulation.

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    Mystics of the Church

    Jesus reveals the timing of the Tribulation

    Posted: 29 Jul 2020 07:54 AM PDT

    Jesus, the Savior of the World
    The Warning, the Miracle, the AntiChrist and the coming of the Kingdom

    (The following is a guest article written by a Catholic friend named Brian who is a watchman of the Lord, a 'Voice crying out in the wilderness.'
    -May God reward him for his efforts in preparing God's people for Thy Kingdom Come!)

    Dear brethren in Christ “If you have ears, then, hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Rev 3:6)

    In 1931, Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke a few short words that are the key to understanding that our world is now in the days of the Book of Revelation. Seriously, I hear you ask?! Yes, seriously. It was a message as significant as telling Noah to build an ark; all the world’s people thought that Noah was nuts, during the years that Noah spent building it; would you be any different? I can hear the jokes: “That crazy guy just out of town is building a boat. We don’t even have any lakes around here, and his boat is massive! He’s a nobody around here; that’s why everybody calls him a No-er!”

    Imagine the days of Amos the prophet (in the eighth century BC). Amos was a farmer; a hick from Hicksville! He travelled to a country called Israel, where the people thought they were living a great life. There were no wars with neighbours, the land was providing in abundance, and they were living the high life and feeling like they would live forever. What’s more, they even attended church services, religiously. “Go home country bumpkin, they said. We don’t need any prophets of doom. Take your sour message back home!” They insulted the farmer, who said he was sent by God; so, they named him God’s country bumpkin, saying, “You AM an OutSider, so we will call you AMos.” But the religious people were not religious at heart; they cared not for widows and orphans, but only for their own pleasure and entertainment. And God wiped that country off the face of the earth.

    The Book of Amos (verse 3:7) informs us: “The sovereign Lord never does anything without revealing His plan to His servants, the prophets.” Jesus has told us His plans, and they are as drastic as in the days of Noah and Amos. But “Why?”, you ask. “Our world is not the same as in those days”, you say. “Surely God sees how we care for one another. The Carona Virus is a great example. We social distance. We obey the law and stay home when we are told. Some of us work as health professionals and care for those who get sick.” But God says “I see you caring for the hundreds of thousands who are dying from this virus. But many of you are caring only from selfish motives, to protect yourselves. And who is caring for the elderly you have hidden away in aged care homes. But worst of all is the abomination of over a hundred thousand of my children being murdered each day through abortion. I have many faithful children; they pray and fast and make sacrifices for the sake of others, trying desperately to save the souls of those who do not know me – though many think they do. I will save my faithful children from the dreadful days of destruction I am sending upon the earth. I will rid the earth of all the evil that I abhor.”

    As a watchman of the Lord (Is 21:6, Ez 3:17), I share this document for your discernment. Are you one of God’s faithful people? If so, know that time is short. The aim of this paper is to tell you what little time is left, and how to arm you to save yourselves and your loved ones.
    Many people quote Jesus’s words “No one knows the day nor the hour.” But Jesus was referring to the time of His return, which is not the subject of most current prophecy – though some people think it is. Rather, current prophecy is concerned with God’s response to each Christian’s prayer in the Our Father, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as in heaven.”

    God speaks well in advance, such as the prophet Micah saying that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born around 800 years later. So, there is no need to examine the multitude of present-day prophets and false prophets. Instead, consider what God has revealed in the past, particularly in trusted apparitions of Jesus and Mary that shed light on our present time. Why Mary? Read on and see for yourself.
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    Apparitions of Jesus and Mary
    Before speaking of specific dates in our time, take note of the momentum building to our time. There has been a distinct increase in apparitions of Mary in recent centuries. This is in keeping with what Jesus Our Lord has stated, that He seeks devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary “Because the love of this heart attracts souls to Me”.
    In 1610, Our Lady of Good Success forewarned that in the 19th and 20th centuries there would be a breakdown of Godly customs, and that Satan will reign through Masonic sects. (The Freemasons were first formally established in 1717, in England, and are behind Marxism, Communism, and Modernism, all of which are a variation on atheism and treat man as his own God.)
    In the years of Our Lord, apart from 1610, there appears very few widely reported apparitions of Mary, until 1830 in France (when Our Lady requested the Miraculous Medal), 1840 (when Mary requested the green scapular devotion to her Immaculate Heart), 1846 at La Salette (when Our Lady wept about troubling times to come, unfaithful clergy, and chastisements upon the world), 1858 at Lourdes (when God – through Mary - provided the healing waters to remind people of His faithful love), and 1879 at Knock - where God reminded us of the message of the Eucharist, with Jesus as the sacrificial lamb, and drew attention to Rev 5:6 “a lamb standing in the centre of the throne”.
    In 1846 Jesus requested the red scapular devotion to His Sacred Heart, and in 1930 Jesus requested that Saint Sr Faustina promote devotion to the Divine Mercy, and Jesus said that if people do not enter by the door of His mercy, they will enter by the door of His justice.

    In the 1900’s, the main event was the 1917 apparitions at Fatima, with the Miracle of the sun, the like of which has not been seen since ancient biblical times. Also noteworthy is Garabandal, with the miracles of Rosaries being returned to their correct owners – giving attention to the Rosary.

    Now in the 21st century, there are numerous reported apparitions of Mary, around the world. There are also many statues of Jesus and Mary that are reported to be weeping blood, whereas in the 20th century they were usually weeping tears, such as Mary did at La Salette. The increase in apparition frequency, the weeping of statues, and the change from tears to blood, all indicate a building climax.
    However, the above details do not indicate any specific timing. For this, it is useful to firstly review the apparitions associated with Fatima.

    Fatima and related apparitions
    Wikepedia states that all nine popes since 1917 (including Pope Francis) have expressed their belief in the authenticity of the Fatima apparitions.

    Those apparitions included Mary’s 1917 statement that she would later appear to request the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. This provided time for the Church to prepare. On June 12th, 1929, Mary made her later appearance – together with the Divine Trinity (source: Mary stated “the moment has come for Godto ask the Holy Father to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart.” The Fatima website states that the consecration did not promptly occur, and as a result, Our Lord appeared on August 19th, 1931, and said “make it known to my ministers that given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, they will follow him also into misfortune.”
    So, what happened to the King of France? In 1689, Jesus appeared to Marguerite Marie Alacoque requesting that the King consecrate France to The Sacred Heart. 100 years to the day, after the request, the consecration had not occurred, the French Republic arose, and France became an atheistic nation. The 100-year period is similar to Genesis Chapter 6, which indicates that Noah built the ark over a 100-year period; thereby giving humanity 100 years of warning before the flood. (Note: Protestant sites listed later in this paper strangely report a 120 year period.)

    The Vatican website… in the document “The Message of Fatima”, states that:
    • -Sr Lucia of Fatima personally confirmed that Pope John Paul II’s 25th March 1984 consecration of the world, with mention of Russia satisfied Mary’s request; and
    • -the consecration of Russia did not occur in time to prevent Russia from spreading her errors throughout the world.
    In contrast to the Vatican website, the Fatima website states that Lucia has repeatedly said that Mary’s request was NOT fulfilled in 1984, because there was no special ceremony of reparation specifically in regard to Russia, and because the Bishops of the world were not acting in concert with Rome - in their own dioceses. Mary’s 1929 request for the consecration of Russia required consecration by all the bishops of the world (potentially all bishops of all catholic churches, not just Roman Catholic bishops), on the same day and time in their own dioceses; this did not occur.

    Other websites (e.g. Sensus Fidelum) indicate that a united consecration is unlikely to occur, possibly due to popes being blackmailed or due to infiltration of Freemasonry (members and/or ideology) into the magisterium (e.g. as stated by a USA woman who claims to be a former member of the Freemasons) – with the result that some bishops will refuse to perform the consecration. (For such bishops, an automatic excommunication or expulsion from the office of Bishop might ensure that all ‘bishops’ do perform the consecration.) Mary stated that Russia would either be an instrument of chastisement or of blessing, depending on when the consecration occurs.

    In any event, it was in 1931 that Jesus indicated that the Magisterium’s delay in “execution” had already sealed their fate. Jesus used a noteworthy choice of words, given that the King of France was executed; as such, the same may be expected for the Pope, and such an execution has been revealed in the vision that is the third part of the 1917 secret of Fatima.

    As such, we can expect a significant event to occur 100 years after the 1929 request, i.e. on June 12th2029. And we can expect this event to lead to an end to the papacy, or at least the papacy established by the true Christ. Incidentally, the King of France and other leaders were not immediately executed; as such, our Pope and others will likely be executed after June 12th 2029.
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    Expected consequences of the consecration of Russia

    The True Story of Fatima” explains that consecration is a setting apart, and outlines the benefits of doing so. My analogy of this is that Pope John Paul II’s consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart is like the prophet Samuel going to Jesse’s house and anointing all of Jesse’s sons, instead of anointing just David, as God instructed; thereby foiling God’s plans to reveal David as His chosen one. In a similar way, by consecrating the world, John Paul II has not achieved what God intends. God’s plan is for consecration to precede a miraculous intervention in Russia (like David killing Goliath or Our Lady of Hope stopping the Prussian army in 1870) that would result in Russia becoming a *“Catholic” country, thereby providing a witness to the world, leading to reunification of Christian churches – most especially the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and the Anglican. The consecration of Russia is – therefore – a means of saving souls. Whereas the current delay may be saving temporal bodies but is at the cost of immortal souls across the world.

    *Note: The Eastern Orthodox Church does not share all the Roman Catholic Church Marian dogmas. As such, conversion of Russia to RomanCatholicism (which is currently a minor religion in Russia) would be a miraculous means by which God increases devotion to Mary. However, it would be also miraculous for the Russian Orthodox Church to join in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

    Further Points about 2029 and Fatima
    Just as France changed from being a Catholic kingdom to an atheistic republic, the end of the papacy opens the door to an apostate Church, foretold in the Book of Revelation, in conjunction with the rule of The Antichrist - prophesied to be Christ’s age (30 year old) when he comes to power (Is 3:4).

    To prevent the above, Mary’s apparition messages called for repentance, penance, and a return to Eucharistic adoration; Mary warned of chastisements if her messages were not heeded. In regard to chastisements, the “Miracle of the Sun” at Fatima (and repeated at Aopke, Nigeria) included what witnesses saw as the sun hurtling towards the earth. This was potentially a forewarning of Rev 6:12-14 and several verses in Rev 8, e.g. verse 10 “A large star, burning like a torch, dropped from the sky and fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water.” Scientists have advised that these verses can all be attributed to a single comet, with fragments of that comet crashing into the earth.

    Scientists have discovered a comet that was predicted to hit the earth in April 2029, the same year as the 100-year anniversary of Mary’s request for Russia’s consecration. Updated scientific advice is that the comet will be a very near miss event, which is still potentially close enough to cause the effects listed in Revelation chapter 6, if parts of the comet break off. Refer, for example to CNN’s article Apophis god of death, Four Comets, or to a You Tube clip containing a mix of faith message and scientific input . See also NASA’s plans.

    The Apophis comet, expected in April 2029, is expected to be visible to the naked eye two years before then (in 2027), and visible by telescope two years before that (in 2025). So, we can expect increasing focus of mankind’s attention on that event and concern across the world about how close the comet will be; speculation, trepidation, and prophecieswhether Revelation chapter 6 (and – therefore – other chapters in the book of Revelation) are being fulfilled. This could lead to both an increase in church attendance and in persecution against the Church, as fear-based reactions.

    On a related note, Is 24:1 tells us that the earth’s crust will shift in these last days. It is said that in an apparition, Jesus stated that “evil men” are planning to detonate nuclear weapons in an effort to cause an impact event, by shifting the earth’s axis – causing a change in the earth’s rotation.
    Scientists name each comet. The CNN article above states that this comet is named “Apophis … an Egyptian serpent god hell-bent on devouring the sun”. This aligns with the dragon / serpent of Rev 12, particularly verse 4 that says the dragon sought to devour the child (Jesus, “the son” of God) as soon as it was born.
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    Websites stating that we are in the days of the Book of Revelation
    There are various websites that outline what Jesus has said in the Gospels about the world’s situation in the “end times”, and those websites indicate a belief that we are in those times. See the following introductory YouTube clips:
    (Adventist World Radio)
    (Prophetic Word, The End of Times, by Dr. Sandra Kennedy)

    Those clips and the associated websites are informative, but I did not notice dates. Even so, a few observations are useful, largely based on the above clips. (Note: the last two clips both referred to a 120 period for Noah’s ark, whereas Genesis chapter 6 indicates a 100 year period.)

    Jesus said that the end will come after the Gospel has reached the ends of the earth (Mt 24:14). In our modern age, it seems reasonable to believe we are either at that point or very close to it.

    Jesus indicated that the world in the end times would be similar to the days of Noah (Mt 24:37). The above websites outline why they believe we have reached that point.

    Although all the three sites referenced provide useful insight, the CountdownToTheKingdom site appears more accurate, is Catholic based, and speaks about God’s provision for His flock through these times. The web site’s speakers say that God wants every age to act as though the end is near, so that we have a fire for evangelisation. However, their above YouTube clip outlines why they believe we truly are at the end of this present age, with statements of an extreme darkness of our age or that the coming of The Kingdom is imminent, from a century of papal statements (from Pope Leo XIII to Pope Francis) and statements by Catholic mystics. They warn of a growing apostacy in the Church, and include Vatican approved prophecies from around the world stating both that we are in the days of The Antichrist and that Jesus is coming in our lifetime.

    Jesus spoke of the end times being like a woman in labour, and that the end will come suddenly; such that early warning signs will be quite different from the final labour. Just as Braxton Hicks contractions often precede childbirth, current world upheavals will be mild compared to what is prophesied; e.g. we currently have poor crops due to a world scale loss of topsoil, whereas in the final stage, we will have poor crops because of shifting of the earth’s crust.

    The shift in crust is elsewhere prophesied to be very quick (such as in an hour or a day), and move countries from hot climates to cold and vice versa. The time to prepare for this is now, because we can already see the Braxton Hicks signs. (There is also positive prophecy about this crustal shift.)

    Other Significant Timing
    God clearly chose St John of Kronstadt (born 1829) to figure in the subject matter of this paper. He was known as “the pastor of all Russia”, a Russian Orthodox archpriest (and Russian Synod member, canonised by the Russian Orthodox church), with reported healing miracles while he was still alive!

    St John’s 1901 vision, as shown on YouTube, is about the end times. The first part of the vision included the following years being written on a wall: 1913, 1914, 1917, 1922, 1924, and 1934. This seems to represent years of world impacting miracles (though I don’t know about 1913) as follows:

    1914: The “First Battle of the Marne” (in France) was considered miraculous as it changed the course of WWI (after ongoing Allied defeats); it involved heavily outnumbered allies routing the Germans (reminiscent of Jos 5:14). This was also the year of the Miracle of the WWI Christmas truce.

    1917: The (first) Miracle of the Sun, at Fatima.
    Given God’s 100-year period of grace that I previously mentioned, the years 1922, 1924, and 1934 would actually represent 2022, 2024, and 2034. A potential scenario of these years (in line with the order of events on the CountDownToTheKingdom website, which references the seven seals of Revelation chapter 6) is as below:

    2022 - If Russia has NOT been consecrated: God miraculouslyintervenes in a nuclear war to prevent mankind’s demise. To think that the war commences suddenly is to miss the fact that the world has been in a state of war for over a century. Pope Francishas stated that the world is already in WW3, in a piecemeal way, and Jesusmessages state that Covid 19 is part of that war. After the war, the CountdownToTheKingdom site predicts global economic and social breakdown and global famine.

    2022 - If Russia’s consecration has occurred: Russia will miraculously convert, leading to reunification of other Christian churches. In addition, global economic and social breakdown and global famine might be deferred till the 2024 to 2034 period; however, note that lawlessness is increasing across the globe, with growing disrespect of all civil and religious authority and of life itself. (Nb: Is 3:1-5)

    2024: Various persons (including Our Lady of Garabandal) have advised of “The Warning”, in which every person will at the same time see the state of their soul, as God sees it. Some people believe The Warning will occur in February, but the year is unknown. After the warning, Conchita Gonzales – a visionary at Garabandal – has stated that Mary has told her the date of a miracle at Garabandal in which all sick who are there will be cured and atheists will be converted. Conchita has said:
    - Mary has told her to announce the date of the miracle only eight days in advance (and that it will be after the warning) (Note: Conchita was born 7 Feb 1949, so will be 75 years of age in Feb 2024);
    - after the miracle, God will provide a permanent sign in the pine trees at Garabandal.
    Due to an anticipated February date of the warning, some Garabandal commentators expect the miracle to appear in the following April or May.

    At the time of The Warning, believers and those who accept Christ will receive the mark of the Holy Spirit. Satan will seek to superimpose this with the mark of the beast. A likely candidate (biblically speaking) is a current international patent, lodged in the USA, for technology to be used on humans, with patent number 060606(which can easily be read as 666, the number of the beast in Rev 13:18).

    The CountdownToTheKingdom site includes prophecies that after the warning:
    - non-catholics will convert and flood the Catholic Church (the Church that most honours Our Lady);
    - priests will be needed in the confessional 24/7, and Catholic instruction and masses will also be needed en-masse. This indicates a need for the Church to prepare in advance for those days.
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    Thank you, I look forward to watching.:)
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  7. Mark1

    Mark1 Archangels there anyone out there, besides me, who finds the current unfolding events of madness as well as these prophecies of economic chaos, famine, plague, deadly comets and the very Earth spinning off it's axis to be wildly disturbing, upsetting and terrifying to contemplate? I mean..maybe it's the OCD in me, but I think about it morning, noon, night and inbetween. Sure we're not supposed to worry. But easier said than done. And I guess it bugs me that if the world or Russia is consecrated incorrectly, it appears we "all" suffer. But what bothers me is that the inaction of the few in church hierarchy appears to be taken out on the rest of us...who have no control over what they do. It's a good thing I don't drink, because with what's going on and what is potentially "supposed" to go on would have me sloshed 24/7!
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    I try really hard not to get caught up in the mania around us. It is coming from all sides it seems. Before covid I was so busy it was easier to not think about it because, well, I was always on the run. But since the lockdowns my life has become much simpler and not all the running around to this meeting or that practice. It is good and bad. Now I have more time to think. Sometimes what is going on really bothers me and I panic a bit. Sometimes I am able to turn it off. I do a lot of faith

    In the end, I am 1 small lay person who literally has no control except over myself. I try to go to confession regularly and receive communion regularly . I find myself praying more and that has calmed me too. We have to remain in the boat and calm and that is difficult, some days more than others. I try and remember Jesus' words to the apostles when the boat was sloshing around violently and the apostles were afraid, and he calmed the sea and asked did the apostles have no faith? (Mark 4: 38-41). And I say a St. Michael's prayer and try to calm down. We can only pray and stay in a state of grace and receive the Sacraments, when possible. :) It is hard to do but Christianity is hard most times.
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    I'm sorry you are being afflicted with this Mark. Here is a wonderful scripture to repeat and stand on: "He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee."
    Try to practice His Presence because He is truly is with you. Also St John tells us that perfect love casts out fear. I figure Our Lady has perfect love so I ask her to hide me in her Immaculate Heart and when fear comes sniffing around to cast it out.and of course Jesus Himself tells us today has enough troubles. We shouldn't go chasing after troubles that may never happen. Worry is not of God. (I have fought this all my life so I am very sympathetic)
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    I think that much of it is hype. Bear in mind that "prophecy" can be a lucrative business especially in the US. The virus lockdowns have resulted in the suspension of seminars and other similar gatherings as well as guided pilgrimages, so some well known Catholics may be turning to the internet to supplement their income. It's likely, too, that the hype will be ramped up in the US as the election approaches.

    Fr. Alar's video above is probably the most accurate from a Catholic perspective although he did throw in references to some visionaries whose visions may or may not be accurate. Fr. Alar explains that "The Tribulation" is a Protestant belief as is "The Rapture" and a future 1,000 years of peace. The 1,000 years began with the Resurrection of Jesus. There will be no interim second coming of Christ before He returns to judge the living and the dead at the General Judgement. There certainly will be persecution and great apostasy and a mass conversion of the Jews before Jesus returns. The conversion of the Jews won't happen until the "full complement"of the Gentiles has been brought into the Church and we aren't there yet. There may or may not be a chastisement but I don't believe that's set in stone and it isn't the same as the persecution during the reign of the Anti-Christ.

    From a Catholic perspective, things are looking bad in various parts of the world but there are also parts of the world where the Church is strong and growing. Imagine if you had lived in the Middle East when that region fell to the Muslims and there was an East/West split in the Church. I'm sure that people in that region thought the end was nigh. But it wasn't. European Catholics probably thought the same during the persecutions by the Protestants. We haven't nearly reached that stage yet, and the reign of the Anti-Christ will be far worse. If our countries are falling into apostasy, we will just have to tough it out and keep the faith as our ancestors did.

    I believe that the best way to handle any coming trials will be by growing closer to Jesus through the intercession of the Blessed Mother. That's why I'm following the Padre Peregrino youtube series of videos on mental prayer. Why don't you try it? For a half hour per day at most, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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    Mark1 Archangels

    Thank you all for your comments and support. Very tough time for all of us. Prayers going out to all.
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    I try and say the 3 rosaries a day as requested by Our Lady and Holy Mass every day. This gives me peace and I try to live every day as it enfolds close to Jesus.
    This gives me immense peace.
    Dolores can you post the link for Padre Perigino?
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    BrianK Proud2bRC Staff Member

    Fr. Alar is a really well grounded, down to earth and wise priest. When I spent a year volunteering with the Marian Missionaries near Stockbridge MA, he would say daily mass for us at our chapel when Fr. Mike Gaitley was away. He ate with us and I went to a number of movies with him and a couple other friends (including my friend Tim, for whom I’ve asked for prayers here. I first met Fr. Alar at Tim’s house years ago.)

    I would place my trust in his explanation of these times.
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    Jason Fernando Archangels

    I would have to say their MIC Order is the best and most blessed by Our Lord in the present times. They have lots of gifted preachers especially Fr. Michael Gaitley who have published Consecration to Mary/ 33 Days and other great books too.

    Then there is another genius Fr. Donald Calloway who a great preacher on St Joseph that he published the best selling book Consecration to St. Joseph for 2020. All the conservative leaders and lay leaders are full of praise on him in social media.

    Fr. Alar like on the video above is now shining. He has been a vocal preacher during the pandemic early this year that he also suggested posting an image of the Divine Mercy on your front door. I would like to hear more from him as time goes by.

    If you have a relative who wants to join a religious order, then they should consider the MIC... and not the fallen Jesuits.
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  16. AED

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    Excellent Jason. Thanks.
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    A few months ago when the virus was really getting started I was kinda of pleased with myself with how complacent and easy going I was about the whole thing and congratulated myself that I was, 'Not like other men'. (which I put down to prayer):)

    However one night while lying in bed the sudden thought came to me, 'You could die of this; you really, really could!' ..and I pictured myself in some awful ICU getting hooked up to an ICU. A sudden feeling of close to terror came to me. It was as though I'd been sleep walking.

    But this fear came and went thank God. But it was no bad thing really . It taught me to send away for a few things like vitamins and a really good Face Mask and to be much more careful round the hospital and to clean my hands a lot more often. So my sudden burst of fear was a blessing realy.

    I find the same thing with Prophecy. I beleive as Our Lady has said that the world as we knew it is coming to an end. I understand perfectly well why this is a good thing, given its terrible state of sin. But another part of me rebelss and wants things to stay the same. I had such a comfortable retirement planned. Now it all looks to be blown to pieces.

    But I guess it would not be a real storm if the little boat of our hearts did not bob up and down a little with upset. I know mine does. Prayer helps Jesus Calm the Storm but from time to time it does need calming. Lots of calming.

    Reading Catholic Prophecy can be a little like descending in a high speed elevator.:cautious:

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    You nail it Padraig!!!
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    None of this is easy is it?

    But then I suppose it is not intended to be.

    Waking up is never easy ..and the entire world is getting the biggest Monday morning wake up call ever.

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    Jason, my best friend and Carmelite Sister.....her son just joined the MIC 2 years ago. Now known as Brother Nicholas. He is being closely mentored by all the great priests of this order. You are so correct.
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