The Three Days of Darkness

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by padraig, May 6, 2020.

  1. Evenstar

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    I've always been fascinated with the 3DD but it's in later years that i've started to take it more seriously. I wondered at times if it was more of a spiritual chastisement but given the 'graphic' descriptions of it by various mystics, it can only be physical. Part of me wants to live to see it, and another doesn't! But one event I would love to live to see is the coming of the Great Monarch as I'm quite a Francophile and i've been reading up on it for years. I have noticed however that modern 'seers' don't mention anything about him. They speak more in generalities about the world whereas past Saints and mystics were more specific. I, for one, hope it's true.
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    I've just had a look at the Veritas website and they have a pack of 6 altar candles for €7. They're made by Lalors and labeled "Traditional Beeswax Altar Candles Recommended by the Hierarchy":

    According to their website, standard delivery charge is €4.50 which is a lot cheaper than Lalors' delivery charge of €10. It doesn't give the size of the candles so maybe they are smaller than 9 inches but they can't be very small if they're suitable for altar use. According to the website, they do a click and collect service - delivered to their local branches but it doesn't say whether that's still available while their shops are closed to the public. They have a shop in Blanchardstown as well as the one in Abbey St.

    My candles are probably Lalors brand but I can't be sure because I bought a load of them and they weren't pre-packaged. The shop assistant counted them out from a big box of loose candles. Looking at Lalors website, it seems that their candles are not 100% beeswax.
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    Thanks Dolours. Yes, the ones i had were Lalors and were good quality. Indeed I don't think they were 100% beeswax but hopefully that won't matter too much! I think Veritas shops are still closed so it will be delivery. I appreciate you checking that out :)
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  4. I agree. Well said.
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    ...I get very confused about this 3 Days of Darkness stuff. I read it is valid, I read it's not valid......I read you have to do this and that to prepare and sustain your safety throughout it, I read you can't look outside or open the doors even to what sounds like family or friends during it......and I wonder what's true and what isn't. And I also wonder about the vast majority of Catholics or Christians who are "trying" to be good, but have no clue about any of this potentially happening. So...what, if the 3 days hits, and I suddenly hear my son, who may have been playing next door, yelling to come in, are we supposed to ignore him because we somehow know it's not really him but an evil spirit? What if it is him? Or, what if it is an evil spirit....what literally happens if we open the door? It's all a bit much for me to digest.
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  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I will try and explain some of the known basics about the 3DD.
    Firstly the light will not just go out like switching off an electric light. I have read it once described like one morning the normal day will not brighten up. People will begin to wonder what is going on as the day progresses and the normal sunlight does not brighten the day. We can all wonder will God dim the sunlight. It is more likely a planet will come between the earth and the sun; but that is a guess on Julia's part.
    It has been said that it will be extremely cold leading up to the 3DD, it is all speculation; but remember at Medjugorje we are told there will be secrets made public 3 days before certain events, and I am one of those who believe we will get 3 days notice before the darkness descends on us. And you don't need to worry about stocking up food and loo rolls because it will be a time to pray and beg for mercy from God. From what I have read, no one will be eating or drinking, while all hell is breaking loose outside. Little children it is said will sleep through the whole thing.

    I hope this allays your fears.
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  7. Jo M

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    Keeping it simple. :D No I won't forget the matches.:ROFLMAO:
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  8. Mark Maiocco

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    There is an Orthodox Monastery with gift shop located within an hours drive from where I live. They sell beautiful hand made 100% beeswax candles along with many other beautiful religious items. The candle maker used to be a patient of mine. He was a very Holy man. I would think buying these and having them blessed by a Roman Catholic Priest would work too? maybe? Is that a stupid question?
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  9. Lumena

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    Where do you live, Mark? Can we order these candles as well? Would they ship to overseas addresses? Perhaps you could ask them, if you go there .
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  10. Mark Maiocco

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    I live in Washington State USA. The Monastery is near Goldendale WA. I can ask when I go there. They also have a website. I’ll try to figure out how to post it.
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  11. AED

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    Thank you so much.
  12. Mark Maiocco

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  13. DesertStar7

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  14. Mark Maiocco

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    I understand DS7 - I’m on a budget too. I decided to order some though. Maybe I’m just anxious after following this thread and keeping in mind what’s going on in the world. I ordered 3 pairs (six total candles) in their “bundle” section. Total with shipping for me was just over $50.00. I think they’re 12 inch tapers. A lot less expensive than their hand painted candles - which I think are paraffin wax candles. I’ll post a review when they arrive in a week or two. Then I have to find a Catholic priest who will do the old-rite blessings.
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  15. DesertStar7

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    Yes, the painted are paraffin.
  16. HeavenlyHosts

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    You will have time to gather your family. It is said that will be abnormally cold before this. God will certainly prepare us so we will not be caught unaware.
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    Sam is the one who reminded me about the abnormal cold, right Sam?
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  18. Mark1

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    Hi Lumena...thank you. I'll keep that in mind, but am ok, for now. Thank you, again.
  19. Sam

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    Yes, I left this link Marie-Julie Jahenny: Prophecies For Our Times: The TWO and THREE DAYS OF DARKNESSwhich says:

    Our Lord: "I shall come over the sinful world in a frightful rumbling of thunder during a very cold winter night. A very hot southerly wind shall precede the thunderstorm, (i.e come before it) and heavy hailstones shall dig deep into the soil."

    "From a mass of fiery clouds devastating lightning will come forth in zigzags, setting fire and turning everything into ash. The air will be filled with poisonous gases and deadly vapours which, in great whirlwinds, will uproot the works of the audacity, the folly, and the will of the city of "Darkness."


    "When the Angel of Death cuts the weeds with the sharp blades of My Justice, then hell, with anger and in uproar,will fall upon the righteous and, above all, upon the consecrated souls, in an attempt to destroy them through a frightful terror." - (NOTE: This sounds like the great genocidal persecution of the Faith that will happen first before the Two and Three Days)
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  20. Dolours

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    I don't know whether this has been posted on the forum in the past. It's a question and answer session (from December 2017) with Fr. Ripperger where he touches on many of the topics discussed on this forum. There's a question about the 3 days of darkness somewhere around the 22 minute mark, just after Fr. talks about the purple scapular and Marie Julie Jahenny. The MJJ piece begins at around 17 minutes into the video.

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