The Third Secret of Fatima and Corruption in the Church.

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    The date has to be incorrect. Could not be 2017. But honest mistake.
    Good post
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    I’m going to reread it tonight.
    Thank you, Chiara.
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    1977!!!!(Oooops and thanks, HH!)
    I’ll edit my original comment.:oops:
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    Thinking my spellcheck also turned “giorni”. (days) into “Giorgio”, lol!
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    Okay. It turns out he understood Portuguese so there goes that theory.

    BUT, I still believe Sr. Lucia could have been able to communicate with the young Jessica because of the subject matter. It was mystical and in a realm that the majority of us have never entered into.
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    It is very clear that Abp Vigano points the finger at Vatican II for the crisis in the Catholic Church - His Excellency calls it the conciliar cancer.


    Posted on June 1, 2020

    Here is another masterpiece from Archbishop Vigano in response from a powerful letter to him from a cloistered sister & published by renowned Italian journalist Marco Tosatti,giving a brilliantly incisive overview of the state of things in the Church today….where it is going……and what we should do.


    31 Maggio 2020 Pubblicato da Marco Tosatti 1 Commento

    Marco Tosatti

    Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has shared with us a letter he received from a cloistered sister and his response to her. This exchange of letters is truly very interesting and worthy of attention and reflection. Happy reading.


    Novena of Pentecost 2020

    Most Reverend Excellency Monsignor Carlo Viganò,

    I am a cloistered religious sister, and I am writing to you after a conversation I had with our spiritual Father. Our conversation concerned your latest “Appeal” which has gone around the world to awaken consciences about the imminent danger that is underneath the mask of the “coronavirus” emergency. And it is interesting to note that even non-believers are alarmed at the despotic course of events. The situation is increasingly overwhelming, but the strategy being used by Bergoglio and the forces allied with him employs a technique of isolation and disintegration of any group that could possibly form a counter-force. I call it “counter-force” because the word “resistance” seems to me to be too “human” and somewhat insufficient.

    It is most probable that in the near future the preparation for the manifestation of the Antichrist will become ever more imposed and oppressive, also due to the steps that Bergoglio himself will decide to take in preparation. The objective, obviously, is to eliminate the “hot heads” – those who are subversive and who stand in the way of a plan that has already been designed and that now waits for nothing else other than to be fully realized. The concern that I expressed to our spiritual Father is the fact that there is no “counter-organization” even within the “true Church” that could be a sort of “clandestine Church” capable of mobilizing itself in a coordinated way to the extent that this may be possible. The next steps [of Bergoglio] will be specifically aimed at immobilizing any sort of rebellion, in line with his “strategy” of isolation and rendering action impossible (a strategy that is no longer hidden).

    As a cloistered nun, I believe in very different “strategies” – supernatural strategies – that notably escape the notice of the most organized and totalitarian forces. But the problem is that the time seems to me to be very short. And in this regard, I am pleased to let you know that our Mother Abbess often reads to us at table from your lucid and well-outlined interventions. Whenever the voice of rectitude and love for Christ and His Church is heard, one cannot help but recognize it.

    The spiritual Father suggested to me that I should write these reflections to you, encouraging you to continue going forward. I will tell you right away that I am not a mystic nor even a saint, but I am speaking on behalf of many other silent voices of the Church to tell you that you are not alone and that the battle has only just begun.

    Looking at the signatures of the Appeal it seems to me that there are many possibilities for working to create some sort of coordination, a “going forward together” as the little army of the Immaculata (…and I also include here non-believers as a “potential members” of the same army, even unknowingly). If Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe called the Blessed Mother “The Ever-Victorious One,” it is also true that the Bull of Pius IX authoritatively declares her to be “The Eternal Enemy” of the devil. And you know better than I that the battle to which I refer is precisely this one: the real stakes in this battle are the eternal salvation of many souls.

    And so this poor letter wants to be a small encouragement to you not to give up and also to continue in a constructive dialogue with those “few” but good clergy and religious who are suffering for the same reasons. There could be many inspirations of the Holy Spirit in these souls in close collaboration. As for the slanders, misunderstandings, and various personal attacks they are making you suffer, these are all things that you have known personally and that represent the jewels set in the crown that awaits you…but it is a “crown” that is not yet complete: the Immaculata wants to place the most precious jewels in it herself.


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    I would like to conclude with a reference to the famous miracle attributed to Saint Clare which caused the Saracens who were already on the walls of her monastery to flee and never return. The miracle occurred as a result of her faith – she who was defined as the most faithful “Footprint of the Mother of God” – and it was in virtue of her love for the Most Blessed Sacrament, the True Light against any sort of darkness. I say this because “these” are the “powers” in which we trust and which are so feared by our enemies. The miracle occurred only at the last moment, when all human hopes had been erased. If the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is not far off, now is the time of the battle, and she who is our Leader and Co-Redemptrix wants to see us fight, suffer, and implore Her Victory, which is already at the gates.

    I thank you for having listened to me patiently, and I humbly ask you for your blessing for me and for my entire community. Please remember me in your daily Holy Mass.

    In Corde Matris

    Letter signed by a cloistered religious sister

    29 May 2020

    Saint Vigilius, Bishop and Martyr


    Dear Sister,

    Thank you very much for your letter, which I read attentively. I fully share your clear and realistic vision of the present situation of crisis that involves the Church and the world.

    With a supernatural gaze, corroborated by Sacred Scripture and various messages of Our Lady, we can understand that in this moment we can now see with greater clarity the real dimension of the epochal clash between Good and Evil, between the sons of Light and the sons of Darkness. What leaves one truly scandalized is seeing how the top levels of the Hierarchy are openly placing themselves at the service of the Prince of this world, adopting the demands made by the United Nations for the globalist agenda, Masonic brotherhood, Malthusian ecologism, immigrationism… What is being created is a single world religion without dogmas or morals, according to the wishes of Freemasonry…it is obvious that Bergoglio, along with those who are behind him and support him, aspires to preside over this infernal parody of the Church of Christ.

    I am sure that you have also noticed, dear Sister, the insistence of so many Prelates and of Catholic media on the presumed necessity of a New World Order: Cardinals and Bishops have spoken about it, as well as La Civiltà Cattolica, Vatican News, Avvenire and L’Osservatore Romano, with the arrogance of those who are able to say things that were once unheard of [in Catholic circles] thanks to the protection they enjoy [from the leadership of the hierarchy]. But on closer look, the ability of the wicked to move and act, to conceal their intentions, is much less than first thought: they are so certain of having already reached their objective that they have openly revealed their intentions with arrogance and ostentation, laying aside the prudence and astuteness that formerly permitted them to remain hidden. Behold how openly the proponents of world government and the élites who want to impose their tyranny on the peoples may now be seen; behold how, along with them, a neo-paganism is also openly revealing itself as the religious arm of this tyranny, defined by some as green apostasy. We know who they are, what motivates their actions and what their goals are: behind them there is always the Prince of this world, against whom the Queen of Victories leads our battered militias, together with the far greater and terrible army of celestial hosts. But since we have already chosen what side we are on in the field of battle, we must not fear, because Our Lord has already conquered, while he offers us the precious opportunity to weave for ourselves an especially glorious crown in these apocalyptic days.

    I believe that the essential point for effectively conducting a spiritual, doctrinal and moral battle against the enemies of the Church is the persuasion that the present crisis is the metastasis of the conciliar cancer: If we have not understood the causal relationship between Vatican II and its logical and necessary consequences over the course of the last sixty years, it will not be possible to steer the rudder of the Church back to the direction given it by her Divine Helmsman, the course that it maintained for two thousand years.

    For decades they catechized us with the hateful phrase there is no going back with regard to the Liturgy, the Faith, moral teaching, penance, asceticism. Today we hear the same expressions slavishly repeated in the civil sphere, through which the attempt is made to indoctrinate the masses that “nothing will be as it was before.” Modernism and Covid-19 are part of the same brand, and for anyone who has their gaze towards the transcendent it is not difficult to understand that the greatest fear of those who want us to believe that the race towards the abyss is both unavoidable and unstoppable is that we will not believe them, ignore them, and unmask their conspiracy. This is our duty, today: to open the eyes of many people, both clergy and religious, who have not yet put together the overall picture, limiting themselves to looking at reality only in a partial and disjointed way. As soon as we have helped them to understand the mechanism, they will understand everything else.

    It is possible to go back, dear Sister, it is possible to do so in such a way that the good that was fraudulently taken from us may be restored: but only in the coherence of doctrine, without compromises, without yielding, without opportunism. The Lord will deign to grant us a share in his victory, even if we are weak and without material means, only if we will abandon ourselves totally to him and to His Most Holy Mother.

    I entrust myself to your prayers and to the prayers of your fellow Sisters, and I bless you and your entire community from my heart.

    + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

    Translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino @pellegrino2020

    (some of the emphasis are mine - SgC)
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    Continuing then to pray that the truth will come out and people will be helped, as always.
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    This episode addresses Abp Vigano's letter to the cloistered nun and the very interesting apparitions of Our Lady of Civitavecchia.
    I have just begun listening to it.

    Beginning at ~02:06 mark, Matt Gaspers says that in his recent article in Catholic Family News, he wrote about how Abp Vigano vindicates
    Traditionalists and Fatimists and there's been a transformation that's happened over the last couple of years where Abp Vigano has gone from being just this kind of relatively obscure retired Vatican diplomat to on the front lines almost like a new Archbishop Lefebvre!

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    The cloisters are powerhouses of spiritual sustenance for the Church. I was intrigued by the content of their correspondences. They’re both acutely aware of the overarching movements of principalities and powers driving the breakdown of the institutional church and, by association, society. But, I took away much hope from the Archbishop’s words.
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    Thank you. God bless Archbishop Vigano. And this cloistered sister and for posting their letters.
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    Yes. Me too. Especially the powerful words about the Immaculata and her coming triumph.
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    Excellent article. Seeing the open machinations of the leftist cabal in the US as they seek to obfuscate and destroy and boldly come out of the shadows I see parallels with what A. Vigano says about these apostates within the Church. They too are now very bold. The masks drop and we see the same tactics. Chilling. EWTN 's documentary on Sol Alinsky shows the strategies.
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    "We are compelled to recognize it: the poisoned fruits of the ‘Conciliar springtime’ are before the eyes of anyone who does not allow himself to be blinded by the dominant Lie.”


    “Pius XI had alerted and warned us [referring to Mortalium Animos, from which Viganò quotes earlier in his essay]. But the teachings that preceded Vatican II have been thrown to the winds, as intolerant and obsolete. The comparison between the pre-conciliar Magisterium and the new teachings of Nostra Aetate and Dignitatis Humanae – to mention only those – manifest a terrible discontinuity, which must be acknowledged and which must be amended as soon as possible.”

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    The rot started in rcc was way long before vat 2. Its really inexcusable to pin all the blame on vat 2 as its a cop-out. Knew a Christian brother who abused boys in school for some 20 years before vat 2 and some 19 years after vat 2.

    The acceleration came after vat2 which was quite noticeable but it wasn't the starting point.

    A certain well known priest abuser named Brendan smyth was ordained before vat 2 took effect despite earlier warnings re his unfit to be a priest.

    You would have to look deeper than vat 2, I say rcc lost their track of they are, lost their roots and what they originally stood for, their inability to reform themselves or inability to police themselves when it comes to abuses. RCC are over the cliff as they are in a free fall especially in ireland but not sure about USA.

    RCC is run by misfits, pharisees, lavender mafia, bishops on the bling (Bishop treanor et al,) false pretenders claiming holier than you. This is the rcc now in this present age.

    Rcc will have to look at themselves deeply as to where the rot originally started before vat 2.
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    I would clarify one point. The problem is not Vatican II per se. It is the manner in which it has been falsely implemented. I have read several books quite recently by eminently orthodox authors such as Ralph Martin, deploying the documents of Vatican II as the basis for their arguments from tradition. Any actual documents of the Council, or portions of documents, that I have read seem quite traditional. They seem to possess 'the same meaning and the same sense' as the Tradition, that Pope John called for in dealing with their various issues. The lies and errors have come with the manner in which these documents have subsequently been falsely interpreted by villainous clerics. For example, liberals tell us that there's no Hell or Purgatory after Vatican II. Ralph Martin clearly demonstrates that the Council vigorously upheld the traditional doctrines of Hell. There is no concession to universalism, in defiance of the likes of Rahner and Von Balthasar (Martin is actually a lot more critical of the latter). What needs to be asked is how these lies and half-truths (the half-truth is perhaps the most effective weapon of the devil) falsely came to be the perceived outcome of the Council-what is often described as 'the Spirit of Vatican II', a term that contains a reference to the blasphemous claim of the support of the Holy Ghost on the part of the heretics. Similarly, what the Council advocated for the Mass was a most modest, cautious change. Remember that the Mass continued throughout Church history to change in an organic fashion. This change was itself part of Tradition. All that was proposed by the Council was a cautious introduction of the vernacular in the minor parts of the Mass, such as the readings, if I recall correctly. Archbishop Fulton Sheen was a supporter of some limited vernacular introduction. There was no intention whatsoever to introduce new Eucharistic Prayers, have the priest face his 'audience', have communion in the hand or any other of the appalling changes that came in after the Council.

    Pope John gets a lot of criticism, but he was quite traditional. He was a militant supporter of Latin usage in the Church. When he called the Council, Cardinal Ottoviani was quite enthusiastic, believing that it would be quite beneficial. Certainly, some of the Cardinal's intentions were thwarted by certain of the liberal faction during the Council itself, but I think the fatal damage was done after the Council ended. The death of Pope John didn't help. While I obey the action of The Church in canonising Pope Paul VI, I intend never to pray to him for any intention whatsoever, although I do pray to Pope John XXIII for my own personal reasons. The real damage was carried out post-conciliarly under the nose of Pope Paul VI.

    To summarise, if the Council had been implemented as intended by the great majority of the bishops involved and as Pope John intended, there would have been only subtle, wholly uncontroversial change that might or might not have assisted The Church in facing the changes in the world that subsequently occurred. Indeed, it is arguable that if things had been done properly, the social changes and antinomianism that followed might not have happened at all. Without the satanic hijacking of the Council, there might not have been a sexual revolution. In real terms, the 'sixties', as it is in the popular imagination, did not begin until about 1967.
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    There have always been bad eggs. It began with Judas. I think we now have a situation, in Ireland at least, where the bad eggs are perhaps the dominant faction among the hierarchy-there are still many gallant priests doing their best in an absolutely appalling situation. The Church has been hammered so much in Ireland that it's hard to blame even a holy bishop for keeping his head below the parapet. The Irish Times and RTE dictate the public narrative completely and tolerate no dissent whatsoever. Perhaps this absolute authority, which the Church Herself once possessed in Ireland, was Her undoing. The vile actions of the likes of Brendan Smyth and his facilitators could not be questioned in the least, in those by-gone days. Far too many immature men were joining the priesthood and the Christian Brothers. The only cure now is complete collapse, I fear. The Irish Church has no hope of recovery until it has lost all her wealth and property, so that there is no material attraction for any homosexual, or other, looking for a cushy position.
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    I really think Ireland would be hit hard by a coming chastisement because Satan has complete dominion of that country...sorry
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    Sinn Fein group is completely demonic.
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