The Third Secret of Fatima and Corruption in the Church.

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    This is very interesting.
    I had not been aware of these apparitions and messages.

    The full article is well worth reading because it is pertinent to the confusion and apostasy in the Catholic Church now.

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  2. The statue was bought in Medjugorje from
    It all began on September 16, 1994, when the then priest of the little church of Sant'Agostino (Saint Augustine), purchased in a shop in Medjugorie, a plaster figure representing the Holy Mary and he gave it to the Gregori family, who belonged to the parish.

    The small statue was placed in a niche of the garden of the house until the afternoon of 2 February, when the phenomenon happened. Young Jessica Gregori, who was five years old at the time, saw a red liquid similar to blood falling from the eyes of the Madonnina. Scared, she ran to warn her father, who in turn called the parish priest Don Pablo to see in person the inexplicable event.
    The pose of Our Lady in this statue is similar to the pose of the Medjugorje Madonna
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  4. Fatima

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    Before the second coming, in fact after the Warning, all religions and Christian denominations will be one, within the Catholic Church or one with the Antichrist. Two roads God has laid out and the only question after the Warning is which road each person alive in the world will take.
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    Count me in as one of those not aware of this. I am in the middle of Archbishop Vigano’s interview from Life Site right now. It’s pretty powerful.
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    Just now read this in the interview:

    LifeSite: The statue of Our Lady that wept tears had originally been bought in Medugorje. Do you see a deeper connection between these two places and apparitions?

    Many people have tried to establish links between the two realities, starting from the material origin of the statue that wept and the second, identical to the first. The Gregori family, custodians of the whole event, have always been very firm in avoiding any manipulation. They have always testified to what they received in the messages, and in them there is an explicit reference only to Fatima and to no other event. As for the external signs, the images that are the object of inexplicable phenomena, there are not only the two statues of the Virgin Mary but also a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, an image of Padre Pio, and even nature around the small grotto. Therefore, to trace the event in Civitavecchia back to a link extrapolated from the material origin of the statues appears somewhat forced.
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    I see with interest that Jessica and Sr Lucia had a meeting in 1996. :)
  8. I understand Archbishop Vigano's hesitation to draw connection to Medjugorje, but it is true that the statue was bought there and the pose of the Virgin Mary is of the Queen of Peace such as she has appeared in Medjugorje since 1981. The Virgin Mary has said to the witnesses of Medjugorje that what she started in Fatima, she will complete in Medjugorje. She said, "My heart will triumph."
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  9. I also read with interest that part of the article, however, I do have some hesitation in that Jessica would have been six or seven years old at the time and would she have understood the gravity of the third secret to discuss with Sister Lucia?
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    I wasn’t thinking along those lines. :eek:
    Yes, she had to have been very young. Jacinta was 7 in May, 1917 when the Fatima apparitions began.
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    I have not a single doubt that a child at or just passed the age of reason would be able to retain a message, especially one given to her by the Mother of God.
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    Listening now.

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  13. There is also the language difference to consider, Sister Lucia (Portuguese) and Jessica (Italian). I guess, that part of the article seemed a little weak in my opinion, not that it couldn't have happened, I just have doubts.
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    "But there is also a message of hope. Our Lady stated during her apparitions of Civitavecchia: “After the painful years of Satan’s darkness, the years of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart are now imminent.”

    When do you think is the start of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart?
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    Emmett O’Regan has a blog called Unveiling the Apocalypse. He has a theory based on Pope Leo XIII’s prophecy of Satan asking the Lord for 100 years to attack the Church. I can’t now link to it. But he theorizes that the 100 years was broken down into two episodes like Job’s trials in the book of Job. He thinks we are almost at the end of the second trial. He mentions July 4 of this year as a date to watch. It’s worth looking up and reading it. I’m on my phone. Sorry.
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    Sr. Lucia spoke (in Italian?) with the future Pope John Paul I in 1977 as reported in La Stampa:
    “Pope Luciani spoke with Sister Lucia of the Church with its current and acute problems and of the danger of apostasy. The outlines and details of this talk between the future Pontiff and the guardian of the secrets of Fatima were revealed only ten years ago in 2007 by Fr. Mario Senigaglia, Luciani’s secretary in Venice at the time, during a long interview with Stefania Falasca later published on the Italian monthly (30 Giorni).”

    It may be possible Sr. Lucia could, in fact, have been able to communicate with the Italian child. (I’m an optimist!)
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    Here is the link:
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    Definitely plausible!
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    wow, thanks HeavenlyHosts, I wonder what is the second trial about?
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