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    There was a time when people thought that the Earth was the centre of the universe and that the sun and the stars travelled round us. More than this that man was at the centre of the world, with heaven above, hell below and all things dancing, as it were attendance on ourselves. It has been a painful,humbling journey of discovery for amnkind to find that we and our little speck of dust do not lie at the centre of the Universe and all things do not revolve around us to.

    For young children too the sun is not always there. When clouds come, night falls and winter comes upon us the sun is fled and Winter primitive man talked even of the dun 'dying'. But the sun was always there, even in solar eclipse when things went suddenly, inexpilicably and totally dark no matter how terrible and frightening this was, the sun was always there.

    We fight a similiar battle with God in prayer. It is in the very nature of life and prayer that we go through winters and darkness and have an instant child like tendency to say the sun had gone...God has gone, but GOD IS ALWAYS THERE, GOD IS ALWAYS THERE. There is nothing wrong with God, for God is constant the Light of the Holy Spirit always shines the blaze of His love always blazes, God is always there. He is always there. What is wrong is that our sight and hearing sometimes dims, clouds blow, night falls, winter comes upon us, but God is always there, He is always there.

    One time I watched as a TV interviewer interviewed down and outs. One of them a very gentle spoken man explained how he had ended up on the streets . Her had been a very well off buisnessman with a very good home, married with a wife and seven children whom he loved very,very much. One day he returned from work and found his street taped off and fire engines there , his house had burned down and his whole family had died. He never really recovered from this and ended up in the street. He tried and tried but could never raise himself of the cold ground. For him the sun had died and never come out again.

    So though we see the sun we can never ever judge those for whom the sun does not shine , when for us the sky is cloudless. Only God, the Sun of Justice will judge this. Also we must not judge either God or the ourselves when winter falls. There is no way we can walk the path of prayer without darkness falls. There will always be summer, there will always be day. There will always be night.

    But God is always there.

    He is always there.

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    I had thoughts similar to this last night - why does God allow some to see the Word, while others live in the darkness. I agree we never judge anyone; however, for those that God has chosen to see the Light, will they be judged more severely then those that do not? Why did God chose me to believe in His Son? Surely I did nothing to deserve this blessing.

    No one knows the Son except the Father; and no one knows the Father except the Son, and those to whom the Son has revealed him.

    Father of love, hear our prayers. Help us to know your will and to do it with courage and faith (yesterday ending prayer of the Office of

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    John Denver's take on the beauty of sunshine, both physical and spiritual:


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