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  1. garabandal

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    The following link to Mark Mallett a Catholic musician
    contains I feel a very strong prophetic pulse that resonates
    with me.

    Where I disagree with Mallett is that I don't not believe The Antichrist
    is in the world today but is for a future era. Nevertheless Mallett in his
    reflection does mention 'an anti-Christ' which is believable.

  2. Mario

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    I find interesting similarities and differences between Mark Mallet and Ron Conte.

    Mark centers on the imagery of a hurricane with the Illumination corresponding to the eye of the storm. It is preceded by intensifying birthpangs and followed upon by a Chastisement with the Antichrist as the central antagonist. In the end God is vindicated and an extended Era of Peace then takes place. At the end of the Era of Peace, JoeJerk rallies his forces for a final assualt. The Lord crushes it and the end comes.

    Both Mark and Ron correctly emphasize the need for spiritual preparation. For us all, this is the pivotal point. The critical difference between the two men is the prominent roles played by an Islamic invasion and subsequent counterattack by the Great Monarch; Ron alone mentions them.

    Ron's timetable includes the following: increasing secularization which is now coming to a close, the Illumination/Miracle, the Islamic Jihad followed closely by famine, social upheaval, and persecution of Christians. Then the Great Monarch and Angelic Shepherd appear to reverse the Islamic victories in Europe. A relatively short Era of Peace follows (30 years?) and then the world gradually regresses back into debachery. Finally, the Antichrist appears, etc...

    Ron's presentation on the Great Monarch is persuasive, though it puzzles me no modern day private revelations seem to mention such a figure. At least in the short term, those of us who give credence to Catholic prophecy, agree that tough times are now upon us.

    I believe the world at large is in for a shock. The historical period that includes the Enlightenment and the dominance of English-speaking powers(England/America) is rudely coming to a close, never to return! :shock:

    Lord have mercy!

    Safe in the Father's Arms!
  3. garabandal

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    The idea of monarcy is an anachronism in modern political thought,
    as people have been brainwashed into thinking that democracy is
    superior to other political systems.

    Actually what we have in most modern countires is a democracy of
    the minority, in other words, most governments do not have over 50%
    of the popular vote [and many people do not even bother to vote].
    And it seems that politicians on all sides have been infected by the
    spirit of freemasonry.

    It is actually this form of democracy that has undermined
    the Christian heritage of Europe as they tend to promote
    minority interests such as homosexulaity, animal rights,
    abortion and so on.

    I now realize that a country ruled by a 'holy Catholic and benevolent
    monarch' is much superior to any rancid democracy. Like Greek
    civilization we will see the demise of popular democracy in our lifetime.

    There are many prophecies concerning the Holy Monarch and Angelic shepherd.
    These men must appear first and then a time of peace before the Anti-Christ.
    Whilst I like Mallett I disagree with him that the anti-Christ is on the scene.

    But was we are living through the 'lesser tribulation' [which is a proto-type
    of the great tribualtion], so I do not rule out the rise of an Anti-Christ. We
    had a few before in the last century; Hitler, Stalin etc.

    Pray, Pray, Pray
  4. Seán

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    The most prominent leader of the prophecised Islamic invasion of Europe will most likely be considered the Antichrist (even though he is not) by people who think the end of the world is near( even though it is not) and especially those unfamiliar with Catholic prophecy and Catholicism in general.

    Many Protestant viewpoints of eschatology are usually the ones to contain these errors, that the end times are upon us, that a rapture will happen (by their misinterpretation of Holy Scripture) and that the Antichrist is ready to reveal himself.

  5. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think, looking at Mark's blog he speaks of 'an anti Christ rather than THE anti Christ.

    How the world should be governed, from a Catholic perspective is very interesting.

    There used to be an old Parish Priest near here, in the country who refused to introduce Parish Councils, no matter the clamour of the Bishops and his parishioners. 'When God decided to save the world', he used to thunder, 'He did not send a commitee but His only begotten Son'. :lol:

    I was asked to join our Parish Council one time but hated it and never went back. I noted they did not pray either at the start or end of the meeting, which sent a red light off in my heart.

    My father is a great advocate too of Catholic Monarchy, but I have my doubts. Monarchy is criticised I recall in Scripture by I think it was Samuel. The Israelites want a King but God, through Samuel warns against it. The Kings , God warns through Samuel will make slaves of the people and cause perpetual wars. In fact historically this is what happened, not only to the Israelites but the whole world. Again Democracy is not the answer. As we progress into the Tribulation we will see the collapse of Democracy right across the world. Why is this? Because I believe none of them are pleasing to God because none of them are doing His will. A good example is in the USA, the home of Democracy were we are seeing what is probably the most anti Catholic Anti Christian Administration in that Nations history being installed. In Europe the democracies ,such as Spain's being ferociously anti Catholic, which is to say anti God.

    I suspect the closest we see to right Government in Scripture is the rule of the Judges. In other Words we should open ourselves in prayer for God to show us who should lead us and this man or woman annointed by God can take us all forward.

    However I am simply guessing here. But I think all Government will collapse and we shall have small Marian communities of believers, all else will be anarchy.

    However I can see were here and there God will use Kings and Democratic leaders to move things forward in the interim.

    In the meantime I believe we are all the victims of a huge Satanic conspiracy. The intention is to place more and more powers in the hand of Governments all channeling into one world Government.

    The Black Dragon
  6. CRW

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    As I recall, the antiChrist is more of a term man created then the Word. I may be wrong but I think it is used only four times in the bible by St. John (First Letter). "Who is the liar but he, who denies that Jesus Christ, is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.

    St. John also states that many antiChrist have already come so it is the last hour.

  7. Rain

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    The USA is more of a Republic than a Democracy. I think the founding fathers of my country had the right ideas:

    *man's rights are inalieble because they came from God

    *limited and decentralized government, the goverment is to be the tool of the people and not the other way around

    *the individual's right to pursue life, liberty and happiness but the country has strayed far from it

    *it's not a true democracy, because the Majority is limited (to keep the minority's rights from being trampled.

    Too bad that over the years, we've strayed from this more and more.

    IMO, it's not the form of government that is necessarily good or bad, but the people within it. Therefore, it doesn't matter how ideal a government looks on paper, in theory, or appears at it's inception . . . people will eventually find a way to corrupt it. The USA had a good go for a while, but as the people decline in morals, so goes the government. Or is it the other way around? It's like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg. Ha!

    But I don't see how America is worse than any other nation. I'm proud to be counted as one of her citizens. The USA is criticized for her faults (and they're many), but I'm convinced if another nation weilded the money and power of the United States has enjoyed over the last generation, they would have abused it much more than we have. Imagine if the USA had been weak when the USSR and Communisim had reached it's peak. Who is the first to respond to natural disasters across the world? USA. What country gives more to charity per citizen than the USA? None. If China was in charge, would you see them rushing resources and people across the globe to help strangers. Doubtful, except now nations expect help from other nations, due to America's example. When America ceases to be the world's superpower, things will get bad, violence will spread, charity will grow cold around the world faster than ever . . . just my opinion.

    It seems both the gov. and people influence each other . . . and in the end . . . the most powerful and connected people become the most corrupt. Inevitably, these are the people who eventually claw their way into the top circles of every nation, no matter the form of goverment.. Once they seize power, it's only a matter of time before the government becomes the tool of the priviledged few, rather than a tool to promote the greater good. Yes, the people of the USA and her government, and the people of the entire world and every government in the Western World, IMO, have fallen into decline.

    Governments, good and bad, come and go. Only God is eternal. This is why we should place or trust in Him alone.

    I say that as a news program in the background hails Obama like he's the Messiah, sent to save us.

    Now for the main question . . . what will Michelle Obama wear tonight?

    Heh heh. I'm not kidding . . . this is what the news caster just said (I'm listening to the TV as I type this). Some fashion experts are speculating on what Michelle Obama will wear . . . what color, will it be off the shoulder or not, what designer will she glorify?

    Who cares!? Excuse me while I puke :roll: .
  8. maryrose

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    The media here also is obsessed with Obama and are setting him up as the next messiah. I dont know what to make of the man but the messiah he certainly is not..
    I think his stand on abortion and the his secular outlook and that of his proposed administration is not good. Nevertheless I wish him the best and I hope for his conversion and the conversion of all our nations. We are all in the black hole at the moment. What I do notice is that despite all the bad news very few are turning their lives back to God and repenting. Thats the only way forward and I dont hear anyone including the church saying that.

    God bless

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