The Shrewd Servant Luke 16: 1 - 13

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    Last Sunday we had the Gospel Reading regarding the 'Shrewd Servant'.
    Superficially it extols the servant who just cost his (ex) master a lot of money!
    Of course, Jesus is telling us to be shrewd in using what is available for the betterment of what comes after for us when 'dismissed' from our service for His Kingdom here on earth.

    I must have heard 100 sermons speaking on matters of money, which, to my mind, misses the point of the PARABLE entirely.
    It's ETERNITY that's the subject, not money [or the essential fraud committed].
    Rather than spend our lives working for retirement, those few years before we pass into eternity, years we plan to live in ease, even self-gratification for the well-off, our lives must work to a happy retirement beyond this 'earthly veil' AND for the salvation of our families if not all of our 'brothers and sisters', God's children.

    My focus, in regard to this reading, has always been, like the shrewd servant, having freinds to meet me when I'm 'fired' (alluding to the servant) from this life.
    Wisdom has it that a small 'sacrifice' here atones for a lot of sin, a great deal of 'suffering' in the beyond.

    In Christian charity, it is an undeniable responsibility to pray for the 'Suffering Church' , the people in Purgatory, probably outnumbering those suffering on earth. Nor should we ever stop praying for any deceased individual as the length of their purification is known only to God. Even our mosy holy freinds are in the group of the-more given [in the Faith], the-more the responsibility.

    Every Rosary, every Chaplet, every Hail Mary can be that "drop of water" (Luke 16: 24) to relieve the suffering souls. Of course, every mass should include, for us personally, offering for the deceased.
    There are so many indulgenced prayers and activities
    One I always say after Communion, when our prayers, united with Our Saviour, must be the most powerful, is the Prayer of St Gertrude which promises the release of innumerable [old accounts say "a thousand"] souls from Purgatory. The 'Flame of Love" three Hail Marys are a tiny sacrifice aledgedly releasing a soul each time.

    Then there are Plenary Indulgences, unbelievably easy for those who go to regular confession. Stations of the Cross, Rosary in common with others, a half hour reading of Scripture or Eucharistic Adoration can all earn us a Plenary Indulgence if combined with Holy Communion on the day, prayers for the Pope and recent Confession. These are 'transferrable' gifts for the Suffering Souls'.

    Lastly, on All Souls Day, and for 6 days thereafter, we can earn a Plenary Indulgence each day specifically for the poor souls.
    I believe that as servants of the Most High, we must 'dismiss the debts' of others so that we have 'friends in high places' when dismissed from this life!

    Be shrewd; relieve souls!
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    If we really believed the gospel we would live according to it. But many times the only ones who work to avoid loss are the worldly ones. We ARE going to lose all these things we are told are valuable, so we have to work for eternal things.

    Most seek happiness in this life, and consider eternal life some vague, wispy dream.
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    I like this explanation of the Gospel.


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