The Seventh Seal and the Keys of the Abyss

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Chiara, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    Perhaps it will take a greater warning.....a great Warning.

    I don't know if July 4th ends the "100 years" as Emmett suggests but I for one will be going to Confession tomorrow.

    If nothing else I could see the leaders of the riots using July 4th as an excuse for a major attack.
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  2. Josetxu

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    I have no doubt that Akita's seer (Sister Agnes) is a true messenger from heaven. And she says that you have to pray a penitential rosary. It is necessary to listen to this messenger and pray many rosaries. We have already seen in the first readings of the Mass these days what happened to the people of Israel when they were deported to Babylon. They were punished, although they had been previously warned by prophets (the prophet Jeremias and others). We have to heed so many warnings from heaven.
  3. Jason Fernando

    Jason Fernando Archangels

    at least your place has a confession, in our place confession is extinct, unless you want a face to face confession with a priest...
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  4. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

  5. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Maybe you can call ahead and ask for a screen
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  6. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    I would take face to face over no Confession in a heartbeat.

    However, I really do dislike when Priests do not give the option of a screened Confession.

    I appealed to the local Bishop to require my parish to get a screen, since it is the right of the penitent to have one.

    The parish was required to set a screen up in the "reconciliation room".

    We later got a new pastor who installed confessionals with fixed screens, yea!
    Latin Canon Law:

    Can. 964 §1. The proper place to hear sacramental confessions is a church or oratory.

    §2. The conference of bishops is to establish norms regarding the confessional; it is to take care, however, that there are always confessionals with a fixed grate between the penitent and the confessor in an open place so that the faithful who wish to can use them freely.

    §3. Confessions are not to be heard outside a confessional without a just cause.

    Eastern rite churches have different rules.
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  7. Jason Fernando

    Jason Fernando Archangels

    well what I do is go to another city to have my confession
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  8. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    Beautiful unusual skys here at sunset in Minnesota.

    July 4th...
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  9. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I wonder if we will ever get a preacher like Fr Corrapi again. Will we ever know if he was set up to fail, then shunned and silenced.

  10. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    He was shunned and silenced because he lived a double life.

    He is an example of why we must be careful of dynamic personalities, and also of holding our leaders as beyond reproach.

    A great preacher...yes. But, as so many before, a cultist following and fame corrupts.

    We all hope that seclusion has helped him turn back to the faith.
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  11. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    The masks are coming off. They are coming off of our leaders in the Church and in the world, and unfortunately, some of us on this forum.
  12. AED

    AED Powers

    Exactly. Grave danger ahead for any "rock star" priest unless they have superiors or bishops who keep them humble. As I understand it that's what happened to Thkmas Merton. His superior was very dazzled by him supposedly.
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  13. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Grave danger ahead for other rock stars, as well.
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  14. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    This is a great mercy of God.

    To expose our faults either to ourselves, or if needed to others.

    It allows us to admit our sinfulness and repent.

    God is so merciful. All praise be to him!
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  15. Joan J

    Joan J HolySpiritCome!

    Due to Covid & social d, my priest has brought the chairs with barrier into the church & off to the side. He has music playing as a sound screen. That allows us all the option of in person or behind a screen.
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