The Seventh Seal and the Keys of the Abyss

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    Emmett O’Regan has an interesting new post today:

    The Seventh Seal and the Keys of the Abyss

    In a few days time from now, there is going to be yet another alignment of all seven of the classical planets known to the ancients, on 4th July, 2020, the American Day of Independence. In my book,
    Unveiling the Apocalypse: The Final Passover of the Church, I attempt to show how such the description of Christ holding the seven stars in right hand in order to symbolize the "keys to death and Hades" represents a series of planetary alignments connected to the timing of the period of the unbinding of Satan at the end of the "thousand years", when the gates of Hell are unleashed in an attempt to destroy the Church
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    Very very interesting.
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    I love Emmett O’Regan. Thank you for posting.
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    Fr. Iannuzzi states that Emmett O'Reagan rejects the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but Emmett's writing linked above states:

    Could this planetary alignment, coming so closely on the back of a great liturgical silence falling upon the Church during the Coronavirus pandemic, represent the closing of the Abyss and thus herald the ultimate reversal of the fortunes of the Bride of Christ? We can only hope and pray that the terrible stains that have sullied the garments of the Church during the unbinding of Satan will soon be cleansed, and that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary promised at Fatima will restore Christ's Bride to her former glory.
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    Since Emmett writes about the seven stars representing the menorah, I wonder if this has something to do with the Jews?

    Listening to E. Michael Jones, the battle we are in is linked to the Zionist Jews who support Trump versus the Freemasonic New World Order communist Jews who are trying to depose Trump. A troubling aspect of Trump's presidency is that his foreign policy is closely aligned to Israel which is planning a takeover of the Jordanian West Bank soon--- next month?? However without the support of the Zionist Jews, like Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus, and Paul Singer, Trump could not have won the presidency. Is this all a part of the Jewish revolutionary spirit that E. Michael Jones chronicles in the book of the same name? Without the Catholic Church preventing the Jews from subverting western civilization--which the Church working with Catholic monarchies did for over 1000 years--- it may be destroyed . Hmm there was the eclipse over Israel on the summer solstice this year. Also, the knee to neckhold used by Chauvin on the black man who died was taught to police forces around the USA by the Israeli police according to E. Michael Jones.

    From Foreign Policy in Focus:

    Indeed, today’s unpopular announcement may have been exactly what two of Trump’s biggest donors, Sheldon Adelson and Bernard Marcus, and what one of his biggest inaugural supporters, Paul Singer, paid for when they threw their financial weight behind Trump. Marcus and Adelson, who are also board members of the Likudist Republican Jewish Coalition, have already received substantial returns on their investment: total alignment by the U.S. behind Israel, next week’s move of the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and the official dropping of “occupied territories” to describe the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

    Adelson, for his part, was Trump and the GOP’s biggest campaign supporter. He and his wife Miriam contributed $35 million in outside spending to elect Trump, $20 million to the Congressional Leadership Fund (a super PAC exclusively dedicated to securing a GOP majority in the House of Representatives), and $35 million to the Senate Leadership Fund (the Senate counterpart) in the 2016 election cycle.

    Trump, who had previously complained that Adelson was seeking to “mold [Marco Rubio] into the perfect little puppet,” quickly snapped around and echoed Adelson’s hawkish positions on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem after Trump won the Republican nomination and secured Adelson’s backing.
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    In the apparitions in Quito Ecuador in the 1600's Our Lady said that Satan would almost completely rule the world from the middle of the 20th century onward through Freemasonic sects. Freemasonry rituals are based on Jewish Kabbalah.

    Emmett states:

    "In a few days time from now, there is going to be yet another alignment of all seven of the classical planets known to the ancients, on 4th July, 2020, the American Day of Independence. In my book, Unveiling the Apocalypse: The Final Passover of the Church, I attempt to show how such the description of Christ holding the seven stars in right hand in order to symbolize the "keys to death and Hades" represents a series of planetary alignments connected to the timing of the period of the unbinding of Satan at the end of the "thousand years", when the gates of Hell are unleashed in an attempt to destroy the Church."

    Perhaps Satan's unbinding at the end of the thousand yearg was able to happen because the Church lost political clout. The ideas of Luciferan Freemasonry, including communism, homosexuality and abortion, gained ascendancy and now cloak the world in darkness .
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    You are on a roll, Sunnyveil!:LOL::):coffee::love:
    Good ones!
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    The credit goes to E. Michael Jones who provides a true BUT VERY TABOO key to understanding the events we're living.

    His books were all banned from Amazon this week. What does that tell you?
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    Wow. (n)
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    I regard E. Michael Jones hypotheses with some extreme care. Not saying he is wrong but my sense is the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I need to look further I guess.
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    Thank you for your discernment, AED.
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    The link to Fr. Iannuzzi's comments dates back 3 years. Perhaps his revelations (and others) re: some of the tactics used by Mr. "O'Reagan" might have had an effect.
    E. Michael Jones has been described as an "anti-Semitic Catholic writer" who promotes the view that Jews are dedicated to propagating and perpetrating attacks on the Catholic Church and moral standards, social stability, and political order throughout the world.

    His views on Medjugorje:

    The Medjugorje Deception breaks the conspiracy of silence that has surrounded one of the biggest hoaxes of the 20th century.

    Father Svet Writes to E. Michael Jones
  14. Don_D

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    It tells me his work is directly over the target and they have no recourse but to try to silence him completely from the public sphere and shame him by calling him anti Semitic.
    It won't work. Dr Jones has become well renown.
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  15. earthtoangels

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    But the anti-Semitic description isn't just occurring now "trying to silence him from public square" suddenly, but goes back to 2012.

    Apparently he's also made some very inappropriate speculations about Mother Angelica in some e-book or pamphlet.
  16. Sunnyveil

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    Absolutely, he has been banned because he speaks truth. The Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center have been after him for years. So why not the other leftie companies like Amazon, Facebook, twitter, et al.

    E. Michael Jones is not anti-Semitic. What he has done is written a clear history of the Jewish faith, vis-a-vis the Catholic faith as it evolved upon the death of Christ. Most Jews no longer strictly follow the Torah (e.g the Pentateuch, the Books of Moses). Their religion radically changed upon the destruction of the Jerusalem temple in 70 a.d. Also, many of them at different times have attempted to subvert Catholic culture and destroy the Church. Because of their constant subversive actions Pope Gregory the Great issued Sicut Judaeis non, the "Constitution on the Jews" which simultaneously put restrictions on Jews but also protected them from harm. The principles laid out in this constitution were referenced and applied for over 1000 years in order to protect Catholic society. As the Catholic Church lost secular influence, many Jews have risen to the highest levels of power throughout the Western world.

    Nostra Aetate, issued as part of Vatican ll, changed the relationship between the Church and the Jews. We started calling ourselves Judeo-Christian. Saying anything negative about Jews became a big no no. Israel became the best friend of the US in the Mideast; to prove our loyalty, the US has fought endless wars there on their behalf. We are now at a point where Catholics know longer care about this history or don't want to know it because it is socially taboo.

    Remember though that Freemasonry was subverted by Jewish Kabbalah. Thereafter, Freemasonry was behind the French Revolution and played a huge role in communistic revolutions around the world in the 20th century. Our Lady of Quito said that from the mid 20th century on, Satan would almost completely rule the world through Freemasonic sects. Jews largely control our media, our financial system and our political system. The fact that the Vatican has George Soros minions in prominent roles and that Pope Francis tells us that we should not proselytize shouldn't be overlooked.

    I could go on, but E. Michael Jones is teaching us Catholic history that should not be ignored. We certainly have become prey to very bad ideas that have ripped our social fabric to pieces. This is what the Church protected us from when they had the power to do so. This is the Catholic history that's been expunged from our books and our memories. All by design.
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    As Emmett points out Sr Agnus receives her message to put on sackcloth and ashes on October 6th, 2020.
    The first reading for October 8th 2020 was Jonah’s prophecy (Jonah 3:1-10)

    "When the news reached the king of Nineveh, he rose from his throne, took off his robe, put on sackcloth and sat down in ashes"

    The same day (October 6th,) Pope Francis makes the following headline:
    Opening Amazon synod, Francis warns against being 'smothered by ashes' defending status quo

    "Opening a month long gathering of Catholic bishops expected to consider controversial issues such as the ordaining of married priests on a regional basis, Pope Francis Oct. 6 warned the 185 prelates taking part against being "smothered by the ashes of fear and concern" in defense of the church's status quo.

    In a homily for the opening Mass of the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon region, which will continue through Oct. 27, the pontiff said that while Catholic prelates are called to be prudent, they are also called to be open to the possibility of new things."

    The "pachamama synod" where a "bowl" was placed on the altar.

    40 days after the Jonah reading (October 8, 2020) the first known case of corona virus appears; November 17, 2020.
    As Emmett points out July 4 2020 the planets align.

    He sees it as an important day

    July 4 is 40 days after the death of George Floyd which has caused so much rioting and upheaval.

    The riots started on May 26th in MPLS and St. Paul.
    It was the same day that Catholic Churches in Mpls. St. Paul were to be opened in defiance of a Government order to stay locked down.
    This was the first Bishop to order Catholic churches open in defiance of a government lockdown.
    Are we doing penance?
    Are we going to Confession?
    Are we praying?
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  18. HeavenlyHosts

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    Thanks for pointing out these relevant facts. I hadn’t heard the comment from the Pope about being smothered in ashes
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  19. AED

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    This is powerful information. The line up of these dates is significant. How sad that unlike Ninevah our poor besieged Church was not led to repent but scolded by telling us not to put on ashes basically.
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    Well, Sr. Agnes’s message to the rescue!
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