The Reign of the Anti-Christ by Fr. John O'Conner

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    Father John O'Connor
    The Reign of the Antichrist

    Father John O'Connor around 1987 teaching like the Apostles in a special lecture series how Our Lady of Fatima's warning that the "Errors of Russia" have spread and the antichrist is working on his demonic world government kingdom here on earth. He links how Satan's has freemasons, communists and homosexual minions infiltrating the Catholic Church to destroy it in order to create the antichrist's own WORLD GOVERNMENT EMPIRE, a satanic kingdom which many of us know is called the New World Order. The New World (Financial) Order wants a one world everything, a One World Religion and One World (socialist leading to communist) Government. He warns how this infiltration is causing bishops and cardinals to oppose each other (sounds like the Akita message) through Marxist liberation theology and liberal One World Government agendas. He ties the homosexual infiltration as to the reason why so many demons have caused priests to become pedophiles.
    Sadly because he exposed his superior of his order of the Dominicans as a homosexual, that superior had Father O'Connor excommunicated. If that happened in this day and age of course, with youtube and the Internet, he would never have been excommunicated and his superior would have been instead because so many of us know, Father O'Connor was brilliant for knowing that much without the usage of the Internet back then and he knew the TRUTH.

    Father O'Connor also explains in detail how the Communist Manifesto is being used by the government of the United States via 1. The Federal Income Tax 2. Fiat Currency (money not backed up by gold printed out of thin air) 3. The Federal Reserve private international banking cartel. He even mentions Cogressman Ron Paul (not by name), but as the Congressman who wrote a bill to Audit the Fed.

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