The Propaganda Has Started

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by padraig, Nov 14, 2020.

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    I pray it won't come to this.
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    We plant garlic in the fall--colder than your climate i think. If you have any organic farms in the area they may have some to sell.
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    I don't think so. There's a virus (I think it's called MERS) which seems to pass from camels to humans. I don't think they have camels in China. That's just From bits of information I got on the internet so don't take it as gospel because much of what I read goes way over my head, especially anything related to medicine.
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    They only show the people who had no ill effects. The trial was interrupted at one stage because some people were too ill to continue. It resumed after it was determined that the vaccine didn't cause their illness. What struck me when I heard that is that they don't seem to apply the same criteria when counting deaths of people with co-morbidities.

    I expect that the vaccine will help many people. 90 percent effectiveness is very good - better than the 'flu and other commonly used vaccines. I think that there's a risk factor with most or perhaps all vaccines for some people. Thankfully, I'm retired and I don't need to travel abroad, so I'll wait to see whether there are large numbers of people negatively affected by any of the covid vaccines.

    Are medical staff obliged to take the 'flu vaccine? If not, why not? Is it because it would make no difference having all staff vaccinated, or is there some law giving people the right to refuse. I knew someone who worked in a place where a member of staff had travelled to their home country, contracted TB, and was back at work when diagnosed with TB. All the staff had to be tested. I don't think the TB vaccine we got at school gives lifelong protection, yet nobody is required to get booster shots for that. There is talk that the covid vaccine will require booster shots after a while.
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    October, November is the best time to plant garlic. Get a few bulbs, some of the nicer ones and preferably not from China, Then split the bulbs into cloves, take the biggest cloves and use them, eat the small ones. Plant them into soil with plenty of well rotted manure\compost. Make sure the soil drains well and does not flood and gets sunlight.

    Plant in rows about 12 inches apart and 6 inches apart in those rows and about 2 cm deep point the root down same as they are in the bulb.

    Its a great crop to grow in Ireland, slugs hate it and the bad weather does not affect it. It need to be in the soil over winter below a certain temperature for a while so the cloves start to grow. Then all you really need to do is keep the weeds off them, they don't like weeds.

    If you have it its no harm throw some straw over the patch as it acts like a much and keeps the weeds at bay but its not required just a good thing to do.

    I have been growing Garlic for many years and have a lot in this year. You still have time but would want to get digging.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions, I love growing garlic.

    There should be some decent ones available in those good food shops, or a farmers market or you never know supervalue might have a few nice ones.

    Drummond house sell into these places:
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    • Just thinking about the two men who were interviewed about taking part in the vaccine trial.
    These were two big strong men who appear to be in the very peak of life and very active.

    Additionally to me some kind of selective psych test appears to have been administered. They were very,very strongly motivated indeed. Showing no fear of and confidence in the vaccine that appears total.

    They were in fact the creme de la creme, you couldn't get better subject physically or mentally to turn out better outcomes.

    Even so to me the side effects were troubling. 'Severe hangover', 'Fever', 'Sore arms'.

    Now imagine the subjects who get the vaccine were not big strong men , well motivated and in the peak of health. Imagine they were pregnant women, people on medication, over 70, severe comorbidites and so on..what then? What about say.. children? What about people who are fearful and suspicious? The list goes on....

    Pick creme de la creme subjects you're going to get creme de la creme outcomes.
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    I think also this time compared to other vaccines the other things certain population control technocrats such as Bill Gates have planned along with this vaccine will make this one a no no, in terms of our health, bodily sovereignty and possibly our relationship with God. If they are going to use a substance called luciferease (lightbearer) we should have enough clues to reject it.
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    FWIW, there's some preliminary research that indicates people with certain blood types are more likely to exhibit worse outcomes with Covid than those with other blood types. Research is continuing.
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    Such a strange, strange illness! It's like something from another Planet. Weird.
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    Part of the problem is that people live so much longer than they did a century ago. The older you live, the greater chance of your developing an illness like cancer, which is where the body's mechanism for replacing cells goes haywire and starts producing lots of immature/malformed cells. This also means that people who have histories of cancer in their family lines are living long enough to pass those genes to their children.

    You have many more carcinogenic agents in the environment now. It took 20 years of science in America before a few intrepid researchers were able to overcome the opposition by the oil companies to severely restrict the production and sale of leaded gasoline. This has reduced the amount of lead in the atmosphere, but how many children were exposed to such levels while growing up and are only now seeing the effects.

    The Birth Control Pill is recognized by the WHO as a category 1 carcinogen, which is why when a woman is first diagnosed with ANY cancer, the very first question she is asked is, "Are you on birth control pills?" We are continuing to see the evidence for (and suppression of said evidence) of the link between abortion and breast cancer. Over 10 years ago the chief statistician for the National Health Service in Britain released a study. Good statistics are vital in a managed care facility, because that's how you can show the people with the purse strings that they'll need to start allocating more money in this area to be prepared for a growth in these illnesses. The chief statistician was VERY good at his job, with a success rate of prediction of over 100%. He caused quite a stir when he released his report on abortion in GB. At the time, the socialized medicine systems in Europe had been covering abortion for almost 50 years, so he had decades of data to draw on. In his report, he showed that women between the ages of 15 and 25 who had not been pregnant before had an abortion, the chances of their developing breast cancer by the time they were 60 was 90%, and by the time they were 65 the chances rose to 95%. (This did not include women over the age of 25 who had had their first pregnancy terminated by abortion, or women who had given birth to their first child and had aborted subsequent children.)

    Many Very Important People who were in favor of easy access to abortion in the UK were Not. Happy. At. All. with this report. I can't find a copy of the report online anymore, and can't determine the statistician's current status. This has dire consequenses around the world, as abortion was a primary form of birth control in places like post-war Japan, whose women are now approaching their 60th years.
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    Yes. Anything that is unnatural is a cause for concern. Because by the very fact that it is unnatural. Birth control is unnatural, so it has consequences.

    Sodomy is another good example . It is unnatural so it has consequences.

    God does not set down His laws just to cramp our lifestyles. He leaves these laws because he loves His children and does not want them to be hurt. Physically hurt as well as spiritually.

    To me something like cancer which is a grave physical hurt implies grave spiritual hurt in societies lives in general. There would, for instance have been no cancer in the Garden of Eden. So where does it come from?

    I think it's good to ask such questions.
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    On this, I have to say part of the problem may be that autism is being better diagnosed now than in years past. Looking at my history, I believe that I not only have ADHD (which was not diagnosed until I was in my early 30s) but also fall on the autism spectrum (Asperger's, like Sheldon in "Big Bang Theory). Because people with Asperger's are "high functioning" and also highly focused and intelligent, they USED to be the "strange uncle" who lived alone and was obsessed with medieval history, for example. The growth in the tech field, especially in the computer sciences, fit right into an Aspy's core competencies. As a result, they started making money, and so became desirable mates, producing children who carried the Asperger's gene.

    I recall the contempt heaped on President Trump when he mentioned the possibility of using UV light to "disinfect" the blood. Turns out he may have been not so far off the mark. Records from the Spanish Flu pandemic record improved outcomes for those patients who were placed outside in the sun rather than inside. There's the whole "fresh air" stuff, but more importantly, being outside in the sun increases your body's ability to produce vitamin D. Preliminary research indicates that in people over the age of 50, increasing vitamin D in their diets decreases the length and severity of respiratory infections. (I can attest to this from personal experience, as my Covid recovery was slow until I started adding small amounts of D3 to my diet.) It MAY also increase the number of falls taken by people with increased vitamin D intake, which is why much more research needs to be done. I will say that vitamin D deficiency is one of those hidden health problems that don't show up directly, but may increase sensitivity to infections and the like. I know Fr. John Corapi experienced troubling health problems that were not responding to treatment until his doctor checked his vitamin D levels and found he was vitamin D deficient. Started taking supplements and the problems disappeared.

    Decades ago American milk producers started adding vitamin D to milk so kids would get enough D with their calcium to help build strong bones and teeth. Fast forward to today, and milk consumption is decreasing in favor of other drinks (including plant-based "milk"); plus using sunscreen in the summer decreases your vitamin D production. So ask your doctor if s/he can test your vitamin D levels, or at the very least ask if adding D3 to your pill regimen would interfere with any other meds you're taking.
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    The annual influenza flu, such as H1N1, originates in China and is carried by birds (ducks, geese, and the like) who migrate. This has been long recognized and is accepted as pretty much a natural phenomenon. The "H" and the "N", BTW, are used to differentiate between different strains of influenza: it could be H2N3 one year, H3N5 the next, and so on. It's why we need to have new influenza vaccines made every year.

    SARS, or Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome, is a Covid-class virus originated in China, and is SUSPECTED of originating in Wuhan. However, the Chinese government was so closed at the time that they didn't even admit that there was such a thing, even as people travelling from China were coming down with it and passing it on to other people. It led to a black eye in how people viewed China's health system. They tried to pull the same denial stuff this time, but soon realized that because of the SARS debacle it wouldn't work, so they co-opted the WHO instead.

    MERS is Middle-Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, is also a Covid-class virus that was first reported in Saudi Arabia. It reportedly jumped from camels to humans, and because the Saudi government didn't play the games the Chinese did, we were able to get a quick handle on the problem. Yes, there are camels in China in the western part (Gobi desert), but to date there's been nothing firm to indicate that it originated in China and then made its way to Saudi Arabia.

    I don't think China purposefully release Covid into the wild. BUT ... from my knowledge of how other Communist economies work, it is quite possible that someone tried to earn a few extra yuan by taking test animals scheduled for destruction (injection with something then burning the corpses) and selling them to the vendors at the wet market just a few kilometres down the road.
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    I'll try. Vaccination first got its start in the 1700s, where it was a common practice in some circles to purposefully infect someone with smallpox with the hopes they would develop a mild case, which would still result in immunity. Then someone noticed that milkmaids who had developed cowpox were ALSO immune to smallpox. Thus, it became a practice for someone who had cowpox, to sell materials from their pustules for doctors to use to immunize against smallpox.

    Eventually in the early 20th centuries there came to be two types of vaccination: live virus (where the virus was live, but weakened) and dead virus. The original polio vaccine by Jonas Salk was a dead virus variety, and was the first real breakthrough that would eradicate polio. People would line up in cars for miles to receive a vaccine for this, being given in stations set up by the roadside for this purpose. Unfortunately, one company licensed to produce this vaccine screwed up, and instead of dead virus people were given a live virus. People died.

    The Sabin vaccine was a competitor's product that used an "attenuated virus" to get the body's immune system to produce the antibodies, but not strong enough to give the person the disease. This became the standard for the American health care, usually given to infants in multiple doses a month or so apart. The problem is that since it's attenuated but live, it's still possible to be infectious.

    There was a case down in Kansas City where a old farmer was admitted to the University Hospital with symptoms that no one could figure out. Finally, one of the older doctors said, "You know, if this were back in the 50s, I'd say he had polio." Bingo. Turns out he was watching his granddaughter, who had recently recv'd the Sabin vaccine and so had live virus in her poop. He changed her poopy diaper but didn't wash his hands thoroughly afterwards, and so came down with polio. It was the first case of adult polio discovered in America in decades, and it was the first evidence that the Sabin vaccine (which the farmer had recv'd when he was young) didn't give you life-long immunity. I remember being in college shortly after that where the school administration administered the Sabin vaccine to all the students just to be sure. In places such as Israel both Sabin and Salk vaccines are used to be sure immunity is lifelong.

    In the case of COVID, it's too dangerous to administer a live, attenuated vaccine (even if we knew how to attenuate it) and there's no way to kill it and still have it keep its structure. So the outer, spiky protein shell of the virus is separated from the rest of the virus; this shell is coated with a lipid (fat) so that it can enter the cells of the body. Once that happens, the body starts producing antibodies and T-cells (the Terminators of the body's immune system) to fight against this foreign protein. This way, if a live coronavirus does try to infect the body, the body already has the defenses it needs to fight it off.
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    thanks for the Vitamin D comment. I am all over that. We are so deficient. Many sleep disorders are directly related to Vit D deficiency. I take 5000 iu daily but get my serum D checked twice a year. I am very deficient and can barely keep my serum above 50 which is the low norm on 5000 iu daily. On weekends in winter I up it to 10, 000 iu daily. It is such a simple test, yet, so indicative of overall good health.....
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    Getting a strong enough UV light is too dangerous for the home health market, but maybe if you got some of those light bulbs which duplicate the natural sunlight spectrum, that might help increase your vitamin D levels.
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    I'll tune in to RTE the day there's a vaccination station set up in Lesinster House and all the TD's and Senators, their advisers and "experts" (without exception) are filmed being vaccinated. They can lead by example.
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    We have a 'remi halo' light built right into our heat pump. All air circulates through it, it's blue, kills all germs, allergens, mold, etc. Even cuts down on the dust.
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